Gracie can WALK!!!!!

Gracie was trying soooo hard ALL day to walk. She was doing sooo good & she didn't mind falling a hundred times either!!!Anyway - about 10 minutes after I shot that video Gracie was a full-blown WALKER!!! WoooHooo!!! Check her out... … [Continue reading]

More Lightroom!

I thought I'd share some photo's from today. I took a bagillion just to get about 5 good ones. Gracie was NOT cooperating at all!! Ya GOTTA love Lightroom!!! … [Continue reading]

FONT Obsession = OVER!!

A BIG THANK YOU goes out to Jessica from "A Look Into My Life"!!! Jessica changed my font for me!!! Becasue I am a complete DITZ & I couldn't figure it out for the life of me. Sooo... THANK YOU Jessica... Muuuaaaah!!! … [Continue reading]

Obsessed with FONT!!

I have been searching FONT for this blog... there are sooo many pretty ones. I like the ones that are script mixed with print. So cute! Anyway... Nicole from Mrs. Muffins gave me a great link to another blog that will walk 'us beginners' through the process. It's "Kevin and Amanda".  Unfortunately... I spent the last hour & a half going through the process... and I can't get it. I will try again though because I realllllly want it bad! I'm just sleepy. It's going on 10pm. Night all!! … [Continue reading]

Front facing or Rear facing? Car seat safety TRUE STORY crash test videos

I saw this today so I thought I would share. I really really really wanted to turn Gracie's carseat around to front facing. I thought it would more convenient for me. Very selfish? Yes. Watch this video. It changed my mind. Gracie will be rear facing from here on out... … [Continue reading]

I’m sleepy. But I can’t go to bed.

It is 11:20pm and I am soooo tired. I have one child still here... WHERE is his mother you ask? I was starting to wonder the same thing. She just called. She supposedly got off work and went home to take a 15 minute nap yeah right and 'forgot' to wake up. She just called me to tell me she is "sooo sorry" yeah right and she is on her way. How convenient. I never felt that way about my kids. I would get off work and FLY to go get my kids. I just don't get it. At 8pm... WHY would you go HOME … [Continue reading]

GIVEAWAY!!! From Mrs. Muffins!!!

PIGGY PAINT!!!!! Mrs. Muffins is having a Giveaway! Go to her page (here) and read to find out how to sign up to win a bottle of PIGGY PAINT. In case you've never heard of PIGGY PAINT - it is water-based and free of all the bad chemicals. Here is a few pictures of My Gracie with her pretty pink piggies: How can you NOT want to sign up for this Giveaway?!? … [Continue reading]

"Paranormal State"

I forgot to mention in my last post... Mike & I got to meet Ryan Buel & Surgey from "Paranormal State". You know, the 'ghost hunter' type-show on A&E. Here is our picture:I know I look a little goofy... I was about to blink. We were excited though! … [Continue reading]

This house/MIL’s complaining

I know I complain too much about  her. On good days I tell myself, "You should be more thankful" - "Thank God you have a home so cheap"... but then there are ALLLL the other days. The days when she comes over. And she never comes over for anything EXCEPT to cause trouble. When she is bored at home, she comes here to see what she can stir up. Sooo... last week she comes by. We are all outside already. She stands in our driveway for about 30 min. ranting & raving at me about how horrible the yard … [Continue reading]

Part 2 of my last post…

I was putting together my last post... typing away... adding photo's... and was NOT finished - BUT the stupid thing wouldn't let me continue typing after my last photo. Bummer. So I guess I will continue here. I never claimed to be a pro at this or anything :)I finally finished Gracie's (yes, more about Gracie) "1st Year" video. Actually I can't say "I" finished. But my part in the whole thing was putting the photo's together in order. It took a LONG time. I started with my BFP test result (for … [Continue reading]

Gracie’s 1st Birthday Party… and more.

...Where to begin? Again. (Of course don't expect any order here)Let's see... Gracie had her birthday 'party'. Ya know the party that was canceled - well we decided to go to my mom's house. We brought with us Mike's dad & step mom. So 2 sets of grandparents. Pizza. Cake. It was perfect. I really would have LOVED to have a real "1st Birthday Party" like everyone else had. The invitations, matching party stuff, matching cake... it would have been great. But that's ok it was still great & I got … [Continue reading]

Parents Photo Faves

Parents Photo FavesPlease vote for my daycare baby ELLA!!! There are only a few days left to vote!!! Please post this on your FB's or blogs or whatever to spread ELLA around the world!!Thanks!!CLICK ON THE TITLE ABOVE "PARENTS PHOTO FAVES" to VOTE!! … [Continue reading]

Same ramblings as usual…

First off I want to say, I'm a dork because I log into my blog just so that I can see my beautiful family in my blog header. I LOVE what Nicole ( Mrs. Muffins) did for me... I LOVE opening my page and seeing my family & hearing "You're Gonna Miss This". Yes...I am a dork.Now on to my normal ramblings. I can't seem to have any order to my posts. It kinda shows ya'll what goes on in my head... ramblings, lol. I am a ditzy blonde w/ADHD. Sorry 'bout that.Well we officially decided to cancle … [Continue reading]

Ah! Where to begin?!?I have been sooo busy seems like I can't catch up on stuff around the house! I literly wake up, hang around the house w/babies & kids all day and get on FB, and then shower & go to bed...just to do it again the next day. I am not really complaining - I'm just sayin'.  I straighten up the playroom  livingroom & diningroom as soon as Gracie goes to bed... ya know: fold up all the couch throws & put pillows back on the couch, put the toys away, books in bookshelf, … [Continue reading]

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