Coping With the Loss of a Child, Even After 10 Years

Oh where do I even begin with this one?!? I know the grieving process is different for everyone when coping with the loss of a child, but I did not see this coming at all.Mike and I have been tossing around the idea of trying to conceive… but he just will not quite ‘give in’ […]

Cord Blood: To Bank Or To Delay Clamping?

Now that Mike and I have come to an [almost] final decision to start trying to conceive, I started thinking about the baby’s cord blood. Do I want to bank the baby’s cord blood or delay cord clamping? With all of the sicknesses going around my first thought was to bank the baby’s cord blood, […]

Parenting Decisions: Mold Them Now to Prepare Them for Their Future

I just wrote Raising Responsible Children: Will They Be Able to Function in the Real World? and I wanted to add a bit more about parenting decisions regarding our children’s future. This is a topic that is starting to really hit me now that I have one child (step-daughter) that has graduated and one in […]

Getting Ready for Pregnancy… Just In Case.

Yes, I said getting ready for pregnancy “just in case”. Mike has been talking more about baby #2 a lot within the last couple of weeks so I am going to be getting ready for pregnancy just in case he gives me the “go”. READ MORE HERE!

Fit Mother: Keep it Simple and Fun and Include the Kids

Exercise for moms does not have to be super complicated, structured and planned out to to the “T”. I see a lot of workout challenges lately and I would love (more than anything in the world) to join one because I want to be a fit mother. There are so many programs that I have […]

Are You a Mom on a Budget? Well Then… Get it for Free!

Are you a mom on a budget? I am definitely a mom on a budget and I probably always will be. Considering I have a family of 7, my husband and I are not millionaires nor do we have a money tree growing in our back yard. Both my husband and I are just average […]

FDA Seizes All Water Birth Pools

Ever since getting pregnant with Gracie I have wanted a home birth. I didn’t read very much on the topic while pregnant with her, but after I had her I really dug in. I have joined (“Liked”) a bunch of Facebook pages so that I can keep up and learn more as well as follow […]

Take Our Children To The Park And LEAVE THEM THERE?!?

I just read an article and learned that it is National “Take Our Children to the Park…And Leave Them There Day: Saturday, May 21.” This is a little too extreme for me. Actually I am pretty shocked by this. READ MORE!

April Fools’ Day Fun

I’ve got an idea for some fun food this year for April Fools’ Day! This will be indoor family fun that won’t cost me a penny. Every single year our family participates in April Fools’ Day. Every single year one person tries to ‘out do’ the other. And of course every single year there is […]

How To Approach Diseases & Their Vaccines

If you are pregnant, you are probably starting to think about those very first vaccines that your little newborn will receive just minutes/hours after being born. If you are confused or concerned with these vaccines, I would recommend going through this list of questions that has been put together by one of my friends. She […]

Vaccines and The Facts

“Oh-No-She-Didn’t!”Yes. I did. I’m going there… hate me if you will. But I hope to just stick to some of the facts of the vaccine issues. Of course it will be facts that lean against child vaccines because I am anti-vaccine. Take it or leave it, but you do have to realize that these are […]

Edible Playdough!

Gracie has just gotten into this weird stage… she gets bored. And therefore fussy. This happens quite a bit during the day.  I have been trying to change things up a bit… and so I have been looking for fun toddler ideas.  Since the awful cold weather got here (I can NOT wait for spring!), […]

Gracie Has Croup

When my kids are ‘down’ with something I am usually always able to guess what it is that my Gracie & older kids have. 9 times out of 10 I am right on.This time I also knew. It was croup. My Gracie had croup. Croup is easy to identify because of the tell tale sign… […]

Single Mom? You CAN Make It!

Sometimes I wish I could stand on a mountain top and scream, “YES! You CAN make it! Trust me!” There is so much single mom help out there, but very seldom do we know where to go or where to start. Because of this, I think many women stay in a relationship far too long […]

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