Easy Ways to Save Money, From a Mom Who HATES Coupons

Easy ways to save money? Clip coupons!No way!I hate coupons. I have clipped coupons a trillion times in my adult life, but I rarely use them at the store… so I officially gave up. No more coupons for me! Besides couponing, what are other easy ways to save money around the house?I definitely needed to […]

Crib Bedding Safety: Chicago Votes on Banning Bumper Pads

I read an article the other day about crib bedding safety. Apparently Chicago was voting September 8th on an ordinance that would make Chicago the first city in the country to ban the sale of crib bumper pads. Maryland is considering a similar proposal to ban the sale of bumper pads. The only problem with […]

Toddler Sickness: C–Diff Possibly?

My poor Gracie…We just had an awful toddler sickness go through this house a few weeks ago which ended up being “Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease”. She no longer gets over that toddler sickness and then she is on to the next. Poor thing!As soon as the Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease passed Gracie got […]

Toddler Illness Hit Our House: Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease

Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease hit our house and it was exhausting. This infant and toddler illness was not fun. We did not know at first that this infant and toddler illness was Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease. All of us parents just thought we had a sick toddler or infant on our hands, but […]

Parents of Teens: How Are We Doing in the Chore Department?

I subscribe to all kinds of blogs and websites concerning parenting, so every single day I have tons of emails to either delete or read. Today, one of the teen parenting articles called, “10 Best Chores for Tweens”. This got me thinking. We are parents of teens. How are we doing in the chore department?Being […]

Frustrated Mom Cleans Dishwasher Explosion

Ugh.This frustrated mom was not a happy camper last night. At. all. My dishwasher exploded after dinner, and not all by itself. It had help. Take a look and see why I was such a frustrated mom last night:It’s not a horrible idea to have kids chores… READ MORE

Simple Craft Ideas: Finger Paint for the Bathtub

Finger Paint for the Bathtub If you are a mom like me, you need simple craft ideas.I do not have time for anything BUT simple craft ideas. My life is full of non-stop running. With five kids of my own along with my daycare kids, I have a full house and not enough energy sometimes […]

Find Out Baby’s Gender–For Free!

Yes, I said, find out baby’s gender for free! Do you want to find out baby’s gender for free? I do! And now I get to… and so do YOU! In fact, you will get two chances to get a free IntelliGender Prediction Test!(Keep reading!) READ MORE!

Illness During Pregnancy: Hyperemesis

I really do not even know where to begin with this post. I had intended on writing a post due to one of my pet peeves regarding all of the moaning and groaning that I have heard lately surrounding pregnancy. For example, the complaining about morning sickness. But as I spoke to one of my […]

Oh The Dreaded Two Week Wait

I am in the middle of the dreaded two week wait and I am already getting antsy. I still have to wait until about Sunday to take a home pregnancy test. So… about four more days before I can test. Uggg, why is it so hard to wait a measly two weeks?!? It’s easier to […]

Symptoms After Conception… Hopefully Means Implantation

I know that I have my hopes up very high that I will get a BFP (big fat positive) this weekend… so I may be looking WAY INTO every single thing that feels different in my body. I am trying to remind myself, that these symptoms after conception could mean nothing and are possibly just […]

My Son is Back and I am a Happy Mom!

My son has been gone for three whole weeks now, but he’s home!! And I am such a happy mom!! My son, Austin, flew from here (Illinois) to Florida to spend the last three weeks with this grandparents… a.k.a. Nana and Papa. They bought him a round trip ticket to fly out to Florida for […]

My Kids Have The Best Grandparents, I Wish They Were Still My In-Laws

My kids are so lucky to have the best grandparents. And yes, I am a tad bit jealous (don’t know that ‘jealous; is the proper word) that they are not my in-laws anymore. I have been divorced from their son for about 8 years now. And right before we divorced, they moved from Illinois to […]

Wondering if I Missed the BIG O – Now Onto the “Two Week Wait”

This pregnancy stuff still baffles me. I am so curious if I missed ovulation this month… and now I have the “two week wait”.I have conceived four times. I have labored four times. I have delivered four babies. Can someone please explain to me why this ovulating thing is still a mystery to me?!? READ […]

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