Prenatal Down Syndrome Diagnosis from Dad’s Point of View #WDSD14

A big thanks to my hubby, Mike, for sharing his thoughts to bring awareness to Down Syndrome. What can I say about My Son Jack? – that’s what my wife asked me. “Can you write something about Jack, can you say something about him? World Down Syndrome Day is coming, please say something” she told […]

My Brother’s Super Power | #WDSD14 #T21 #DownSyndrome

A big thanks to my daughter Emma for guesting posting and sharing her thoughts on her brother who has Down Syndrome. Hi everyone! I’m Emma. I am 15 years old and tomorrow is World Down Syndrome Day so I want to tell you about my little brother. I’m sure what I am about to say, […]

Down Syndrome: A Big Sister’s Thoughts #WDSD14

A big thanks to my daughter Becca for guesting posting and sharing her thoughts on Down Syndrome. Hi I’m Becca. I’m 13 years old and I would like to share some of my thoughts about Down Syndrome and tell you about my little brother Jack because he’s the best! Jack is one of the best […]

World Down Syndrome Day: Wear LOTS OF SOCKS on 3/21 #WDSD14

World Down Syndrome Day is coming up in a few days on March 21st 2014. Get it? 3/21 is for 3 copies of the 21st chromosome, which is Trisomy 21, you know… Down Syndrome. And of course you all know that I am passionate about Down Syndrome because My Jack carries that extra chromosome, which […]

Wear Lots of Socks for World Down Syndrome Day!

Today is   WORLD DOWN SYNDROME DAY!   Who’s wearing “Lots of Socks”?   We are… but everyone is gone to school so I can’t show you just yet.   So do you wanna know why we are wearing “Lots of Socks”?       Wear LOTS OF SOCKS!Down Syndrome International invites everyone across the […]

Wordless Wednesday w/Linky | Live All Week

Happy Wordless Wednesday!   Of course you know it won’t be wordless here…   Last week I told you about 21 Dreams… Stories that will open up your eyes to life. It’s a book that will be coming out on World Down Syndrome Awareness Day, March 21st. They already have enough people to make four […]

21 Dreams | Down Syndrome Awareness

World Down Syndrome Day is coming up on March 21st and so is the launch of a brand new project.I wanted to tell you about this project because My Baby Jack is being included and I am so over the top excited to be participating in such an awesome concept!This project is called 21 Dreams… stories that […]

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