Get Paid to Write Sponsored Content with the #Markerly Blogging Network

This post is brought to you by our friends at Markerly blogging network. I love writing sponsored content, it’s what I do. Writing sponsored content is how I am able to stay at home to raise my kids. I am happy to work from home but I rely on blogging networks to help me find […]

Enjoy a #CupOfKaffe with Gevalia Single Serve Coffee

Gevalia Single Serve Coffee   I must live under a rock, because I did not know that Gevalia sold their coffee in single serve coffee K-Cups®. We always buy Gevalia in the bigger packages and then have to make a whole pot. Both Mike and I are definitely excited about this! We love brewing coffee in […]

The Fairy Hobmother Came! Bloggers, Want a Visit Too?

  I’m so so excited! The Fairy Hobmother has visited me! I’ve been waiting patiently for his visit. Yes, I said “his” – The Fairy Hobmother is a ‘he’ 🙂 I was so excited that I forgot to offer him a popsicle from my freezer… oops! I guess I am a bad host. But he […]

It’s That Time of Year Again… Time for Flowers!

It’s that time of year again!School is almost over for the summer, which means we will have tons of graduations to attend and end of the year activities, like final sports meets and other extra curricular activities in which we will need flower bouquets to hand out.Last year we had too many graduations to even […]

If I Wasn’t Afraid to Fly, I’d Go To…

Yes.I am afraid to fly.I get anxious when I drive past O’Hare Airport in Chicago. The biggest, hugest ‘things’ up in the air – how?!? And watching them land and take off?!?No thanks.Although I *think* I might be able to do it if I had some sort of drugs to knock me out. I’m just […]

My Schedule Alone Earns Me a Vacation!

So in my last post I told you all about us moving this past weekend through all of my doctors appointments and kids activities.It’s been so so stressful only because I have so much going on besides the actual move!Take a look at this:Monday 16th: Packing during the day. Daycare kids leaving at 5, pick […]

Half Way Done Moving… Now I Need a Vacation!

I hate moving. But then again, is there anyone who likes moving? (I doubt it) This move was twice as hard as any other move being pregnant and big as a house… and I did the least amount of physical work. It was way more than physical though. I am currently seeing three doctors for […]

I Can’t Wait to Try Baby Babu Cloth Diapers!

BABY BABU “Founded in Melbourne, Florida, by the parents of twin boys, Baby Babu’s goals are to provide high quality, sustainable and affordable diapering solutions and related products to parents worldwide. In addition to our core goals, Baby Babu will strive to provide the highest degree of customer service and the highest quality products available. […]

The Importance of Mental Health Awareness

Everybody has been affected by mental health issues in some way or another, be it their own experiences or those of a loved one. People tend to hush up news of mental health struggles, but as the internet opens up communications, awareness is growing and people are learning more about their mental health and how […]

Who Makes You Smile?

Who Makes You Smile?! wants to know! Enter a photo of the person who makes you smile for your chance to win! The grand prize is a teeth whitening session in NYC with one of our Top Dentists plus all expense paid trip, $1,000 in spending money and photo session for you and your […]

Bunk Beds for Adults

Bunk Beds for Adults Bunk beds are popular pieces of furniture for children, because they save space and are innately fun. If you are looking for functional furnishings for an adult’s bedroom, however, you might consider using bunk beds there as well. If you are an apartment dweller in a big city, for example, floor […]

Fly or Drive? Help!

Being that we are a large family, we have been taking the ‘cheap road’ and hitting Wisconsin Dells for short mini vacations. It keeps us close to home (only about 2-3 hours away) and it’s super cheap. We can usually keep these ‘vacations’ under $300 because all we pay for is our room. The tickets […]

Christmas Break is Almost Here… Cue the Jaws Music!

Christmas break is almost here, which means that my older kids will be out of school for two whole weeks (key the Jaws music now). Two whole weeks off 3 to 4 teens/pre-teens and a toddler butting heads. As you can probably see, I had a very long weekend with 3 of my older ones. […]

Campus Book Rentals and Operation Smile

Campus Book Rentals and Operation Smile College is super expensive now days! Students have to think about tuition, fees, rent, and to top it off…textbooks! Blah. But, within the last couple of years, companies have figured out a way for students to save money on textbooks.  They can now be rented for a portion of […]

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