Post-It Note Tuesday? No, Not Today.

So you all know we have been house hunting since December. It has been so hard finding a home that is in a nearby area so that my kids can stay in the same schools as they are now. It’s been hard finding a home owner who will approve us with our damaged credit. It’s […]

I Am HOPING It’s A Good Morning!

Good Morning Everyone! I am hoping it IS going to be a good morning! I am going to look at 2 houses today. One I am not “head over heels” for… but it is close to my kids’ school. That is a plus. AND it has a fenced in yard, so it would be great […]

Post-It Note Tuesday–Giving Up!


This house/MIL’s complaining

I know I complain too much about  her. On good days I tell myself, “You should be more thankful” – “Thank God you have a home so cheap”… but then there are ALLLL the other days. The days when she comes over. And she never comes over for anything EXCEPT to cause trouble. When she […]

Part 2 of my last post…

I was putting together my last post… typing away… adding photo’s… and was NOT finished – BUT the stupid thing wouldn’t let me continue typing after my last photo. Bummer. So I guess I will continue here. I never claimed to be a pro at this or anything 🙂I finally finished Gracie’s (yes, more about […]

Ah! Where to begin?!?I have been sooo busy lately…it seems like I can’t catch up on stuff around the house! I literly wake up, hang around the house w/babies & kids all day and get on FB, and then shower & go to bed…just to do it again the next day. I am not really […]

MIL, Burrs stuck in long hair & tempers!

I survived!! That was my FB status tonight…Let’s see here – it was an ok day despite the fact that my MIL came over. She is just mentally drains you! She is a hypocondriact(sp?) who is on so much medication – she has Elvis beat! So of course the first thing she wants to do […]

Random babbling…as I am bored.

Good luck to anyone who is reading this. If you can follow me on this one, you must be a genius because I will probably be all over! This is just purely a vent for me. No proper grammar or anything…most likely one huge run on sentence! Like I said: Good luck!!I am bored. I […]

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