No More Losing Container Lids, Try Quicktakes® with Attached Lids

A big thanks to Quicktakes® for hosting this conversation. #DixieQuicktakes   Do you ever clean up after dinner and go to pick out a couple of containers, put the leftover food inside… and then look for a lid, only to realize that there isn’t a lid for that particular container?!? You search and search and […]

Make Your Food Into Fun Shapes with the Pop Chef

I was sent the products in this post for review purposes. All opinions are my own. Have you all heard of the Pop Chef? If you haven’t, I’m sure you’ve seen the commercial. It the nifty little kitchen gadget that you use to cut your food into shapes… or should I say, POP your food […]

Get Your Dishes Cleaner with Cascade Platinum Pacs | #MyPlatinum | #Sponsored

A special thanks to Mom Central Consulting and Cascade for sponsoring this discussion.Me and my kids are in love with Cascade© Platinum Pacs!Let me explain…My kids are the one’s who clean the kitchen every night after dinner. Washing dishes, cleaning off the kitchen table and sweeping are part of their daily chores. Call me a […]

Sanitize Your Home Safely with the Verilux CleanWave Sanitizing Wand

We are officially in the middle of cold and flu season and sometimes it’s hard to keep our household germ free. We have four kids who go to three different schools and bring germs and sicknesses home with them.Then I have two daycare kids who seem to be kind of sickly kids. They always have fevers or runny […]

Rubbermaid LunchBlox™–Perfect for Packing Lunch!

Around here we love Rubbermaid. We use Rubbermaid storage bins to store our out of season clothes and we also use the bins in place of moving boxes. We also use the Rubbermaid Hidden Recycler in our kitchen for our recyclables. And now, Rubbermaid has come out with another excellent product and in perfect time […]

Rubbermaid Hidden Recycler Review and Giveaway

 For more than 70 years, the Rubbermaid® brand represents innovative, high-quality products that help simplify life. From its original line of simple, durable housewares, Rubbermaid has developed a major presence in a wide array of categories ranging from home and garden to seasonal and commercial products. Recognized as a “Brand of the Century”, Rubbermaid is […]

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