Wordless Wednesday w/Linky | Babies and Bugs

Happy Wordless Wednesday! (on Tuesday)   Last week I told you about a creepy spider I found on my porch, so I will share that with you… beware – it’s creepy!   And then this week we had some birds hatch. I’ve been watching and watching this mama birdy waiting and waiting for these little […]

Wordless Wednesday w/Linky | Baby Jack Giggles

Happy Wordless Wednesday!   Yes, I know it’s only Tuesday… but I put this up early so that you can be at the top of the linky, you’re welcome 🙂I happen to have some really awesome close-up pictures of a big huge creepy spider that we found on our porch a few days ago…  but […]

Wordless Wednesday w/Linky | Happy 1st Birthday to My Baby Jack!

Happy Wordless Wednesday! As you know, we’ve been on vacation the past two weeks traveling from Illinois down to Florida, and back up again. On the way down and back up, we stopped a few times at different places and I’m looking forward to writing all the reviews to share the great time we had. […]

Wordless Wednesday: Link Up All Week!

Happy Wordless Wednesday!   Here’s some random pics of my past week, mostly the little one’s… well mostly Baby Jack.   Like usual.             Baby Jack’s Physical Therapy. His neck is strong but becauses of his Down Syndrome, his back muscles are a litte weak along with his tummy muscles. […]

Update on My Baby Jack – He’s Six Months Old Already!

I do a lot of photo sharing of my family because of being involved in “Wordless Wednesday” each week and also have lots of photos for review items… but I just realized that I don’t have any real update of my Baby Jack.   Someone in one of my Facebook groups asked about us and so […]

Breastfeeding Doll and My Breastfeeding Journey at 5 Months

April from Mama on a Green Mission and Courtney from Joy of Momma Joyner host this breastfeeding meme every Tuesday and the topic is always different. Last weeks topic was on the breastfeeding doll, would you buy one? And this weeks topic is just to post an update on how your nursing journey is going. […]

Wordless Wednesday: My Little Monster (linky)

Happy Wordless (or wordfull) Wednesday!   I wanted to share my Little Monster:     If you have a Wordless Wednesday post… Link Up below!   Also, feel free to check out my other Wordless Wednesday posts.

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