No More Losing Container Lids, Try Quicktakes® with Attached Lids

A big thanks to Quicktakes® for hosting this conversation. #DixieQuicktakes   Do you ever clean up after dinner and go to pick out a couple of containers, put the leftover food inside… and then look for a lid, only to realize that there isn’t a lid for that particular container?!? You search and search and […]

Calling All Decorator’s… HELP Me Chose Colors!

I need a change – but I don’t know how! I always use the same colors, which is usually fine with me… but I am ready for a change. My very first project is Gracie’s room! What I need help with is picking a color(s) for the wall. I am open to any ideas. If […]

Trying To Get Back On Track…

Hi Everyone! Yes, I am alive… I am just the worst blogger ever. That’s all. I have fallen into such a horrible rut since mid March when we found our new home. I had just under a month to pack and get us ready for the move. Then the move and getting unpacked… and then […]

Terrific Thursday it IS!

YAY! I Won a guest spot for today’s “Terrific Thursday Blog Hop”! Be sure to visit. I have to add… It ***IS*** a terrific Thursday! Wanna know why? We got the house! We got the official call last night. I am so relieved. I can totally relax now and just deal with the last month […]

Post-It Note Tuesday? No, Not Today.

So you all know we have been house hunting since December. It has been so hard finding a home that is in a nearby area so that my kids can stay in the same schools as they are now. It’s been hard finding a home owner who will approve us with our damaged credit. It’s […]

Wordless Wednesday–My (Maybe) New House… And Hops & Meme’s Too

Happy “Wordless Wednesday”… although if you know me, then you know that this will be FAR from ‘wordless’. I know I have been blabbing about the house we want. The one we have applied for. The one that is perfect for us. And the one we might not get. I officially turned in all of […]

YES! It’s Almost Friday!

Have you entered my GIVEAWAY? The last day to enter is Friday!! I am really looking forward to this weekend. I really need some relaxation. Although I highly doubt I will get it. Weekends are always my “catch up” time. Time to catch up on laundry, grocery shopping, cleaning. I read all these SAHM’s/WAHM’s/Homeschool mom’s […]

What Are We Doing With That Gift He Gave Us?

I’m horrible. I have been in a rut. If any of you know me… you can probably tell that I am in a rut by my facebook posts. I go through these stages where I am a good mom/wife/housekeeper – bad – good  – bad. And by ‘bad’ – I mean lazy. Out of control. […]

This house/MIL’s complaining

I know I complain too much about  her. On good days I tell myself, “You should be more thankful” – “Thank God you have a home so cheap”… but then there are ALLLL the other days. The days when she comes over. And she never comes over for anything EXCEPT to cause trouble. When she […]

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