Wordless Wednesday w/Linky | Broken Bones and Goose Eggs

Happy Wordless Wednesday! It’s been a LONG week! My mother-in-law has been out of sorts the last few months and so we snagged her car a couple weeks ago, in hopes to get her to stop driving. That means that I have the pleasure of taking her to all of her appointments and errands. So […]

Wordless Wednesday w/linky | Happy 4th Birthday to Gracie

Happy Wordless Wednesday!   Gracie turned four years old this past week… and it brought up a lot of memories. Lots of random memories, so bear with me. So if you’re here to look at Wordless Wednesday photos – scan down and take a peek and skip all my babbling.   I started blogging when Gracie was a […]

Wordless Wednesday: First Day of Pre-K– (linky up all week)

Wordless Wednesday – of course, never wordless…Well… I know it’s almost mid-October but I have a “first day of school” post. Yes, I know I am a couple month late on this and all of you did this already. But the school I wanted my Gracie in was not able to evaluate her until the […]

Wordless Wednesday: My Rapunzel (w/linky)

LINK UP! Here’s More Wordless Wednesday from We Have It All? 

Pacifiers: Yay or Nay? Debate with the Danielle’s

Welcome to Week 26 of Friendly Debates With The Danielle’s!     Wanna Play?   Each Week Danielle from “Happenings of the Harper Household” and I (Danielle) will host this awesome meme and we would love for you to link up and join us.   There will be a question each week that will require […]

Wordless Wednesday: 2nd Better than the 1st! #linky #ww

Happy Wordless Wednesday Everyone! We took Gracie to see her second movie – Beauty and the Beast in 3D on Saturday and it went so so so much better than her first movie!!  Gracie’s first movie was Lion King in 3D and it was a bit of a disaster. She broke her glasses before the […]

Wordless Wednesday: Asleep Sitting Up #linky #ww

Two weeks ago on a Saturday we all went to the mall to finish Christmas shopping. We were out for the majority of the day and came home just before dinner. Apparently it exhausted me and Gracie. We came home and Gracie wanted to watch Lion King (again). I fell asleep sitting up on one […]

Wordless Wednesday: Painting Naked! #linky

Did that get your attention? Thought so 🙂 Isn’t it just easier to let them paint naked? So much less of a mess! I should’ve let her paint naked last time when she was making her turkey handprints. It was a mess! LINK UP!

Flashback Friday: Don’t Blink!

Throughout the year, there are the little things that spark my memories into full gear… and I get all mushy about it.Like a couple of weeks ago was Emma’s 13th birthday and I just can not believe she is 13. I can not believe my son is in high school.Gracie never ceases to amaze me […]

Woombie Eco ‘Toddler Donut

KB Designs, LLC is owned and operated by Karen Barski and her team of Woombie experts!“KB Designs is a family owned business which was built with the love and safety of babies in mind – with a sensitivity towards mom’s and dad’s needs too.  All of our products are geared towards the theme SWADDLE, SNUGGLE, […]

Wordless Wednesday: Our Sad, Sad Looking Turkeys

Happy Wordless Wednesday everyone! …but never ‘wordless’ here 🙂 I wanted to do a few Thanksgiving crafts with Gracie, but as time went on, and Thanksgiving got closer and closer… I kind of lost track of time. So one day this past week (out of the blue) I grabbed out all of our paints with […]

Flashback Friday: Gracie

I haven’t done a “Flashback Friday” in about a year… so I figured I’d post one today!One Year Ago – Me & My Gracie 2 Years Ago… Mike And Gracie. (Excuse his goofy look, lol) 3 Years Ago I was Baking Gracie…

Wordless Wednesday: #Potty Training X2 #WW

FUN! FUN! Now we all know that my “Wordless” Wednesday posts are very seldom wordless… So. Potty Training X2 – FUN TIMES! I don’t potty “train”. I never did. My older kids just kind of fell into being potty trained. They kind of potty trained themselves. When they were ready – they were ready. I […]

Wordless Wednesday–Playing in the Rain

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