My Brother’s Super Power | #WDSD14 #T21 #DownSyndrome

A big thanks to my daughter Emma for guesting posting and sharing her thoughts on her brother who has Down Syndrome. Hi everyone! I’m Emma. I am 15 years old and tomorrow is World Down Syndrome Day so I want to tell you about my little brother. I’m sure what I am about to say, […]

Bikinis for Toddlers, Tweens & Teens? Yay or Nay? What do YOU say?

Welcome to Week 22 of Friendly Debates With The Danielle’s!     Wanna Play?   Each Week Danielle from “Happenings of the Harper Household” and I (Danielle) will host this awesome meme and we would love for you to link up and join us.   There will be a question each week that will require […]

Flashback Friday: Don’t Blink!

Throughout the year, there are the little things that spark my memories into full gear… and I get all mushy about it.Like a couple of weeks ago was Emma’s 13th birthday and I just can not believe she is 13. I can not believe my son is in high school.Gracie never ceases to amaze me […]

Flashback Friday: My Baby is 13

Meet My Emma… 11/21/98   Her Big Brother Loved Her… He was 14 Months OldOne Month Old:9 MonthsWalking at 9 months…1 Year Old Kindergarten Graduation: 2nd Grade: Emma is 10 years old: She’s 11… And 12…And now my baby is 13 years old! Where did the time go? You can scroll through this post in […]

The Bedtime Monster and the Solution

Why is bedtime always a challenge when dealing with our children? It doesn’t matter if they are infants, toddlers or school aged kids – they all protest bedtime. Well maybe not all children, but most children at some point in time do struggle with bedtime in one way or another. Our little babies have a […]

Post-It Note Tuesday – I Need A Favor!

  Oh! And I need a favor!! I have a follower on my other blog that I believe to be a porn site. The profile photo looks to be a naked woman. I need about 6-7 new followers to bump this profile photo out of view… So if any of you can help out, please […]

“Wordless” Wednesday & Some Hops

Wordless Wednesday is never wordless here 🙂 I use it to show off my family, so sue me! This was our walk yesterday. It was close to 80* & beautiful out with all the falling leaves. The colors are so pretty! Of course, then I edited the photos, haha. Here are some without the editing: […]

“Post-It Note Tuesday” Randomness

We Had Church!

Busy, busy weekend!We had our church services in our local park this weekend… And here in Chicago-Land, it was NOT the best weather. We had a weekend of 50* weather. Woo! Was it cold! We had the park booked for Friday night, Saturday night, and Sunday morning & Sunday night. We were freezing!! This is […]

Flashback Friday: Emma’s Secret Lunch

One day last year my kids left for school. A few hours later I noticed the brown paper lunch bag sitting in the kitchen. Someone had forgotten their lunch. At first I felt sooo bad that one of the kids was without a lunch. I debated bringing it to them. Until…I opened it. Ummm… Yeah. […]

Wordless Wednesday

Today is “Wordless Wednesday” and I am trying a new one… “Follow Me Wednesday” Never a ‘wordless’ Wednesday with me! I’ll prove it to ya… Goof! Watching Wonder Pets Wonder  Pets… again My babies 🙂 Now. Go Link Up! OH! And don’t forget…

Girls Day Out!

Saturday I took my girls out to get a pedicure. Mike always takes Olivia & Austin out to do things. But Emma & Becca don’t do the same things the older one’s do. So I set this day up just for us. They were excited.  Here is our ‘before’ picture: Originally I was just going […]

Fireworks! On the 2nd?

I guess so?!? We had no idea…but yeah, we had fireworks in our town last night. Two days early. It took place really close to our house so we can see them from our driveway.  Mike wanted to wake Gracie up to see them for the first time. Last year she was only 2 & […]

Emma’s 5th Grade Graduation!

Actually these days they call it “5th Grade Recognition” – but whatever! I call it “graduation”. So there.It actually was pretty quick. They ‘recognized’ kids for a TON of different things. But they went through all the lists really quick and then gave us some time to get pictures. I can’t believe Emma is going […]

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