Temperature Taking Redefined with the VeraTemp® Thermometer | Non-Contact Thermometer

Use the Non-Contact VeraTemp® Thermometer to Keep Baby Comfortable Thanks to VeraTemp® Thermometer for sponsoring this conversation.When you’ve got sick children, you want to keep them as comfortable as possible… even when taking their temperature. Sometimes it’s hard to get that temperature taken, depending on the thermometer you are using. Technology keeps getting better and better, […]

Kidorable’s Dragon Knight Rain Gear | Review

Kidorable Kidorable rain gear has become one of our favorites around here… especially with Gracie. Gracie loves all of her Kidorable rain gear. About 3 years ago I reviewed the English Roses line. Gracie was in love with her (and still is) Kidorable rain coat, boots and umbrella. In fact, she wore her boots every […]

Bright Starts Walk-a-Bout™ Walker | Review

Baby Jack is moving on up, at his own pace… and we are almost able to let him play in his Bright Starts Entertain and Grow™ Saucer and Bright Starts Walk-a-Bout™, even though he won’t be moving that walker anytime soon haha. He’s still much weaker than the average 9 month old. His Down Syndrome makes […]

Contours® Options® LT Tandem Stroller | Review

    If you are a regular reader here, you know that I have a lot of kiddo’s in our household. We have our own half-a-dozen and then I have my daycare kids Monday through Friday. I am always in desperate need of double strollers all the time if I plan to go ANYwhere! We’ve […]

BABYBJÖRN Booster Chair Review

I have little list of a few things I need for Baby Jack still. Especially now that he’s getting bigger. Luckily enough,  BABYBJÖRN came to my rescue with a few of these things I needed. They sent me the BABYBJÖRN Highchair and  the Baby Carrier Miracle for Baby Jack and the Booster Chair for my daycare […]

The Little Green Pouch: Reusable Baby Food Pouch Review

Does your child like those little fruit pouches where they can suck out the applesauce (or other fruit, veggie, smoothie)? Gracie loves those. Even though she’s almost four years old, when she sees them in the store she always asks for a few for snack. She automatically assumes it’s applesauce inside, no matter which kind we buy […]

Keep Your Child Warm and #WIN The 7 A.M. Enfant Polar igloo™: #Giveaway Ends 3/3

Here in Chicagoland, we always have cold winters with lots of snow. Our temperatures get to below freezing and our wind chills are even worse. This particular winter has not been as bad as usual but the east coast just got hit with a blizzard. There are thousands burried in snow and without electric. I […]

Baby Jack is Moving On Up with Munchkin’s Fresh Food Feeder and Click Lock Trainer Cup

Munchkin has become a regular brand around here. We started off with he Arm & Hammer Diaper Pail and then gave some bath toys a try. Now that Baby Jack is getting a bit older, we are in need of more. He is teething really bad so I wanted to start giving him some frozen […]

Make Diaper Changing Easier with the HALO® SwaddleChange™

Baby Jack is at ‘that stage’.   He squirms like a worm on hot ashes when we are changing him. It’s almost impossible to get him changed in a timely manner and before he pees all over us haha. The minute he’s down, he grabs his feet and rolls to his side or he just […]

Protect Your Childs Eyes with Real Kids Shades: Giveaway!

When we think of sun protection for our children we usually think of UV Protective clothing and swimwear and sunblock, right? What we usually forget about is their precious eyes. Our children’s eyes need just as much protection as their skin.This is where Real Kids Shades comes in!Real Kids Shades sent me a couple of pairs of shades for Baby […]

Bright Starts Entertain and Grow™ Saucer Review

Baby Jack is 7 months old now and finally at the point where he needs to be entertained a bit more. He’s not a ‘boring baby’ who just lays around anymore haha. He’s rolling a lot and trying to reach all of his toys.I typically try to keep him moving from spot to spot every 15 […]

Baby Jack Loves His Wee Urban Wee Dreams Sleep Bag!

I’ve had the opportunity to review the Wee Urban Wee Dreams Sleep Bag for the last couple of months and it’s been in much need! Baby Jack is 7 months old now and we are still co-sleeping. When we co-sleep in our California King size bed, Mike and I spread out our pillows to the far […]

Win a Thermal-Aid Zoo Heating and Cooling Pack – Ends 4/3

  If you are a regular reader here then you know I am not a big fan of medicine. We use all kind of natural products as much we can. That is why I was excited to receive Thermal-Aid Heating and Cooling Packs. Thermal-Aid is a natural heating and cooling packs helps reduce fever and aches and […]

Keep Baby Warm this Winter with the JJ Cole Bundleme

Winters here in Chicago are not so nice, especially if you are not one who enjoys the snow and colder weather (aka me). I needed something for Baby Jack to keep him warm, other than a winter coat. I do not put my little one’s in winter coats while in car seats for safety reasons. […]

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