Wordless Wednesday w/Linky | Broken Bones and Goose Eggs

Happy Wordless Wednesday! It’s been a LONG week! My mother-in-law has been out of sorts the last few months and so we snagged her car a couple weeks ago, in hopes to get her to stop driving. That means that I have the pleasure of taking her to all of her appointments and errands. So […]

Wordless Wednesday w/Linky #WW

Happy Wordless Wednesday!   My son, Austin, is driving. So hard to believe.   I have been looking forward to my kids getting to this driving age, but now that it’s here… it’s scary!       If you have been a reader here for a while, you may have read about my experience with […]

I Think It’s Time for a Tutor

Well it finally happened. I need to officially ‘get help’ for Austin, my 15 year old sophomore. A little background… he was diagnosed with ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) when he was 8 years old. His teachers and I had suspected he had ADHD ever since kindergarten, but we had not pursued it until he […]

Security Blanket/Object Attachment: Yay or Nay?

Welcome to Week 30 of Friendly Debates With The Danielle’s!     Wanna Play?   Each Week Danielle from “Happenings of the Harper Household” and I (Danielle) will host this awesome meme and we would love for you to link up and join us.   There will be a question each week that will require […]

Flashback Friday: Don’t Blink!

Throughout the year, there are the little things that spark my memories into full gear… and I get all mushy about it.Like a couple of weeks ago was Emma’s 13th birthday and I just can not believe she is 13. I can not believe my son is in high school.Gracie never ceases to amaze me […]

The Bedtime Monster and the Solution

Why is bedtime always a challenge when dealing with our children? It doesn’t matter if they are infants, toddlers or school aged kids – they all protest bedtime. Well maybe not all children, but most children at some point in time do struggle with bedtime in one way or another. Our little babies have a […]

Wordless Wednesday–***Proud Mom Alert***

ComeON now… did you really think this post would be ‘wordless’?!?I posted last week for Wordless Wednesday that my 13 year old son, Austin, was getting his head shaved for “St. Baldrick’s Foundation”. Yes, this is a bragging post.Austin joined a dodge ball team this year. Each year they elect one person on each team […]

Wordless Wednesday–Bye Bye Hair!

Happy Wordless Wednesday! Next Friday my son Austin is getting his head shaved for cancer! Austin joined a dodge ball team and they elect one person on each team to shave their head. Last year a girl did it!! This year they elected Austin and he accepted!! He is the talk of the school because […]

Post-It Note Tuesday – I Need A Favor!

  Oh! And I need a favor!! I have a follower on my other blog that I believe to be a porn site. The profile photo looks to be a naked woman. I need about 6-7 new followers to bump this profile photo out of view… So if any of you can help out, please […]

“Post-It Note Tuesday” Randomness

We Had Church!

Busy, busy weekend!We had our church services in our local park this weekend… And here in Chicago-Land, it was NOT the best weather. We had a weekend of 50* weather. Woo! Was it cold! We had the park booked for Friday night, Saturday night, and Sunday morning & Sunday night. We were freezing!! This is […]

Random Ramblings & Blog Hops

Hello friends. Happy Thursday! I am joining in a few blog hops today… and a twitter & facebook ‘hop’ too. I will list them below. I love finding new blogs & I love making new bloggy friends 🙂 If you visit me & like it here, leave me a comment or follow me & I […]

Wordless Wednesday

Today is “Wordless Wednesday” and I am trying a new one… “Follow Me Wednesday” Never a ‘wordless’ Wednesday with me! I’ll prove it to ya… Goof! Watching Wonder Pets Wonder  Pets… again My babies 🙂 Now. Go Link Up! OH! And don’t forget…

Flashback Friday: Poor Austin!

I was thinking a few days ago about “Flashback Friday” & I was wondering what I was going to post. I had a few ideas but I was not satisfied. My few ideas were boring to me so I figured they would be boring to you all. I really didn’t know what I was going […]

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