#Visionworks #LetsGoSee Campaign Helps Children In Need Get Glasses!

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Well, summer is over and school has started. My kids went back last week, I am so sad. I love our lazy summer days sleeping in and going out and doing whatever we want each day. As sad as I am that our extra time together this summer is over, I am glad the rushing around is over. Getting the kids ready for the school year is exhausting. Finding school supplies and backpacks, school physicals, dental exams, vision exams.


There’s so much to do and it’s easy to forget or over look our children’s vision. I will admit, I never brought my older kids in to have their vision checked until Becca, my third daughter, told me she was having vision issues and that was when she was in 6th grade! Ever since then, I make sure the kids vision is checked once a year. Come to find out, Jack needed glasses!

#LetsGoSee #Visionworks


According to Prevent Blindness America, 1 in 4 school-aged children in the United States have a vision problem, which if left untreated can affect learning ability, personality, and adjustments in school. It definitely affected Becca that year. She started with daily headaches. She also started falling behind because she couldn’t see the teacher’s board up front. Eventually she moved her seat closer to the front and then that’s when it hit us. She can’t see!





Let’s Go See is a campaign introduced by Visionworks that is helping children get annual eye exams. Every child. Every year. The program is in it’s third annual year now! Visionworks and Davis Vision are donating 15,000 comprehensive eye exams and complete pairs of glasses ($69.95 children’s frames with polycarbonate lenses) to children in need. If you don’t have vision insurance or Medicaid, aren’t signed up for ACA, and can’t afford an eye exam and glasses, or if you know of a school or organization that has children who could benefit, apply for a free voucher by nominating them at letsgosee.net.





Head over to Let’sGoSee.net and nominate a child, school, or organization to receive a free vision exam and eye glasses!

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