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“It won’t be like this for long” – I’m sure you’ve heard the song. If you are a mom, I am sure you’ve heard it a million times. Don’t rush things, they won’t be this little forever, they won’t need you forever so take advantage of this time, etc. It’s crazy how fast time goes by. My oldest is 19 and in college. He’s working two jobs so that he can move out soon. Crazy independent. He doesn’t need me anymore. Although…. when he was 2000 miles away at college, he still called me or messaged me every single day. Sometimes I don’t even think my kids LIKE me, but then they show me in little ways that they do. Even now, he comes to me with questions about saving and spending and how to plan his next move.

#WIN a $25 Office Depot® OfficeMax® GC #Giveaway #GearUpForSchool #GearingParentsUp

#WIN a $25 Office Depot® OfficeMax® GC #Giveaway #GearUpForSchool #GearingParentsUp


I know it won’t be like this for long…. so I suck up every moment I can!

#WIN a $25 Office Depot® OfficeMax® GC #Giveaway #GearUpForSchool #GearingParentsUp


Sometimes I wonder what they really think of me. I feel like I’ve done the best that I can, even though I’ve learned a LOT over the past two years. Sometimes I wish I could go back and start parenting all over again so that I could make better decisions. The mistakes I’ve made with my older three kids – I know not to make with my younger two. I hope that I have taught them all to dream bigger and to become more. Over the past two years, we’ve all learned how to dream bigger and how to inspire others. I hope when they view me, they see me as an inspiration and I hope they’ve learned how to be an inspiration to others through me. Every little thing we do matters!


Have you ever wondered how your kids view you?

These parents found out!




#WIN a $25 Office Depot® OfficeMax® GC #Giveaway #GearUpForSchool #GearingParentsUp


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  1. I hope my girls view me as a woman that loves the Lord, their daddy, and them more than anything. I want to be someone they can count on always. And I want to be someone they know is always there for them.

  2. I hope my children see me as a loving, caring mother.

  3. I hope my kids are me as a loving mom that will do anything she can for them and loves them no matter what. As well as a person they can come to no matter what happened.

  4. I hope my kids see me as helpful and loving.

  5. I hope my kids think of me as a good person who is strong and capable of anything. I hope that I can teach them that how they treat others is very important. And I want them to think of me as someone they can always come to and count on.

  6. Karen Glatt says:

    I hope my kids view me as a healthy role model who is their for them and encourages them and makes them feel safe!

  7. I hope my kids view me as a good mom who does everything I can for them.

  8. No kids.. but I hope one day they view me as their hero!

  9. I hope they view me as a fair parent who doesn’t let them get away with everything, but isn’t so strict that they don’t like me.

  10. I hope my kids feel that I’m loving, caring and fun.

  11. I hope my kids view me as someone they can tell anything and confide in when needed

  12. Holly Thomas says:

    My nieces and nephews view me as a funny, smart and loving aunt.

  13. Dana Rodriguez says:

    Kind, loving and compassionate are so important.

  14. I hope my niece views me as loving, capable, hard working and responsible.

  15. I hop they know how dedicated I am to them.

  16. Jennifer Marie says:

    I hope they view me as loving and wanting the best for them.

  17. I hope they see me as a loving and caring mom

  18. Tracie Cooper says:

    I hope my kids views as loving, kind and giving!

  19. I hope they view me as someone who always has their best interests in mind.

  20. I hope my son views me a a fun and caring mom who loves him.

  21. Sarah Mayer says:

    I hope my kids view me as a rock star.

  22. I hope they view me as one who loves and cares about others and animals! I guess plain and simple…a loving mother who is always there for them.

  23. Ellie Wright says:

    I hope my kids view me as someone who has always been there for them with unconditional love.

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