Vive Health Pulse Oximeter & Digital Scale Review

A big thanks to Vive Health for sending products in exchange for my honest opinion.


I was never a fan of fall and winter, nothing about these seasons appeal to me. Especially bronchitis. Jack caught bronchitis a few years ago in the beginning of fall and ever since he seems to be prone to it. Any time he is near someone with a cold or flu, he gets a 3 day bout of bronchitis. 3 days sounds so simple but it’s really scary due to his struggle to breathe. He needs a steroid for 3 days and breathing treatments for about 5 days and then he’s fine. No other symptoms other than a barky cough similar to croup and his struggle to breathe. So when Vive Health offered to send me products to review, I knew the Vive Precision Pulse Oximeter would be put to great use!


pulse oximeter and bronchitis

pulse oximeter and bronchitis


What a piece of mind this will give us, knowing that Jack’s oxygen level is good and he’s not in any danger. His bronchitis never shows it’s face during the daytime when we can run to a quick doctors appointment. It suddenly pops up in the middle of the night so the only choice we have is to run to the emergency room to be sure his oxygen level is okay.


Here’s a little info on the Vive Precision Pulse Oximeter:

The Vive Precision pulse oximeter is a lightweight, portable device used for measuring both pulse rate and SpO2 level  Simply place your finger inside the antimicrobial vinyl sensor and have these vital measurements instantly displayed on a vibrant LCD screen. Features a battery-saving automatic power off function and an irregular heartbeat alarm notification. Protected by a two-year warranty.


Vive Precision pulse oximeter with a case, lanyard and batteries so it’s all ready to go! I will be able to keep this in it’s case right by Jack’s nebulizer.

  • MULTIPLE DISPLAY MODES: Color OLED screen displays in four directions and eight display modes.
  • QUICK READING: Provides accurate measurements within seconds of placing it on your finger.
  • PULSE RATE MEASURING: Displays heart rate in addition to blood oxygen level.
  • ALARM FUNCTION: Detects and alerts you of irregular heartbeats


Pulse Oximeter



The folks at Vive Health also sent me the Vive Precision Digital Bathroom Scale. This is going to come in handy because I will be starting a 90-day health challenge group so that we can all meet our goals BEFORE we have a chance to make a “New Years Resolution”. Nobody keeps those anyway, right?!


Digital Scale


Here’s a little info on the Vive Precision Digital Bathroom Scale:

The Vive Precision digital bathroom scale is an extremely accurate scale that combines versatile functionality with modern aesthetic appeal. Stylish and extremely thin (.75"), this scale is made of sturdy tempered glass, and features a luminous blue LCD screen that displays weight in either pounds, kilograms, or stone. Each scale is rigorously tested for accuracy and can weigh up to 330-pound individuals in .2 lb. increments. Protected by a two-year warranty.

digital scale

  • OUT-OF-BOX READY: Comes with two lithium batteries for added convenience.
  • STURDY GLASS PLATFORM: 6mm glass base is durable and extremely easy to clean.
  • ULTRA-BRIGHT DISPLAY: Backlit LCD display for easy reading, even in the dark.
  • STEP-ON ACTIVATION: Conveniently captures weight right when you step on – no tapping required.
  • MULTIPLE UNIT CAPABILITY: Measures in the following units: pounds, kilograms, stone.

We haven’t had a scale in the house for about a year so I am looking forward to starting this 90-day challenge and watching my progress on our new scale!! 




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  1. Bronchitis is scary in the little ones! What a great piece of technology to give you piece of mind!

  2. Pranayama can help manage asthma and bronchitis. In addition, some patients are allergic to the constitution, especially those with asthma and those with chronic bronchitis. Don’t place flowers in their rooms. I hope these will help you.

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