How to be Frugal When You Have a Big Family

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I used to be the queen of “frugal”. I kind of had to be, I didn’t have a choice. I went through a divorce when my first three kids were 2, 3 and 4 years old and I was a stay-at-home mom at the time. Going back out into the real world, finding work and paying for daycare for three kids wasn’t easy. I learned to be frugal REALLY fast. Then I re-married and we both had tons of debt so I continued being frugal. Fast forward 5 years and we had two of our own kids so we were the classic blended family: “his, mine and ours”. A total of 6 kids pretty much means you HAVE TO be frugal.


Here is a list of some great ways to cut down on spending and save some money…

  • Sign up with – this saved my life! You can post, asking for things you need in your local area. Whoever has it – will message you. This is like garage sales but everything is free and taken care of online. I’ve gotten and given: furniture, tables, baby items, clothing, cloth diapers, everything you can imagine.
  • Shop resale. Plato’s Closet is our favorite store. It’s all brand named clothing for teens and adults. But cheap! Goodwill and Salvation Army are great for kids clothes and if you check out their weekend sales, you can get half off your purchases!! While the kids were little, I would bring their clothes in to “Once Upon a Child” (our resale shop for baby/kid clothes). I would get a check for bring in their old clothes and then I could use that money to turn around and buy them “new” clothes.
  • Dollar Store. You’d be surprised at the thing you over pay for that you can get for a buck!
  • BOGO for shoes. Payless and Famous Footwear are our favorites. We NEVER shop (even now) without a BOGO. Buy one, get the 2nd one half off. Amazing when shoes and boots can be $70!!
  • Coupons. If you know how to extreme coupon – DO IT!! Here is an example: When Walgreens or CVS has a “buy one, get one free” on something like laundry detergent – you can also use 2 coupons. Instead of spending $11 per bottle, you’ll spend under $4 per bottle. This was a more expensive brand. I used a cheaper brand and paid under $2 per bottle and stocked up and my stock pile lasted an entire YEAR!!
  • Become a blogger! This was life changing. Anything I wanted – I got. Of course, it wasn’t “free” – I had to write a product review for the product but that’s ok! I got to review all kinds of things that my family could really use like baby items, Christmas presents for the kids when I had a Holiday Gift Guide, all kinds of household things and even tickets to events.
  • Ask your older kids to baby sit your younger kids. I don’t pay my kids to baby sit but I will do something for them as a ‘thank you’ and they appreciate it.
  • Cloth diaper and low cost disposable diapers! This is my favorite money saving tip!! Who needs those expensive brands?! I LOVED using cloth diapers during the day time and Luvs at night time. They work great and they are a great price! I especially love using Luvs for Jack because he is super tiny. He is over 4 years old but he just recently grew into size 2T clothing. His tiny little butt and waste can’t hold up his diapers and pants but Luvs fit great and it’s not costing me an arm and a leg.


How to be Frugal When You Have a Big Family #LuvsCrowd #LuvsDiapers

How to be Frugal When You Have a Big Family #LuvsCrowd #LuvsDiapers



Do you have any money saving tips for large families trying to pinch pennies?



Live, Learn & Get Luvs! LUVs is a great diaper at a great value!

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