Parenting Hacks that Will Help You Make it Through Summer Break

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We’re about half way done with summer break. Not sure about you, but I always enjoyed summer break when all the kids were home. No more alarm clocks to catch busses, no more punching clocks Monday through Friday. I love it. This summer seems to be much different, it’s been crazy! Gracie has swimming once a week and gymnastics twice a week and now she wants to do Karate (or something similar). I have Jack in summer school because he gets all of his therapy at school. Even though he is 4 years old, he still needs a nap so I have to fit that in our daily schedule. Even though Mike and I both work from home, sometimes it’s hard to stay on schedule. It’s also hard to find some quiet time! Through trial and error over the last month, I have found a few tricks to help us stay on track with our busy day and also a few tricks to give us some down-time to ourselves.


Parenting Hacks that Will Help You Make it Through Summer Break

  • Delegate responsibilities to Dad and older siblings if possible. Sometimes moms get stuck doing it all, mostly because they don’t speak up or delegate chores, responsibilities, etc. So this summer, I have Mike taking Jack out to the bus after I get him ready. I have one of the older kids getting him off the bus, changing his diaper and feeding him lunch after I make it. These two things sound SO SIMPLE but REALLY help me out!! I am not running around like a crazy person all the time. The older girls clean the kitchen every night too, this is their main daily chore.
  • Find an activity that gets you out of the house for some peace. After Jack gets on the bus in the morning, Becca and I go running or hiking. We leave the house and are back within an hour and a half so it’s not a long period of time but it REALLY helps me clear my mind!!
  • Find an activity that is free or cheap for the whole family that will keep the kids busy so YOU can have peace. We LOVE our local splash park. It’s free and it’s fenced in so the kids are safe. We can sit and relax in the sun and even play on our phones while the kids play in the water. I work from my phone so this is a GREAT time to work while they play! I also love going for bike rides with the kids. Jack sits in the bike trailer and Gracie follows behind. This kills about an hour and wears out Gracie. It’s PEACEFUL to just GO!! Being out in the nature is relaxing. Jack falls asleep most of the time.
  • Don’t sweat the small stuff! That’s kind of an ‘everyday’ tip but in the summer with everyone running around crazy, it’s easier to just think outside of the box. With the little kids home for more hours of the day, they get bored easier. So hey, if Jack wants to play with his package of diapers and pretend it’s a building Spider Man is swinging from – No biggie! Have at it!

Parenting Hacks to Help Make it Through Summer Break #LuvsCrowd #LuvsDiapersat.

As you can see…. Jack’s “building” for Spider Man is a package of Luvs diapers. Luvs is one of our go-to brands because they fit Jack great. He is REALLY tiny so his diapers tend to slip off of his tiny waist. Even though he is 4 years old, he wears a 2T in pants and even those slip down. Luvs are always a great price too!

Parenting Hacks to Help Make it Through Summer Break #LuvsCrowd #LuvsDiapers

Parenting Hacks to Help Make it Through Summer Break #LuvsCrowd #LuvsDiapers


What parenting hacks do you have that can help us make it through summer break?


        Live, Learn & Get Luvs! LUVs is a great diaper at a great value!

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