What Do You Look for in a Babysitter?

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Ya know what?

I love my kids so much…. I love spending all my time with them.

I mean look at this kid, who wouldn’t want to run errands with this handsome little dude?! In and out of stores with a couple weeks of groceries for a family of 8… and their friends. Putting Jack’s shoes on, just so that he can take them off in the car and throw them in the 3rd row of the van. And then climbing all through the seats to find the one shoe that has fallen in the tiny lost cave of the minivan with no air conditioning. Come out sweating, but hey, he’s got his shoes back on! Of course, until you get half way through the store and notice your kid has only one shoe on. Again.

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Dang! I need a break sometimes!

Luckily, I have older kids who can babysit my younger two every so often so that I can run in and out of stores without sending in the search team each time Jack kicks off his shoe.

I never did use a babysitter with my older kids, or even my younger kids. I am not sure if I could ever trust a stranger with my kids, if they were younger and could not talk. Once they are old enough to talk and let me know how things went and what goes on while I am not home, then I could use a sitter. For now, I will just stick with one of my older daughter.

Becca normally watches Jack and Gracie for us. She’s almost 16 years old and super patient. She’s like a little mother. I totally trust her with my younger two. I  could use Emma, my 17 year old daughter but she tends to become irritated with Gracie and that leads to them fighting. She also isn’t a fan of change diapers so ?? I should probably stick with Becca haha. Becca even has a favorite diaper LOL!! Anytime she’s with us when we buy diapers at the store, she tells us to buy Luvs. She says Luvs are better than the rest…. and I do love the way they fit Jack’s tiny little body. He may look bigger in pictures, but for a 4 year old – he’s the size of a 2 year old. It’s so hard to find a good fit for him but Luvs works great!

Last time I left Jack with her, Becca sent me a text with these pictures of Jack…

Luvs Diapers #LuvCrowd #LuvDiapers #Luvs


She’s clearly not afraid to change diapers… and even dabble in potty training haha!! So needless to say, we decided to keep the equipment out and start working with Jack on potty training.

Luvs Diapers #LuvCrowd #LuvDiapers #Luvs



What Do You Look for in a Babysitter?

I believe, with my whole heart, that you need to go with your gut when trusting someone with your kids. You have to use trust your motherly instincts and if it doesn’t feel right – then just don’t. When you find someone you trust, you will feel totally confident and comfortable leaving your kiddos for a while. Some parents have a long list of requirements that need to be met before they use a person to babysit their children. The most important characteristics in a babysitter are trust, patience and fun and I need them to be CPR and First Aid Certified. This is just me though.



What do YOU look for in a babysitter?



Live, Learn & Get Luvs! LUVs is a great diaper at a great value!

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