What’s Your Kegel Face?

A big thanks to PeriCoach for sponsoring this fun conversation.


I’ve partnered a couple times with PeriCoach to discuss Involuntary Bladder Leaks here on my blog. Of course this is not a topic that we care to discuss – and that’s why we should talk about it. It can be embarrassing but it shouldn’t be. If you didn’t get to see the “Leakers Anonymous” video… you need to! It’s hilarious! The Leakers Anonymous campaign puts humor into light bladder leakage, which in turn, takes away the embarrassment regarding the topic. Why not have fun with it, right?!?

Involuntary Bladder Leaks can be triggered by everyday occurrences like coughing, sneezing, laughing or exercising and you can resort to wearing panty liners but that’s not really fixing the issue. I’m sure every woman in the world has tried Kegel exercises at one point or another in their lives. I know I’ve occasionally tried Kegel’s during pregnancy and after childbirth. I’m not really sure if I was ever doing it right – I just had to assume I was. I never really noticed a difference in that ‘area’ – so maybe I wasn’t doing it right. Well now there’s a new device that can help women with their Kegel exercises. I know that sounds weird, considering that we are discussing a ‘device’ – but it’s true. It’s the PeriCoach. This device has just been approved by the FDA and you can use it at home…. so that’s a major plus.

So what’s this PeriCoach?

The PeriCoach is a discreet device that you use at home and along with a smartphone app. This device helps women preform pelvic floor muscle training, similar to Kegel exercises. This PeriCoach system will monitor your progress so at least you will know if you’re doing it right or progressing at all. I can sit here and tell you that I truly never knew if I was doing my Kegel’s properly and never even knew if it was working or not.

Considering that involuntary bladder leakage affects close to 18 million women, and many suffer in silence, resorting to wearing liners, this is a pretty cool device that can really help.

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Laugh again. Run again. Sneeze again with out worrying what may happen!

The PeriCoach was available in March, by prescription from a clinician, nurse or physical therapist. It can be ordered directly at www.PeriCoach.com with an uploaded prescription.

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