Beyond Beef™ Vegan Chili Recipe + SWEEPSTAKES!

A big thanks to Beyond Beef™ for hosting this conversation!


Have you seen the Beyond Meat products at Whole Foods or any other store? You probably have, most stores carry Beyond Meat products. One of my teens is a vegetarian… working towards becoming vegan and one of my other teens is a health nut and wont’ touch anything unhealthy so we decided to try Beyond Meat.

Who is Beyond Meat?

At Beyond Meat, our mission is to create The Future of Protein. We bypass the animal altogether and make delicious products like chicken strips, meatballs, and beef crumbles directly from plants. We are dedicated to positively impacting human health and the health of our world. THE BEYOND MEAT MISSION



Beyond Meat uses protein from plants to create chicken strips and tenders, meatballs and beef crumbles. These products are 100% plant-based products so that families can enjoy foods like beef nachos, chili, pastas, fajitas, meatball subs and so much more. Fortunately we can enjoy these foods but without all of the unhealthy aspects of animal protein like the hormones, anti-biotic treatments, etc.

Beyond Meat

Beyond Meat


Beyond Beef™ Chili

We plan on making Beyond Beef™ Chili this weekend! It’s perfect timing too… it’s getting COLD here in Chicago! I seriously can not wait to see how this tastes and compares to chili with real beef.

Beyond Beef™ Vegan Chili,  Beyond Meat

Beyond Beef™ Vegan Chili,  Beyond Meat


So far, Becca and I tried the Beyond CHICKEN™ Strips on our salad. I actually didn’t tell her about this chicken. I just made our salads and we started eating. I was afraid to tell her for fear she wouldn’t try it. She didn’t seem to notice at all.

Beyond Meat

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Beyond Meat Partners with Elite Athletes

Athletes intuitively understand the benefits of plant-based proteins, and so they’ve partnered with Beyond Meat to effectively communicate – by example – the benefits to other families and their children.

Beyond Meat

These athletes come from the NBA, WNBA, MLB, AVP, and WSL and include J.J. Redick, David Wright, Maya Moore, April Ross, Eric Bledsoe, Maggie Vessey, and Tia Blanco. They want to promote the great benefits of plant protein in hopes to help people understand that there is no sacrifice with plant-based protein vs. meat. They want to help families understand that plant protein is not nutritionally inferior compared to meat protein.


Beyond Meat Sweepstakes!

Beyond Meat is giving my awesome readers a chance to WIN some awesome prizes!

The idea is to take the Future of Protein Challenge with your families – like I did! Use this coupon to get a great discount on Beyond Meat and then cook up your meal and secretly substitute a Beyond Meat product… only don’t tell them their ‘meat’ is really plants! Once the meal is finished, reveal the details! The “meat” they just ate was made from 100% plants! What a fun sweepstakes! Capture their thoughts, comments, and don’t forget empty plates and happy faces! Post your photos to Instagram or Twitter by 11:00PM PST on 10/31 and be sure to tag @BeyondMeat and use the hashtag #FutureOfProtein because this will automatically enter you into the sweepstakes! Repeat whenever your family wants to enjoy protein-packed meals without the downsides of animal meat.

Check out these Prizes!

5 lucky readers can win these prizes:

  • Le Crueset cookware
  • 3 months of Chef’d meal delivery
  • a $500 Visa Gift Card
  • a chance to watch our athletes in action!



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