What Must-Haves Do You Carry In Your Diaper Bag?

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For the first time in my 18 years of being a mother – I was excited for school to start! I always loved the kids being home in the summer (I still do) and loved our lazy schedules. Never needing to punch a clock. But this year is the very first year that I am not at home working because I quit doing daycare. When the kids leave for school – I am home all alone! Alone to do laundry, catch up on housework. Alone to help my other business grow and give more time to my team. The thought of this excited me! I thought it was going to be pretty peaceful once school started back up… but boy was I wrong. Things have still been pretty hectic! School has been in session for a few weeks now and I still feel like I’m running around with my head cut off! I’m rushing to get Jack on the bus at 7:30. Then rushing to get Gracie on the bus at 8. Then rushing to get things done before Jack gets off the bus at 10:45. Then rushing to get him fed and in bed for nap. Then once he’s in bed – I feel like I’m rushing to get things done around the house before he wakes up. Then all the big kids get home and we’re always running in the evenings. I have been out twice a week for these first few weeks of school because all the teachers are adding school supplies on to the list. It’s been crazy!! I want summer back!


What Must-Have’s Do You Carry In Your Diaper Bag?

All the rushing in the evenings has made me thankful for the little things I carry in my diaper bag (aka purse). Must-haves like a water bottle for me and Gracie and a sippy with fresh water for Jack. When we’re out longer than I expected, water comes in handy. Must-haves like my business cards, pen and paper because I’m always recruiting for my work-at-home business everywhere I go. Must-haves like baby wipes. It’s a given that I’d have a diaper and some wipes – but I use the wipes for than Jack does. Wipes come in handy for little spills on clothes, spills in the car, runny noses, cleaning carts and freshening up faces!  Another must-have is Always Xtra Protection Daily Liners to stay fresh all day every day. These are essentials I just can’t live without.

What Must-Haves Do You Carry In Your Diaper Bag? #WhatsAlwaysOnMe



What are your diaper bag essentials that you just can’t live without?

What are your must-have on-the-go travel accessories that help you stay fresh all day every day?


What Must-Haves Do You Carry In Your Diaper Bag? #WhatsAlwaysOnMe


What Must-Haves Do You Carry In Your Diaper Bag? #WhatsAlwaysOnMe

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