Are You in Network Marketing? FYI – Without INTEGRITY, You Have NOTHING.



There are a LOT of MLM/Direct Sales/Network Marketing companies out there and within them, MANY competitors.  #1 – BELIEVE in your product. #2 – Set your goal TO HELP PEOPLE. You don’t need to bash other companies just to try to make your product or your company look better. If you believe in your product and your company – you don’t NEED to put down others. There is no good reason to put down another company (a competitor) in hopes of gaining a customer or distributor.

Are You in Network Marketing? FYI - Without INTEGRITY, You Have NOTHING.


Why Is YOUR Company or Product Different?

I have no problem if you share info. Because info is factual. There ARE differences between companies and products. Essential Oils. Jewelry. Candles. Bags. Skin Care. Health and Wellness. There is more than 1 company. Compensation Plans. THERE ARE DIFFERENCES. Discuss them! What’s important to one – will not be important to another.

What is important to ME When Choosing a Company?

#1 – Natural ingredients. Plant-based ingredients, whole foods. Supplements, Skin Care, products that do not contain chemicals.

#2 – Having a product that NOBODY else has because then I am competing with NOBODY… many companies have drinks and supplements and skin care but NOBODY has wraps. I tried It Works wraps on 2 different occasion. Once in 2011 I tried one wrap and loved my results because I lost quite a few inches after having Gracie. And again in 2014, I tried 4 wraps. I then became a customer and tried a total of 12 more wraps before then signing as a distributor with the company.

#3 – The compensation plan. No other companies can beat our compensation plan.

These things are important to ME but they might not be important to YOU. That’s okay. If you are choosing a company based on what is important to YOU – that’s great. But there is no reason to put down other companies in the process of trying to gain customers or distributors.


Run your business with INTEGRITY.

Because without INTEGRITY – you have NOTHING.

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