The Lifesaving Gift of Cord Blood Banking with StemCyte

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One of the first things you begin discussing when you get that big fat positive sign on your pregnancy test is cord blood banking. To bank or not to bank – that is the question. Cord blood banking is a very important decision and should not be taken lightly. The topic of cord blood banking is not something that you should toss aside. You need to find out what cord blood is and why it can be important to have it properly preserved and stored. You also need to find a cord blood bank you can trust.

What is Cord Blood and Why Save It?

Cord blood is extremely valuable and normally is tossed out after the baby is born and considered medical waste. It  comes directly from a newborn baby’s umbilical cord and needs to be collected immediately after birth and properly preserved if it is going to be banked. The newborn baby’s cord blood contains powerful stem cells that can be used to regenerate healthy blood and immune systems and can be used as treatment of ten’s of thousands of conditions that have no cure. Diseases like Leukemia, lupus or sickle cell anemia can be injected with these stem cells to help replenish their blood supply with newer, healthier cells. Cord blood stem cells have already been used in more than 35,000 transplants worldwide. Stem cells can even be helpful to people recovering from chemotherapy and radiation. This is an amazing opportunity we have but this decision needs to be made before baby is born so the proper steps can be made to collect this cord blood.



Why Choose StemCyte to Preserve and Store Umbilical Cord Blood?

When choosing a blood cord bank to preserve and store your child’s umbilical cord blood, there are quite a few things to look for. Here are a few great reasons to choose StemCyet to bank your child’s cord blood.

  • StemCyte has the most experience in Cord Blood Transplants with almost 2000 Cord Blood Units transplanted to patients in over 300 transplant centers worldwide compared to other companies.
  • StemCyte is a trusted name and highly respected by transplant physicians, obstetricians and hospitals worldwide.
  • StemCyte has a $50,000 LifeSaver Guarantee that includes access to their public library, which is the most comprehensive guarantee available in the industry.
  • StemCyte has a State of the Art Collection Kit validated against ISTE Standards. This insulated collection kit will maintain the correct temperature of your valuable cord blood cells.
  • StemCyte is both FACT and AABB Accredited, and is the only private cord blood bank that is.


StemCyte uses a proprietary stem cell optimization process that delivers cell recovery of 99% or higher, offering one of the highest numbers of viable stem cells. These functional, usable cells will be preserved for years after banking, making these stem cells available for future use, possibly decades later.


To learn more about cord blood banking or free cord blood donation, please visit StemCyte.

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