Leakers Anonymous | Just Because Leaking is Common, Doesn’t Mean Leaking is Normal

A big thanks to the folks at PeriCoach for hosting this hilarious conversation! #PeriCoachUS


Last week I wrote Are You Doing Your Kegel Exercises Correctly and discussed how the PeriCoach can help. I started out by saying how this was an embarrassing topic to talk about, which is it. But then I  thought about it…. and realized, that’s because it IS an embarrassing topic, I should just let it all out. Why beat around the bush? Let’s discuss it. Let’s lay it all ‘out there’. We’re not 12 year old girls who are going to giggle and point fingers.

Lots of changes come to a women’s body through life, especially after childbirth. And especially after birthing five babies! I’ve written a few times about light bladder leakage (LBL) because it’s a topic that’s not discussed often. It’s embarrassing. Nobody wants to admit they deal with LBL. Seriously, it makes me cringe. The fact that I’m turning 40 next month doesn’t help. I’d like to blame my age and popping out 5 kids, but in reality, 1 in 3 women experience involuntary bladder leakage. It’s true. And don’t pretend that you don’t have a little LBL every now and then. Or every time you laugh or sneeze, for that matter. Yeah, don’t tell me that when you bust out laughing at the food poisoning scene in Bride Maids… you don’t feel that little trickle haha.

Since this is a bit of an embarrassing topic, the folks at PeriCoach thought it would lighten the mood to have some fun with this topic. Take a look…


Now, here to take the embarrassment and stigma out of this topic is “Leaker’s Anonymous” by the creative team behind the popular and ground-breaking “Period Fairy” and “Camp Gyno” videos,  Helloflo’s Naama Bloom and Sara Saedi.   Directed by Daniel Beers for PeriCoach, a new, FDA-approved pelvic floor muscle training device + smartphone app, Leaker’s Anonymous will help get leaking out into the open,  ease the conversation about the condition and help women get the help they need to reduce or eliminate the problem.



Millions of moms leak when they sneeze, cough, laugh, lift, jump and run.  In fact, childbirth is proven to be related to post-partum urinary incontinence. But, just because it’s common doesn’t mean leaking is normal.


I have to admit… I was chuckling a bit but what cracked me up was the comment, “it’s like a FitBit – but for your vag” OMGosh I DIED!


So what’s this PeriCoach?

The PeriCoach is a discreet device that you use at home and along with a smartphone app. This device helps women preform pelvic floor muscle training, similar to Kegel exercises. This PeriCoach system will monitor your progress so at least you will know if you’re doing it right or progressing at all. I can sit here and tell you that I truly never knew if I was doing my Kegel’s properly and never even knew if it was working or not.

Considering that involuntary bladder leakage affects close to 18 million women, and many suffer in silence, resorting to wearing liners, this is a pretty cool device that can really help.

Laugh again. Run again. Sneeze again with out worrying what may happen!

The PeriCoach was available in March, by prescription from a clinician, nurse or physical therapist. It can be ordered directly at www.PeriCoach.com with an uploaded prescription.

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