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Last month (May 16th) was National Learn to Swim Day. National Learn to Swim Day is a day to remind parents and guardians how important water safety and swim instructions is for children.

These past two weeks we’ve been able to finally get in the water a few times. Weather has not cooperated very much with all of our thunderstorms! We have numerous public pools in our area and I’ve been able to get together with my sister and her daycare kids – along with my kids and daycare baby – for a couple of “pool parties”. One time the older kids brought friends. I was busy changing Jack into his swim clothes and took my eyes off of Gracie for one second and just that fast, she was with a friend up at the top of a waterslide. Not a fun situation trying to run across a waterpark to save your daughter from drowning. This is why it’s important to teach kids to swim early on. SwimWays is passionate about making sure kids are comfortable in and around the water but also strongly believe learning to swim is an important life skill.


SwimWays and the Swim Steps Line

Let’s kick off summer safely! SwimWays believes that swimming is an important life skill and that all children should have the opportunity to learn how to swim. Since summer is coming, many families are going to be playing in the pool and babies are going to be testing the waters for their very first time. We need to create a fun, smooth transition into the water so they become life-long fans of the water. SwimWays created the Swim Steps line of products to help children become confident swimmers. They have been teaching children to swim for over 40 years now by building their confidence in the water.

SwimWays Baby Float Giveaway in Honor of National Learn to Swim Day 5/16 #SwimWays


My sister met us with her kids and her daycare kids. I had a few of my kids and my daycare baby. I love the public pools that have the pool for smaller kids. They can run around in shallow water with all the fun ‘toys’ and be safe. SwimWays products are perfect for having fun in the water!



My sister has a few younger toddlers who were able to use the SwimWays Baby Spring Floats – Jack really liked this one too! My sister also have one older toddler who was able to use the SwimWays life jacket. That came in handy! The deeper end of the shallow water is still a bit too deep for him. I was glad to keep him safe in the life jacket. Gracie had a BLAST with the kick board! She’s never used one before and she really had fun with this. Not just swimming with it, but also just floating around with it.



Of course me and my teen girls fought over the Spring Float Recliner haha. I wanted to stay in it but they both wanted it.


SwimWays has been teaching children to swim for over 40 years, making it easy for parents to share their love of water while building their child’s confidence. is a dedicated website which provides tools and resources to help support parents in teaching their kids to swim. Not only has SwimWays been teaching children to swim for over 40 years, the SwimWays Corporation is also proud to be a corporate partner of Operation Smile, a not-for-profit organization that shares their vision that all children should have the chance for a smile and a better life.


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