My Secret Workout Tip? #GoCommando

Thank you to Cottonelle for sponsoring today’s post and inspiring me to #GoCommando!


Yep. True story.

When I workout, I go commando.

Summer is here so get out there and get active. You don’t have to be a “runner” or a crazy workout person. I LOVE running and working out but I’m busy and hardly get to the gym. I do love going out for runs or walks when I can. I throw the baby in the jogging stroller and head out. I can get in 3 to 4 miles within an hour to an hour and a half and I feel so much better when I do. I am looking forward to getting in a lot of swimming this year too. It’s not about being skinny for me. It’s about being healthy and feeling good. When I feel good, I feel confident. Confident enough to go commando!

I can’t be the only one who does this, right? Tell me you go commando too?!?

It’s just that yoga pants are not exactly comfy if you’re wearing underwear. Whether you are in the gym or at home doing yoga, you are usually very active, bending, twisting, running, etc…. and how can you do all of that with extra clothing riding up in places it shouldn’t be. And okay, since I’m putting it all “out there” right now, I guess I’ll be honest and say – I go commando even when I’m wearing my yoga pants around the house. Are yoga pants really comfortable any other way?!?

No way!

You gotta GO COMMANDO!

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  1. Hilarious, too honest! I have ran before commando, but doing yoga in a class full or people or going to the gym with no undies: too public! And I guess gross: I mean underwear covers the parts that are sensitive, especially with all the bacteria on seats and public places. I’m all for being “free”, like when I use to babysit my baby nephew, he would be diaper free! But when going out into public places the risk of sitting down anywhere for any amount of time with out that extra layer of fabric (some what “protection”) is gambling, I think it would be even worst than sitting on a public toilet seat since it for a shorter time frame than working out or sitting down in a chair for a longer period of time: especially for a woman’s body.

    I enjoy sleeping commando: less fabric, even winter time its more comfortable and make more sense: plus less laundry to do!

    My only qualm about walking around the house freely is a personal issues.., If you know what I mean: Discharge, every now and then: also if I have on a favorite pair of running spandex, wearing underwear expand the life a little longer before I have to throw it in the wash: Yes, I re-wear my spandex: some say its gross/ not “dirty”, but if it smells good, I will re-wear exercise clothing.

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