Urbini Emi Travel System Review

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I’ve been an Urbini Baby fan for a while now. I had the opportunity to review the Urbini Avi Baby Jogger last year and have really had a great experience with it. Not only do I use the baby jogger for running, but we also use it when going out for the day because it offers so much comfort for Jack. I knew when I was offered the opportunity to work with Urbini Baby again, that I would again be very pleased. This time I was offered the Urbini Emi Travel System.

Urbini Baby #urbini

Urbini Emi Travel System Review #Urbini


Not only will this travel system come in handy for Jack, because he is still small enough to use the infant car seat, but also for my daycare baby. Every-so-often I need to go out so now I will be more prepared to take her out to the car. There are a lot of features that I love about the Urbini Emi Travel System that I will share with you, but for now, here are the details of this travel system:


Urbini Emi Travel System – Stroller:

  • Designed for a child up to 50 lbs
  • Full recline carriage mode
  • Quick-step fold
  • Front-swivel wheels make turning easier
  • Front and rear suspension
  • Bumper bar with removable CLICK-FIT child’s tray

Sonti Infant Car Seat:

  • For babies weighing 4-35 lbs
  • 5-point safety harness
  • Crash and side impact protection
  • LATCH equipped
  • Meets and/or exceeds U.S. standards


Urbini Emi Travel System: My Thoughts

My very first impression of the Urbini Emi Travel System was ‘luxury’. This is a luxury stroller and infant car seat. There is a lot of comfort and convenience to this stroller and infant car seat. First of all, it’s colors are sharp! I chose the electric blue and the blue is so vibrant and pairs so nice with the black.

Urbini Emi Travel System Review #Urbini

The Urbini Sonti infant car seat fits the typical 4lbs to 35lbs which means that Jack can still use it. He just hit 18lbs even though he’s almost 3 years old (the joys of Down Syndrome!) What I like about the car seat most is that it is roomy but light. Normally if you find a roomy car seat, it tends to be heavy, but this is not. I also really love the large canopy. This makes is nice when baby falls asleep.

Urbini Emi Travel System Review #Urbini

The Urbini Emi Travel System stroller is a really nice full size stroller with a fully reclining seat. This seat reclines into a carriage mode, which truly resembles a carriage. It’s roomy and boxy and has an over sized canopy so baby can sleep peacefully. It’s so cozy! Like I said, Jack is now 18 lbs. and a little over 30 inches and fits nicely in this stroller but a small baby would be just as comfy!

(please excuse the wet pants, he just spilled my water bottle 2 seconds before these pics)
Urbini Emi Travel System Review #Urbini

Urbini Emi Travel System Review #Urbini

Urbini Emi Travel System Review #Urbini
Isn’t that nice? Baby can nap in comfort and peace!


We went to the mall over the weekend and Jack was comfortable all day in the Urbini Emi Travel System stroller… and we were there ALL DAY. I didn’t clip his child tray on to the bumper bar in this picture below, but it’s super easy with the CLICK-FIT. It just clicks right in.

Urbini Emi Travel System Review #Urbini


                                    A couple other features I really like about this stroller are the parent tray, basket for storage and the adjustable handle. Not every stroller has a good parent tray. Not only does this have a parent tray, but it also has two cup holders which really comes in hand for us. Mike and I always have coffee in-hand so we really need two cup holders. The adjustable handle bar is identical to the Urbini Avi Baby Jogger and we really need that too because I am so much shorter than Mike. The storage basket is nice and roomy and has a front pocket zippered area. I really like this.

                                    Urbini Emi Travel System Review #Urbini

                                    Urbini Emi Travel System Review #Urbini

                                    Urbini Emi Travel System Review #Urbini


                                    One of my most favorite features is the quick-lift folding system. It literally folds with one hand. Just like the Urbini Avi Baby Jogger, you lift the hidden strap and it folds nice and quickly. It’s nice and light too.

                                    Urbini Emi Travel System Review #Urbini

                                    Urbini Emi Travel System Review #Urbini


                                    If you are looking for a full-size, luxury stroller and matching infant car seat, consider the Urbini Emi Travel System. It’s loaded with lots of conveniences and is super comfy for baby! Urbini really knows comfort and convenience!


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                                    1. It looks like a great travel system. One of the big upgrades from when I started having kids is the weight of car seats & strollers. I can’t believe we lugged those things around!

                                    2. This is a great system! I wish I’d had something like this when my daughter was a baby. I had to lug around a car seat AND a stroller.

                                    3. I love this. SO much. Back in the day, I had a car seat and a stroller. Both of which I had to lug around everywhere. That’s definitely not fun.

                                    4. What a great system. I’m putting this on my wishlist for when I have a baby 🙂

                                    5. These travel systems look so nice! I wish I had had one when my kids were smaller!

                                    6. I like how much storage this contains! When it comes to travel systems, the more storage the better.

                                    7. My sister in law is about to give birth and she’s looking for a stroller! I’ll definitely be telling her about this one!

                                    8. EVerythiEverything about that system seems really roomy!! ( I like your side advertising, but I can hardly read the comments or fill stuff out because it’s covering the page! 🙁

                                    9. Sabrina has this stroller and she loves it! She is very happy with her purchase.

                                    10. I just saw someone with this stroller in red and wondered what kind it was. It looks heavenly. My stroller died and I’ve been wanting something cool like this.

                                    11. We are way past the stroller age, but these look like good options. The system seems very cushy and roomy.

                                    12. All of the features of this system look wonderful and I love the stylish color options. That simple fold would have been a lifesaver when I had three little ones.

                                    13. Thats pretty cool. Looks like a wonderful stroller full of pockets and places to put things too. Can’t go wrong when the kids are riding in style and comfort!

                                    14. Wow, this looks like a great stroller system! I love the blue color

                                    15. This system looks wonderful! When I’m looking for a new one I will be sure to check this out!

                                    16. Strollers and such have come so far since my kids were using them. This looks like it would have been great to have for my kids when they were younger.

                                    17. A travel system is such a must-have for new moms! We loved ours!

                                    18. I have heard great things about this travel system! I love that zipper pouch on the bottom. How handy!

                                    19. Debbie Denny says:

                                      These are spectacular. Love how versatile they are.

                                    20. It looks like such a great travel system for baby. Thanks for sharing.

                                    21. I love that huge canopy! It would be perfect for sunny days. Neither of my boys slept much in their strollers because they’d get fussy with the sun in their eyes. This one would keep them in the shade, for sure!

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