SIGN UP’S OPEN: 90-Day Fitness Challenge Starts Soon! *PRIZES*






Do you need to eat healthier, exercise more, lose weight?


So this year I thought I would do a 90 Day Fitness Challenge to help us all along.




90 DAY FITNESS CHALLENGE DETAILS (well, some of them anyway, until I get prizes in order)

  • 90 Day Fitness Challenge will start January 15th.
  • 90 Day Fitness Challenge will end April 15th.
  • You will have to take 3 “before” and “after” pictures. One holding a newspaper w/date and a second just facing the camera and a third will be a side shot.
  • You will need to use It Works products for these 90 days. Which products? Up to you! All products use natural ingredients and most are safe to use while pregnant and breastfeeding. Details below.


There will be no charge to join the challenge, however the It Works products must be used throughout the 90 days and you will need to purchase those, which ever you choose. Luckily, you will get the discounted “loyal customer” rate, rather than the retail rate (up to a 45% discount).

You will be added to the Facebook group, if you wish. I will post info on the products along with healthy recipes and fun, easy exercises. Of course, exercising isn’t a must, but definitely encouraged and there is no special diet, as long as you are logical and eating as good as you can. It really just comes down to common sense… clean food, logical calorie intake, and exercise if possible, even if it’s just a 20 minute walk.



I am still getting sponsors and prizes in line and all will probably be finalized by the first or second week in January.

So Far We Have…

  • $100 Paypal, Amazon or Visa Gift Card
  • It Works Prize Package that will include: One Ultimate Body Wrap Applicator (OR Facial), One Package of Greens Chews and One Box of It’s Essential Weight Loss Energy Bars.
  • One shirt of choice from ViewSport.

90 Day Fitness Challenge with It Works! Plus PRIZES!



The 90-Day Fitness Challenge starts on the 15th so hurry up and join!


to join now!

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