Make the Best Italian Sub with Oscar Mayer Old World Style Pepperoni & Salami



You might not know by looking at my pictures on Instagram or in blog posts, but I am Italian (Only half though). My Dad’s side of the family (and my maiden name) are DeSalvo.  Can that get anymore Italian?!? Grandpa came straight from Italy when he was a boy. Growing up, we ate too much pasta and always made our homemade meat sauce that cooked all day long until it was ready. We had our favorite deli’s too. These were the types of deli’s in the suburbs of Chicago where you could order your Italian sub, sit down and eat and when you were finished, you went back up to the counter to order a few pounds of meat to take home. Now that I’m grown and there are so many sub sandwich restaurants around – I can’t find any that I love as much as the one’s that I grew up with in the suburbs of Chicago. That’s why we make our own! We buy the best bread, cheeses and veggie toppings and of course Oscar Mayer Old World Style meats like Pepperoni and Salami. Add some spices and vinaigrette mix and YUM!

Now here’s the crazy thing… as much as I’ve loved an Italian sub topped with so many ingredients and vinaigrette mix that they fall onto the plate as you’re taking a bite – and the juice runs down your hands… my kids are picky! So is my hubby! It’s so crazy they don’t like to eat Italian subs the RIGHT WAY haha. So we make an Italian Sub Bar. Kind of like a buffet. They can come up with their plate, start at one end and make their own sub as the go down the line of toppings.

That’s just plain wrong, if you ask me! I need it all!

So if you want to make an Italian sub the right way, I’ll share my ‘recipe’ with you…


Make the Best Italian Sub with Oscar Mayer Old World Style Pepperoni & Salami  #OldWorldStyleOM

Best Italian Sub Recipe:


  • French Bread or Italian loaf bread
  • Oscar Mayer Old World Style Cracked Black Pepper Salami
  • Oscar Mayer Old World Style Classic Pepperoni
  • Cheese (we use provolone but you can use whatever you like)
  • Ham
  • Lettuce
  • Tomatoes
  • Red Onion
  • Pickles
  • Hot Giardiniera peppers (or mild if you like)
  • Olives (we’re out at the moment so olives are not shown in the picture)
  • Oregano, Salt, Pepper
  • Mustard
  • Vinaigrette mix (or red wine vinegar and olive oil)


Really? You need directions?!? PILE IT ON, BABY!

Seriously though, before you pile it on, you first need to prepare your bread. Drizzle bread with vinaigrette mix and spices, it’s a must! This will make your sandwich taste so much better.

Make the Best Italian Sub with Oscar Mayer Old World Style Pepperoni & Salami  #OldWorldStyleOM

Make the Best Italian Sub with Oscar Mayer Old World Style Pepperoni & Salami  #OldWorldStyleOM

And there ya have it!

That’s how you make the BEST Italian Sub Sandwich.

Make the Best Italian Sub with Oscar Mayer Old World Style Pepperoni & Salami  #OldWorldStyleOM



Oscar Mayer Old World Style Pepperoni & Salami for Snack Time Too!

Oscar Mayer Old World Style Pepperoni & Salami are not just great for sandwiches, we use the meat for snacks too. My kids absolutely love salami and pepperoni – I can’t keep up with them. Gracie will take cheese sticks wrapped in the salami and pepperoni outside to all her neighborhood friends.

Make the Best Italian Sub with Oscar Mayer Old World Style Pepperoni & Salami  #OldWorldStyleOM



Oscar Mayer Old World Style Pepperoni & Salami – Great for Sandwiches and Snacks!

Apparently, Italian-inspired sandwiches have become more popular recently. Weird, they were always popular in my book. But do to this recent popularity, the Oscar Mayer brand has launched the Old World Style line of pepperoni and salami. You can now find these meats in the refrigerated meat section at store.

Old World Style Varieties:

  • Classic Salami
  • Cacked Black Pepper Salami
  • Classic Pepperoni
  • Turkey Pepperoni.

4 oz. packages of Old World Style pepperoni or salami are $3.29 SRP and are an excellent source of protein (up to 8 grams per serving!)


Connect with Oscar Mayer!

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  1. Oh you have my mouth watering. Love this and look so tasty.

  2. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says:

    I love Italian subs. They are my go-to sandwich when I have a picnic. Nom nom!

  3. That sub looks perfect!! I need to make a sandwich now 🙂

  4. Thanks for the hint on the sandwich drizzle. I can’t wait to make this delicious Italian sub sandwich.

  5. Gosh these look delicious! We are huge Italian sub fans! The cheese sticks with meat look so tasty & easy!

  6. Mmm, I love a good Italian sub sandwich! I think I’m going to make this for lunch today!

  7. Those look absolutely delicious. I love a good Italian sub but never make them at home!

  8. Yum! Your bread preparation is spot on! We do the same thing when making Italian subs…must be a Chicago thang! 😉

  9. That looks like a yummy sub. I’d love to have it right in front of me for lunch today.

  10. That sub looks delicious! I so wish I was Italian. It would make so much sense when it came to my food preferences!

  11. I rarely make subs at home, but this looks delicious. I may have to try it!

  12. that looks really good. I’d add a great mozzarella salad for a complete meal.

  13. TTThat Italian sub looks delish. It all starts with the meat and cheese – and you can’t forget the oil, vinegar, oregano, salt & pepper! Yum!

  14. Love all things Oscar! Such. Good brand! That sub looks incredible I haven’t had homemade subs in a long time!

  15. I love Oscar Mayer products. Their meats are delicious. That sandwich looks delicious!

  16. That sandwich looks great, but the meat wrapped cheese looks AWESOME! Love it!

  17. I am all about everything I see here. I love Italian subs and using salami and such as a tasty treat. Low carb and sugar free.

  18. We use that dressing too on sandwiches. You’re right, that makes for some good eats.

  19. My husband and son love Italian subs. I need to buy these new Old World style meats!

  20. That looks amazing! Now I’m hungry 🙂

  21. My husband would totally love this sub! He loves pepperoni and salami and could eat it any time, I think!

  22. My husband would love this! Thanks for the recipe!

  23. Looks like a yummy sub! I haven’t had one of those in a long time since I gave up bread

  24. This sub looks SO good! I can’t wait to get all the stuff to make some for my family!

  25. That sub looks so yummy. And I never thought of those snack ideas.

  26. Now that looks better than a sub you can get at a restaurant! Oscar Mayer sure does know how to make some delish sandwich meat!

  27. Those Pepperoni Cheese Snacks would be perfect for little fingers. I love a good italian sub!

  28. I haven’t seen the Oscar Old World Style meat but will check it out. I want to make this delish sub!! Thanks for sharing.

  29. I’m a huge fan of subs! That one… I could eat it LOL

  30. I think pepperoni is awesome. Why don’t we see it on more than just pizza?? I like to take a piece, roll it around string cheese and BAM… instant snack! I could eat that sub and be happy!

  31. Yummy! The more tomatoes the better for me. Great idea for an easy sub.

  32. This looks so darn good! I could live on subs if it was a perfect world!!

  33. That sub looks so delicious i want one right now. Thanks for sharing a great recipe i cant wait to try it.

  34. I love Italian food. This sub is totally something I would devour. I love it, thanks for sharing. I must make it sometime!

  35. Oh my gosh that sub looks delicious. I love that it’s loaded with toppings!

  36. Oh YUM! This looks so good and easy too! Great snack ideas, my girls would like those!

  37. I didn’t even know that Oscar Mayer carried Salami and Pepperoni. We will have to check that out!

  38. That look incredibly delicious! I’m going to have to make some of those pepperoni and cheese rolls soon too.

  39. We love making sub sandwiches at home

  40. wow, that looks delish, my hubby would be so happy if he found one in his lunchbox!

  41. That looks like a delicious sandwich! You save lots of money by making sandwiches at home for the family!

  42. Jessica Parks Wiese says:

    This looks like something my husband would love to take for lunch. My almost 7 year old might even like it as well!

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