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Fitness Friday
will be a weekly link up where we can all write an update on how our week went concerning diet changes, exercise, weight loss or inches lost, our achievements for the week and our failures. It can also include our goals for the following week, any healthy recipes, fun workouts or fitness products you’d like to share. If you’re a blogger, feel free to write your own post and link up at the bottom so we can all visit your page. If you’re not a blogger, you can share by leaving your comment at the bottom of this post. JOIN US!


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My Past 6 Months Looked Like This:

I quit posting Fitness Friday back in April because life got too busy and I had a hard time keeping up with blogging. Of course, assignments came first. Me and my 14 year old, Becca, did a few 5k’s over the summer. June was a busy month, I think we had 3 fun runs. And they were fun!

In July, I started running again. Finally! Becca ran with me and Olivia did too, occasionally. We started right off the bat at 4 miles. We ran 2 miles out and then turned around and ran back home. We did a lot of walk-run-walk-run because of my asthma so we’re pretty slow.

Fitness Friday: Link Up With We Have It All

Fitness Friday: Link Up With We Have It All

At the same time, Becca and I started eating healthier. We don’t necessarily eat unhealthy, but we could make better choices… and we started to. We did more fresh, clean food and less junky food. I stopped drinking pop – cold turkey. I also stopped drinking coffee and started drinking Ganoderma coffee instead. Needless to say, my water intake FINALLY is better. It’s not where it should be, but it’s much better now that is all I am drinking.

About a month into running, I sprained my knee. That took about 3 weeks to heal so we did Revolt Fitness upper body workouts and core workouts every night instead of running.

Here’s me getting an x-ray in some super sexy hospital shorts haha:
Fitness Friday: Link Up With We Have It All

Along with running, I started biking with Mike. We try for 8 miles each time we go out biking. Sometimes we take the bike trailer and bring along Jack and Gracie and sometimes we go out alone. Our goal is to hit 10 miles each time.

Fitness Friday: Link Up With We Have It All

Becca came with me a few times:
Fitness Friday: Link Up With We Have It All

Fitness Friday: Link Up With We Have It All


When we couldn’t run or bike we did the Revolt Fitness videos that I’ve mentioned in past Fitness Friday posts.

From the beginning (July) until the beginning of September I managed to lose 20 lbs. I’m also fitting into clothes that I couldn’t fit into before, so that’s a plus. I took my measurements back in August but haven’t taken them again so I will do that this week. My short term goal is to lose another 10 lbs. but my long term goal is to lose another 15-20 lbs total. Then I will finally be back down to my original weight and size that I used to be before I had Jack.

Fitness Friday: Link Up With We Have It All
I think the camera makes me look better than I do in real life!

Fitness Friday: Link Up With We Have It All

What Happens When I Slip Up?

These last two weeks have been pretty bad. Jack got bronchitis and I’ve been up ‘round the clock with no sleep so my activity has stopped completely and my eating has gone downhill BIG TIME. Not only that, but one night Mike and I went out to dinner with my sister and her husband. We ATE. And we ate dessert – fondue. CHOCOLATE fondue. That was Monday. By Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday I paid for that with a migraine. My face broke out too, really bad. I will not be leaving my house this weekend – I don’t want to show my face haha. This is a big wake-up call that I need to get back on track.

What Now?

Well, now we are getting into lower temps and it’s like torture for me to go outside sometimes. But I’m going to try. I just ordered a headband that covers the ears. And I have hoodies. So we will see how that works out.

I also landed the T25 DVD’s on ebay for only $35 – and we’ve been playing around with the workouts this week. They’re pretty exhausting! We’re going to be starting the real workout on Monday. I’m trying really hard to get Mike, Emma and Becca to do it too. Our basement is pretty big and we have a 60-inch tv down there so it would be a perfect place for us all to workout each evening.

Oh and I got accepted into the FitFluential Ambassador program! I’m really excited to be a FitFluential Ambassador!

Fitness Friday: Link Up With We Have It All


I’m hoping to become an ambassador for more fitness related companies soon.


What Fitness Apps Do You Use?

What fitness apps do you use? I use RunKeeper regularly but I tried MapMyFitness for a bit. I ended up going back to RunKeeper. If you are you on RunKeeper add me! I am DaniiiGRL on RunKeeper.


Your Turn!

Join us for Fitness Friday!

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The point of Fitness Friday is to encourage one another to get fit and healthy – or stay fit and healthy!


  1. what’s ganoderma coffee? never heard of it but i do love a good cup of coffee

    • Hi Anna,

      I get my Ganoderma coffee from They sell coffee, tea and cocoa. It’s basically healthy coffee that promotes:
      *A positive mood
      * Refreshing deep sleep
      * Increased mental focus
      * Stronger immune system
      * It may increase your body’s antioxidant capacity
      * It may help maintain healthy skin, lungs and urinary tract
      * It’s been said that it supports healthy blood, and cholesterol levels
      * Healthy liver function for body cleansing, and that
      * It maintains the brain oxygen level for a feeling of well being.

      I took that from their site, you can read more about ganoderma there.

  2. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says:

    Good for you for getting back out there. I need to get back on the wagon. I workout a lot, but I can’t stop eating….

  3. Wow great job getting out there. I’m glad your knee recovered quickly. I need to get my behind moving!

  4. I try to workout everyday. Unfortunately, I counteract that by eating a lot. So… yeah. There’s room for improvement.

  5. We also love biking. My husband and boys are way better than me, but it sure is fun.

  6. Congratulations on getting back on the horse…er, bike! I really should get my butt into gear again.

  7. Last week was gearing up to start marathon training this week. I’m ready to focus on a plan and reach my goals!

  8. I can’t believe it’s that chilly there already! Yikes! That’s great that you kept up working out with Revolt in the meantime. You’re doing great!

  9. Good to get back into the workout world. I am ready to get serious. Keep it up

  10. I have got to get back into my walking routine. I love walking routine – I love walking in fall and winter. Congrats on your success

  11. Wow! You did great with the walking and the weight loss this summer – even with your injury. Great job!

    I need to do more walking. My daughter and I have been doing pilates with an old work-out dvd lately. It’s going well.

  12. What a fun link up! I will have to check back and visit some other blogs that have linked up.

  13. I need some motivation! You are inspiring me… now I need to get some sneakers and hit the pavement!

  14. Congrats on getting back into a fitness routine. You’re looking great. Your confidence shows in your photos.

  15. Catherine S says:

    Kudos to you on getting back on track. Once I get back from vacation next week I need to buckle down and workout every day.

  16. So glad that you’re documenting your journey! Can’t wait to hear about your results!

  17. This is great! And inspiring, I need to get out and work my butt some more!

  18. We love to walk the neighborhood after dinner. It’s a great way to reconnect and get fit at the same time. Good luck on your fitness journey! I can’t wait to hear more about how you are doing.

  19. Looks like you’ve been going at it! I love that you have your teen to run/walk/run with you!

  20. Way to keep up the hard work. Riding the bikes with the family is a great idea.

  21. Good for you for being so consistent. Dedication is the secret.

  22. I need to find some motivation again. I have slipped back into my routine which does not consist of very much exercise. It is great that you have started posting fitness Fridays again maybe i can be motivated by your success.

  23. We’ve been biking as a family a lot these days. My daughter is still on training wheels, but she can get going. Keep up the good work, you look fab!

  24. It sounds like you are doing a great job! I went on a walk with a friend this morning and it’s the first exercise of any kind I’ve done in months. I really need to lose weight! Good luck to you!

  25. Getting out with family is such a fun way to stay active. Keep up the good work!

  26. Wow, I’m glad your knee recovered nicely. I need to work out at least a little bit to help my knees and ankles. I just have to figure out what to do that will help but not make them worse.

  27. I am really trying to work on my health. I started drinking only water recently. I asked for a bike and bike rack for the car for Christmas.

  28. Nicole-Lynn says:

    Look at you! This is great. Thanks for the motivation!

  29. It is great that you incorporated your whole family into your fitness routine and have fun with it. If exercise doesn’t feel like a chore, it won’t be!

  30. I need to do this, maybe it would keep me accountable. We love biking and there are so many great places to bike around here if I can just get past all these hills. lol

  31. Yay I’m also a FitFluential Ambassador! 5k’s are addictive, aren’t they?! Your cycling pictures make me want to break out our bikes!

  32. good for you, this is great! I need to find the motivation to get myself back on track and healthy, not the best timing though lol with holidays coming.

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