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Back-to-School season should be renamed ‘Back-to-Colds-and-Flu’ season. It’s true! As soon as the kids start school, I can count about two weeks in and BAM – everyone is sick. "Cold Season" is generally considered to last from September to April – which is when kids are in school, go figure. It’s really not fair especially since kid’s colds can last anywhere from six days to two weeks. Did you know that the common cold accounts for approximately 22 million missed days of school and 20 million absences from work, including time away from work caring for ill children. Those are some crazy numbers!

I normally force my family to go through a few weeks of chiropractor visits (adjustments help boost your immune system) and practically force-feed them vitamins before school starts up again and that usually keeps everyone pretty healthy. This year I slacked off BIG TIME. And guess what happened? My older kids brought home all the germs and my little guy got bronchitis. We’ve been in the ER twice now because he couldn’t breathe. Then he passed that bad cough on to Gracie, my 5 year old. Luckily, we had Dr. Cocoa™ for Children in the house. I was happy to receive this chocolate medicine but didn’t expect to have to use it as quick as I did. We don’t normally keep medicine in the house because I’ve never been able to get my kids to take medicine and I find it pointless to force them. I can always just use natural home remedies if I need to. There’s a new national survey of U.S. parents of school-aged children (ages 4-13), 40% say that they find it isn’t always easy to give their child(ren) over-the-counter liquid cough and cold medicine. Of those surveyed, one third of parents believe the taste of the medicine impacts how easy it is to give their child the medicine. That’s always been the case with my kids. But now, Gracie actually likes the Dr. Cocoa™ for Children medicine.


Dr. Cocoa™ for Children – Relief with a Smile

Dr. Cocoa™ for Children – Relief with a Smile!

Dr. Cocoa™ for Children is the very first, over the counter, cough and cold medicine for children ages 4-13 with real cocoa for a great chocolate taste. It comes in three different formulas:

  • Dr. Cocoa™ Long-Acting Cough Relief: relieves coughs for up to eight hours without causing drowsiness in children ages 4-13 (active ingredient: Dextromethorphan). Follow the package label for exact dose by age, or speak to your child’s pediatrician.
  • Dr. Cocoa™ Daytime Cough + Cold Relief: relieves stuffy nose and cough for children ages 4-13. Its non-drowsy formula makes it ideal for daytime use (active ingredients: Dextromethorphan and Phenylephrine). Follow the package label for exact dose by age, or speak to your child’s pediatrician.
  • Dr. Cocoa™ Nighttime Cough + Cold Relief: Made especially for children ages 6-13 to relieve coughs, along with stuffy nose, runny nose and sneezing at night (active ingredients: Diphenhydramine, Phenylephrine). Follow the package label for exact dose by age, or speak to your child’s pediatrician.

Dr. Cocoa™ for Children – Relief with a Smile

With 10% real cocoa for a real chocolate taste, Dr. Cocoa™ is just what parents need! We need great tasting medicine that our kiddos won’t mind taking and this is it! It’s no fun fighting our kids to swallow the meds that will help them feel better and now we don’t have to. I ended up giving Gracie the Dr. Cocoa™ Long-Acting Cough Relief for a few nights just so that she didn’t hack all night long. It worked and I didn’t have to fight her on it. SCORE!

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Dr. Cocoa™ for Children – Relief with a Smile

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NOTE: Use Dr. Cocoa™ as directed per package instructions. It is intended for children ages 4-13 depending on the formula.

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  1. My kids love chocolate and if they do get sick this winter, I know this will help them to take it and not fight me on it! Love it!

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