I Lost 20 Lbs. With My Samsung Galaxy S5 Sport #SprintMom

I participated in an Influencer Activation Program on behalf of Mom Central Consulting #MC for Sprint #SprintMom.
I received a sample device to facilitate this review and a promotional item to thank me for participating.


Back in July, I finally gave up. I gave up feeling like crap. I put my foot down and decided to get healthy. I made a few big changes and a few small changes. I started these changes mid-July and as of this moment, I have dropped 20 lbs.

  • I quit drinking pop – cold turkey.
  • I cut out most coffee too and started drinking Ganoderma coffee which is much healthier. (Besides that, I only drink water now.)
  • I eat smaller portions and eat as clean as I can.
  • I got active. I run or bike almost every single day. Using my Samsung Galaxy S5 Sport helps track my activities.

    Samsung Galaxy S5 Sport #SprintMom

    How My Samsung Galaxy S5 Sport Has Helped Me Lose Weight

    I’m one of those people who has to have everything charted somewhere. I have weekly therapy appointments for Jack and blog posts that are due almost every single day of the week and I can’t function and get these out on time without jotting it all down in my notebook. I also have the dates and deadlines in my calendar on my phone and I get an alert the day before. Now I’ve started using the Samsung Galaxy S5 Sport to track all of my fitness activities and calorie intake. The Samsung Galaxy S5 Sport is not just an amazing phone, but it’s an amazing fitness device too.

    I run with one of my teen daughters and I bike with Mike and track it all with my phone. What’s so awesome about tracking all of my activities is that it gives me motivation. Not only to keep going, but to do better than the day before. Seeing that I biked 8 miles one day makes me want to beat that distance the next day. There are different apps you can use in the Samsung Galaxy S5 Sport. You can track exercise in MapMyFitness, S Health and Sprint Activity Zone.

    I’ve had the chance to take advantage of MapMyFitness, the Sprint Activity Zone and the S Health app over the past few weeks. This phone and these apps have kept me on track! I’ve managed to drop 20 lbs. and that leaves me with only 10 more to go!


    Samsung Galaxy S5 Sport #SprintMom

    Check Out the Specs On The Samsung Galaxy S5 Sport

    • -Sprint Spark™, a unique combination of advanced network capabilities built for data delivering peak wireless speeds of  60Mbps today on capable devices.
    • -Android™ 4.4.2, KitKat
    • -2.5GHz quad-core processor (Qualcomm®Snapdragon® MSM8974AB chipset)
    • -Sprint Fit LiveSM delivers instant access to favorite health and activity apps from the active wallpaper or the full screen experience to tailor workouts, music and healthy living content to fitness interests and routine.
    • -MapMyFitness uses GPS to track all fitness activities, and records workout details, including duration, distance, pace, speed, elevation, calories burned and route traveled on an interactive map.
    • -Activity Zone offers the ability to open active lifestyle features, including a Barometer, Compass, Flashlight and Stopwatch, from a single screen.
    • -S Health™, an integrated mobile health platform to access health info, map out your workouts and make healthier eating choices, even measure your heart rate when touching the back of Galaxy S 5 Sport.
    • -Multi Window™ allows users to seamlessly toggle between applications without closing a window or opening a new page.
    • -Quick Connect defaults to the best technology to share your content, send files, share your screen or control nearby devices.
    • -NFC (near field communication) allowing the device to read information from everyday objects, such as stickers and posters embedded with NFC chips, or for use as a mobile wallet to make secure purchases.
    • -IP67 water and dust resistant
    • -Textured body for increased grip and three hard keys for easier navigation when active
    • -Dual Cameras: 16-megapixel rear-facing Phase Detection Auto Focus camera with Zero Shutter Lag, flash and video capture, and 2-megapixel front-facing camera with full HD recording at 30fps
    • -Studio, a complete photo and video editing suite
      • -Samsung Smart Remote simplifies searching and recommends TV, movies and sports according to personal tastes. With Smart Remote and the built-in IR blaster, Galaxy S 5 Sport functions as a remote control for home theater equipment.
      • -Air View™ lets you hover your finger over photos, files, links and text for an instant preview


    More of My Thoughts:

    I am infatuated with my Samsung Galaxy S5 Sport. I’m seriously addicted to the fitness features and use it every chance I get. I had already made the decision to get into shape and had been on the right track a few weeks before I got the phone in the mail to test out. I did have a fitness tracker app on my other Galaxy phone which was just fine. But being a #SprintMom, I had to test out the Samsung Galaxy S5 Sport and I’ve found that it has so much more to offer.

    I can turn on MapMyFitness app and track my runs and biking. Even if we walk around town, I’ll use it. We recently went to the zoo and I used it there too.

    I also like the S Health app. It has a pedometer that continuously runs. At the end of the day I can peek at it to see how many steps I have taken throughout the day. When I see that I’ve taken less steps one day, I know I need to make it up by getting a run in or I’ll try to do better the next day.


    Samsung Galaxy S5 Sport #SprintMom


    I also love that I can have my heart rate tracked through S Health. You put your finger on the sensor on the back of the phone and it reads your heart rate. This is perfect for when I’m out running. I have asthma and my biggest obstacle is breathing. I could run forever – but my lungs won’t let me. This is where taking my heart rate comes in handy. I can work to get my breathing and heart rate under better control.


    Samsung Galaxy S5 Sport #SprintMom


    Another thing I’ve found very helpful is the Sprint Activity Zone. In the Activity Zone I can check the barometer, use the compass, flashlight and stopwatch. The flashlight has REALLY come in handy. I have a mount on my bike handles for my phone and I’ve turned on the flashlight when we are out biking past dark. I am able to adjust the brightness and the blinking speed of the light. It’s perfect for staying safe in the dark.

    One more thing I like about the Samsung Galaxy S5 Sport is the physical aspects of the phone. It has a textured backing for a better grip when I’m sweating and three hard keys which makes this phone easy to handle while running or biking. It is also water resistant in up to 1 meter of water for up to 30 minutes. I’ve actually been caught in a storm recently while biking so it was nice to know that my phone was safe from the rain.

    If you’re an active person who likes tracking fitness activities, food and calorie intake and more, you have to consider the Samsung Galaxy S5 Sport. I have to say, this phone has contributed to my 20 lbs. loss.

    If you get around t it, ADD me on RunKeeper or on MapMyFitness I’m Danielle Bishop.


    What fitness apps are your ‘go-to’ fitness apps?


    1. I don’t have an S5 Sport. Unfortunately, I upgraded to the S5 before the sport came out. That’s okay. I probably would have just used it for the same gaming I use my current S5 for. Someone that takes better care of themselves than I do would get some serious use out of this, though.

    2. It’s so nice to have fitness trackers to really help guide and even help with training. I know I’m using mine training for a half marathon!

    3. Holy cow, that’s incredible! I had no idea they were making phones that could do this!

    4. Wow, congratulations on that weight loss, that is awesome!! I have never really thought about trying to use my phone to help me lose weight before!

    5. I really need to stop drinking coke! It’s definitely my weakness! Hopefully fall will cool things down so I can go on hikes with the kiddos soon. Congrats on your weight loss!

    6. I got the Galaxy S5 Sport last May! I love mine, but deleted this app because it was draining my battery so fast that it wouldn’t last more than 4 hours.

    7. Wow! That is quote an achievement! Congrats to you and keep up the good work

    8. Way to go mama! Losing 20 pounds is amazing!! So awesome that you have been able to use your smart phone to keep you on track too.

    9. Those are some impressive features to have on a phone. Congrats on your weight loss.

    10. I almost never drink cokes anymore… but no pounds dropped. RATS.

    11. Awesome job, how fantastic! What is Ganoderma coffee? I should look into this! Love that you quit cold turkey with the soda.

    12. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says:

      Congrats on the weight loss. It;s amazing that there are all these apps out now to help with that.

    13. Congrats. The app sound so helpful.

    14. Congratulations on the weight loss! I love fitness trackers too. I think it is great encouragement to meet daily goals!

    15. YEAH!! Go you!! I just started using my FitBit and would LOVE to have another way to get motivation to keep moving. I think you already know I HATE my iPhone and have major Samsung envy. There’s just so many more features and capabilities in the Samsung s5!

    16. It’s great that you can track your activity with your phone! I am trying to get healthier too. I need to commit to cut out pop, like you did.

    17. I love that there are such great devices like this one to help us lose weight! I know I’m more motivated to exercise with the apps on my device.

    18. Congrats that is a huge achievement! It’s awesome that your phone could help you stay on track.

    19. I need to quit the soda too. It is so bad for me!

    20. That is so awesome! I rarely ever drink soda, stopped a while back and lost a ton of weight from that. Now I have to quit my sugar in coffee or cut down anyways. So happy you found an app that can work on your cell to help you!

    21. i love all the great apps and features with smartphones. I can’t wait to get my S5 when I’mup for upgrade next month

    22. 20 lbs is fantastic! Keep up the good work! Glad you have fab apps to help you!

    23. People keep giving me a million reasons to try this phone. I’m due for an upgrade and the Samsung is pretty tempting.

    24. I think apps are a great tool in the ongoing fitness goal – gives you a great sense of accountability. Cutting out soda is HUGE too!

    25. I like that you can toggle back and forth without having to close a screen. I’d love one of these, I do believe.

    26. Awesome job on the weight lost. My husband has the galaxy S4 for his work fun. I like it but a little big.

    27. Fantastic job! Way to go! I’d love to have a phone that tracks my fitness and see how I’m doing!

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