Follow Your Heart to St. Kitts!

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Mike and I went to Sanibel Island, Florida last year and ever since, we’ve had the itch to move somewhere along the Gulf of Mexico. We want to start vacationing along the Gulf of Mexico from Florida all the way up and around to Galveston, Texas to see if there is a location that we love as much as the Sanibel, Florida area. Other than trying to find a place to move and live for the rest of our lives, we want to head a bit farther south and check out some islands for vacation. Once you get a taste of island life, you either love it or you’re the type that can vacation and then leave it behind. We fell in love and are dying to get back to some island life! One of the places on our list is St. Kitts. Originally we were thinking Costa Rica but St. Kitts seems to be a bit off the beaten path and that’s what we like!

 photo SKBRB_SE_Peninsula_2012RESAVED_zps1e207529.jpg


So Many Reasons to Visit St. Kitts

  • St. Kitts is located in the Eastern Caribbean, about 1200 miles from Miami. That sounds like a hop, skip and a jump away!
  • English is the main language and most stores accept the US Dollar, it already feels like home-away-from-home!
  • The beaches look amazing and there’s so many! About 13 to choose from.
  • Visit historical sites and attractions. Did you know that St. Kitts history starts in 1493 with Christopher Columbus? He sailed past the island but never stopped.
  • Relax and visit the spa! St. Kitts has about 4 spas.
  • Shopping! There’s lots of shops and even a few malls.
  • Water sports like diving, snorkeling, yachting, diving, fishing, go jet skiing, kayaking, sailing and more!
  • Up for an adventure? There are a bunch of adventurous things to do like zip lining – how much fun!
  • Want to “hit the town”? There’s lots of restaurants and beach bars for a night of fun.
  • St. Kitts Marriott Resort & Royal Beach Casino!

 photo SKBRB_BrimstoneArch_2012RESIZED_zps0f559c9b.jpg

I think I would be up for relaxing and swimming at a few of those beaches, lots of restaurants, a little shopping and the adventures like zip lining! And OMGosh the St. Kitts Marriott Resort & Royal Beach Casino! They have so much just at the resort, I might never have to leave!

So Many Reasons to Stay at St. Kitts Marriott Resort

  • The Royal St. Kitts Golf Club
  • Emerald Mist Spa for mani’s, pedi’s, massage, body wraps – YES PLEASE!!
  • Fitness Center (with classes available!), Sauna, Pools
  • The Pools! These pools look Ah-MAZing!

 photo SKBRB_pool_2012-4RESIZEDREQUIRED_zps1719b7cd.jpg


Stay 3 Nights for FREE!

Yes, you heard right

Take advantage of the St. Kitts Marriott Super Sand Dollars offer? Stay four nights and get 3 nights free! You can not beat that!


Ever since I learned about St. Kitts and St. Kitts Marriott Resort, I just can’t get it out of my mind. I think we need to plan a vacation soon!


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  1. What a gorgeous destination, breathtaking! I’d love to go snorkeling there. Or maybe just the spa, that would be good too. 😉

  2. It looks beautiful. I’ve been to several islands but never to St. Kitts

  3. This looks like an amazing place to visit. I would love to spend the afternoon at the spa with my husband.

  4. What gorgeous views! I would love to visit some day. I’ll have to add it to my travel list.

  5. That is beautiful! I would love to go there one day, maybe for our 10th wedding anniversary.

  6. I’ve never even heard of St. Kitts. I’m glad I got the chance to learn about it today, here. I want to take my children somewhere we’ve never been and discover it together – this would be fabulous.

  7. That sounds like a marvelous place to spend 7 days of total relaxation! (especially since 3 or those nights are free).

  8. I think it’s the perfect location for a vacation and LOVE that they speak English. I have visited the Caribbean many times but never once to St Kitts. Might have to change that soon – the Marriott looks lovely!

  9. My husband and I were just talking about taking a trip somewhere tropical. This sounds like an awesome getaway.

  10. I checked out their website – what a great deal. We are in the planning phase of a winter vacation – not sure if we want a cruise or a location – sharing with my hubby and friends we are planning to travel with in February 2015. THANKS!

  11. This sounds so amazing! I would love to visit sometime.

  12. So pretty! I’ve never left the US but totally plan on traveling once my kids are a bit older and will remember going.

  13. St. Kitts sounds absolutely fantastic! I love that it’s a bit off the beaten path and also love that there’s a Mariott resort there. We always stay at a Mariott- in fact, we stayed at the gulf-front one in Galveston last summer!

  14. We love Fl but mainly spend all our time at Disney. I keep seeing amazing FL posts that def make me want to venture outside of FL>

  15. That’s so pretty. I’d love to follow my heart to St. Kitts, I could fall in love with a place like that and not want to ever come back home.

  16. Such a gorgeous place! That’s a great deal, too!

  17. Wouldn’t I love to visit St Kitts. It looks absolutely stunning in the photos. Maybe one day!

  18. This place is beautiful. I am really enjoying your photos.

  19. That looks super amazing. I would love to visit there some time

  20. What a beautiful place! If I ever get away again – this is going on my list!

  21. St. Kitts looks like a beautiful place to stay! I love the constant beautiful view!

  22. That stay four get three nights free deal is outrageously good. I think a vacation to St. Kitts would be very nice.

  23. I would love to go and I think I need to plan a family vacation real soon! This is awesome. Thanks for sharing

  24. This is such a beautiful place! I have enjoyed Florida and the beautiful water since my honeymoon 24 years ago. I have not been to this place and am curious to go visit it.

  25. thats actually on my list of places to go. I think one of the cruise itinerary options for next spring stops there.

  26. Ann Bacciaglia says:

    What a beautiful place. I don’t think i would want to leave it is breathtaking. Thanks for sharing.

  27. I would definitely LOVE to travel here. IT seems amazing.

  28. St. Kitts is high on my vacation bucket list. What a great deal, too. Thanks for sharing.

  29. It looks like an amazing place to visit! The scenery is just gorgeous!

  30. Oh, that looks absolutely beautiful. I want to visit!

  31. It looks very beautiful there! I love the photos.

  32. What a beautiful place to vacation! I’d love to visit someday.

  33. Oh, you wouldn’t go wrong with that location, that’s for sure. It’s exquisite!

  34. Oh my. That place is absolutely beautiful! I wish I could be there too.

  35. You have me convinced. I want to go now too! LOL

  36. Sounds like a fabulous place to visit! I would definitely check it out!

  37. Oh, take me away! It looks gorgeous. I had neighbors that moved their family there recently.

  38. What a gorgeous place. I could definitely retire there for sure.

  39. Rebecca Swenor says:

    Looks like a gorgeous place to visit. I would love to be there right now because I need a vacation. Thanks for sharing

  40. This would be a fantastic place to see. Very beautiful

  41. wow, looks so beautiful and what a great deal that would be too!

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