#ShaveSmarter with ShaveMOB | Win 2 Month Supply!

A big thanks to ShaveMOB for hosting this conversation. I received products shown below in exchange for my honest opinion.

As a mom of six and a home childcare provider, I am always looking for ways to save money. Whether it’s food, household products or anything in between, I need to save as much as possible because of the size of our family and having to buy extras for the daycare. One thing I never thought to look into saving money n was razors. Men’s and woman’s razors for shaving can be pricey but I’ve never really looked into the price of buying razor blades over and over.

When I was contacted by ShaveMOB to try out their razors and compare their quality and price to my razors, I was totally up for the challenge. We have a total of six people in our home who shave. Two guys and four girls. (Crazy, huh?!?) That’s a LOT of razor blades I am purchasing each month and if I can save money with ShaveMOBthat’s awesome!

#ShaveSmarter with ShaveMOB | Win 2 Month Supply!

Have you heard of ShaveMOB?

ShaveMOB is on a mission to save you money on shaving! You can save up to 70% on premium, top quality razors without recurring membership fees or shipping costs.

It’s super easy to get started, you simply make a few choices and you’re finished. It’s easy to CHOOSE YOUR PACKAGE! You choose men’s or women’s. Then you choose your blade. There are a few razor blade choices. You can mix and match the handles and blades if you’d like.

#ShaveSmarter with ShaveMOB | Win 2 Month Supply!
#ShaveSmarter with ShaveMOB | Win 2 Month Supply!


ShaveMOB offers a 2, 6 and 12-month package. The standard package comes with 2 cartridges for every month indicated. When properly cared for, the blades should last about two weeks.

Our family tried The Perfectionist (Woman’s 6 blade razor) and The Caveman (Men’s 6 blade razor). Here are some details specifically about these two razors:

The Perfectionist

  • 6 stainless steel, precision-cut blades
  • Optional Flexible head for a perfect-smooth around curves
  • Lubricating strip containing vitamin E, aloe, lavender oil
  • Non-clogging Flow-through blade design
  • Pivot head with ergonomic handle angle
  • Replaceable cartridge razor
  • Non-slip handle

The Caveman

    • 6 stainless steel, precision-cut blades
    • Optional trimmer blade on back of cartridge
    • Lubricating strip containing chamomile, olive oil, allantoin
    • Non-clogging Flow-through blade design
    • Pivot head with ergonomic handle angle
    • Replaceable cartridge razor
    • Non-slip handle

#ShaveSmarter with ShaveMOB | Win 2 Month Supply!

My Thoughts

First of all, I love the ShaveMOB razors. We all do. Truthfully, for the price, I kind of expected these to be ‘generic’ razors and not very nice. They are though! The razors work great and I really like the lubricating strip containing vitamin E, aloe, lavender oil and I also love that they pivot because that means less nicks.

Other than simply liking the razors, they come at a great price. The name brand razors I buy my hubby and son are approximately $18 for 5 refills. With ShaveMOB I can get 12 refills for $19.99… so for about a buck more, I can get more than double the razors. Not only that, but the razors from the store only have 3 blades – ShaveMOB’s razors (The Caveman) have 6 blades. 

Our girls razors are $13 for 3 razors but with ShaveMOB we can get 4 razors for the same prize… not only do we get more for our money, but the razors we buy have only 3 blades. The one’s we used from ShaveMOB (The Perfectionist) have 6 blades for a better shave.

That’s so cool – I LOVE the savings! Considering I have to buy for 6 people who shave in our home – that is a lot of money I will save by switching to ShaveMOB for our razors.

Connect and #ShaveSmarter with ShaveMOB

WIN a ShaveMOB Prize Kit!

The awesome folks at ShaveMOB are offering my readers a chance to win a ShaveMOB prize kit which contains 1 handle and a 2-month supply of the 6-blade (mens or womens, your choice).

Enter to win by filling out the form below, it’s super easy! You only need to complete the very first entry but any more you complete just gives you a better chance of winning.

Good Luck!

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  1. Lindsey says:

    Probably around $40!

  2. I love any way to save money. The hubby has a heavy beard so he goes through razors like no tomorrow

  3. The perfectionist razor looks amazing. I love a big fat blade section. Makes me feel more in control of the razor.

  4. steven weber says:

    Probably around $15-20 a month.
    I use Shavemob and I love them!

  5. I think I would save around $15 a month by switching!

  6. courtney b says:

    probably at least $25 a month!! thanks for the giveaway!!

  7. Probably $10 a month. I always forget to buy new razors so it would be great to have them just show up!

  8. I’d save a TON by switching! Thanks for sharing.

  9. I would probably save around $20 or $30

  10. Amanda Sakovitz says:

    I think I would save about $20 a month.

  11. Thomas Murphy says:

    I think I would save about $20.

  12. Good to know. My hubby uses an electric razor, but I would probably save myself some money!

  13. I am reviewing the perfectionist and purist. They are good shavers!

  14. This would really help me remember to change my blade!! I’m awful about changing them because I’m cheap! I would save more SKIN that I would cash!

  15. This is so great. Razors and blades can be so expensive and are one of those things that I always forget to buy. I have no idea how much I would save but I am sure it would add up quickly.

  16. Looks like you can save quite a bit. Thanks for sharing.

  17. I’ve heard of these but never tried them. I would love a chance to try the mens and womens. 🙂

  18. I’ve never heard of this brand before! We spend a fortune on razors. My husband uses them wayyyyy more than I do and he goes through them like crazy.

  19. I like the idea of this, simple because if always seems like you never have a new razor when you need one. This would help you stock up.

  20. I have such sensitive skin, I have yet to find a razor that doesn’t break me out. I also hate shaving. Hate it!

  21. i have a system similar to this. it’s the best

  22. What a great product! I use electric, but my hubby uses manual, I am telling him about this right now!

  23. Those look like pretty cool razors! Thanks for the review, I was surprised that you liked them for the price!

  24. Razor cost can really add up. These savings sound great!

  25. Replacement blades are so expensive for my razor. I bet I could save ten dollars a month if I had this, and I like that a lot!

  26. I actually have the Perfectionist from ShaveMob and really enjoy it! They are some pretty good quality razors!

  27. I don’t know how much I’d save, but I bet it’d add up quick!

  28. alena svetelska says:

    probably around $30 for sure

  29. Oh, I’ve never heard of these…but I could see them being amazing! I think I’d easily save $20!

  30. interesting name for the product! I like new products like this that makes life easier…especially since I hate shaving so much

  31. This seems like a such a nice idea for people who shave. It is always nice to be able to save money on a product you use all the time.

  32. The perfectionist razor looks really good i have a four blade razor at the moment but would love to get a 6 one.

  33. Any money I could save would be great. I was just thinking this morning that I needed to replace my razor blade, but they are so expensive!

  34. Would love to win a shaveMOB gift package. Looks like a great razor.

  35. This sounds really convenient. I do would have thought they’d be generic quality – great to know they are not!

  36. I might actually shave more if I had new razors reminding that I need to. 🙂 I like this idea. I think it would be a great monthly subscription and to save a few dollars too!

  37. I am currently hating my razor brand! I need to check out my local stores for this brand.

  38. I had never heard of Shave Mob before! My daughter goes through razors like crazy!

  39. We spend $15 to $20 a month!!!

    • We are glad that we have gifted you the idea to write about this nice post along with a good midnight laughter and also grateful to you for pointing out the &#&2i6;Indl1sh8#8217;. Thanks for making us aware about our stupidity. Nice informative post.

  40. My husband needs that Caveman for sure!

  41. This would be such an interesting thing to try. I actually like the simplistic design of a man’s razor better so I’d get that for myself. lol

  42. This looks like such a great deal, especially with a house full of people who shave. I’ll certainly have to look into this for my daughter and myself.

  43. Being the only girl in the house, I’ve got it pretty easy. I don’t shave that often – and especially not often in winter…and so I spend about $25/year or so? I’m sure I let my razors go way longer than I should..

  44. I can’t stand shaving! I’ll definitely have to check out this razor brand. Thanks for sharing.

  45. My husband and I were just discussing razors. I need a better brand, I keep buying cheap ones that always knick me. He wanted to buy his razor fills at Sams Club but they here like $40 I was like umm, no way.

  46. Pretty cool idea for those committed to shaving. I let my legs go during the winter months. Shhhhh…that’ between me and you!

  47. I would probably save $20-$30 a month by switching!

  48. I’ve never heard of this, but The Perfectionist is definitely my style. I like the razors included in this service vs another service that I had seen online. Cool deal.

  49. Marci Wright says:

    I would probably save around $20 a month!

  50. alessandro p says:

    around 50 dollars..that a lot of money

  51. Good question! I guess I would probably save about $20!

  52. I have used these before and love the results! Plus you can’t beat that price!

  53. I’m all about saving money! This is a really cool concept.

  54. I’m really intrigued by this and think I’m going to give it a try! I would love to save money on razors, they’re so expensive!

  55. I’ve never tried ShaveMob. I’m always looking for ways to save money of razors. So expensive!

  56. I have a similar subscription & love it! I never forget to buy new razors anymore.

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