#RaceAroundAmerica with Walgreens and Win a ROUSH Stage 3 Mustang | Interview with Ryan Reed

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Back in April I told you about the #RaceAroundAmerica campaign that is going on with Balance™ Financial Prepaid MasterCard® from Walgreens and Roush Fenway Racing. If you didn’t read that post, let me fill you in. They have partnered together to Race Around America to build and test an icon of speed and engineering – the ROUSH Stage 3 Mustang – in which YOU can win! #RaceAroundAmerica is an interactive campaign fueled by fan interaction that will culminate with the awarding of the grand prize, a fully-enhanced ROUSH Stage 3 Mustang, in Miami this November.

#RaceAroundAmerica With Walgreens and Win a ROUSH Stage 3 Mustang

Walgreens is one of my favorite places. There’s “one on every corner” and in my case, that corner is only a few blocks away. It’s my “go-to” place when I need a quick trip to the store for food, household products or personal care items. We also use the Walgreens pharmacy and have depended on their healthcare clinic more times than I can count. If you’re a frequent flyer at Walgreens, you probably have a Balance Rewards card. I’ve had a card for a long time and I love using my points at the register, they come in handy when I want to save a few bucks. Well now, Walgreens is offering something new – the Walgreens Balance Financial Prepaid MasterCard.

There are many other convenient benefits to using this card.

A Few of the Benefits of Using the Walgreens Balance Financial PrePaid MasterCard:

  • Safer than Cash
  • Great Value and Money Saving Features
  • Convenience: Reload your card, cash payroll checks, tax refund checks or government checks, get cash withdrawals at in-store ATM’s, and manage your account at in-store kiosks.

Throughout the Race Around America campaign, Roush Fenway Racing drivers – Greg Biffle, Ryan Reed, Trevor Bayne and Chris Buescher – will drive the Mustang from a concluding NASCAR race city to the next, making pit stops to meet with fans along the way. Webisodes from the drivers’ journeys will be available for viewing at the Race Around America website. At RaceAroundAmerica.com, you can vote on the routes the drivers will take and the upgrades made to the Mustang. Walgreens Balance Financial Prepaid MasterCard holders can also use their cards to help drivers earn the upgrades that the fans vote on. Fans already voted for the look of the Mustang. As shown below, it’s a patriotic design scheme. When the promotion ends, the design will be removed and one cardholder will drive home what is underneath, a red-hot ROUSH Stage 3 Mustang!

#RaceAroundAmerica With Walgreens and Win a ROUSH Stage 3 Mustang

My Interview with Ryan Reed

NASCAR Nationwide Driver and Rookie of the Year Contender Ryan Reed was recently in Chicago filming the next webisode for Race Around America and I got to speak with him on the phone and ask him some questions. I asked on Twitter and on my Facebook Fan page to find out what YOU wanted to know!

  1. How do you manage your diet while on the road?
    If I can I’ll go to a healthy alternative. I pretty much have my go to places like Chipolte, Subway or if I can I go to a sit down restaurant and order grilled chicken with vegtables. It’s really just all about being creative and it doesn’t really matter where you go, I really feel like you can eat pretty healthy. It is definitely diffiuclt at time but I’m lucky, I get to take my motor home to most races so I can have home cooking while I’m on the road.
  2. How do you relax on the road?
    I have my motor home and it’s kind of like a home away from home. It makes packing a lot easier. If I’m traveling in the middle of the week, I’ll stay in a hotel somewhere but that’s a little bit of relaxing but not quite as much.
  3. I have an 8 year old son that wants to be a race car driver when he grows up, what are steps he can take to become a professional driver?
    There are so many different avenues of racing you can do to develop yourself, especially when you’re young, I would personally start off with go-carts, I’m a big fan of it. Go-carts are a great way to start out, it’s really competitive and go from there.
  4. Did you have a favorite driver as a kid?
    I always pulled for Dale Jr., I don’t know why.  That and Kevin Harvick, I was a big fan of him, being from California, that was cool.
  5. Do you have advice for kids looking up to you regarding racing or diabetes?
    Diabetes can be so challenging, hearing things that are discouraging, about how tough it will be or you even hear that you can’t do something because you have diabetes but to all kids no matter what you want to be – just chase your dreams. It takes a lot of work and it’s definitely challenging but it’s worth it. I was told that I would never race again because I had diabetes but it made it so much more special to me when I was able to overcome that, chase my dream and move forward.
  6. For kids who are growing up with type 1 diabetes who are struggling or feeling different than other kids, do you have tips or encouragement for them?
    Work closely with your doctors, that has helped me a lot. I have a great relationship with my doctor so I can go to her with any questions and not feel embarrassed if I do something wrong, she’s able to help me. No matter what, just don’t give up. At time it seems like it can’t happen. I’ve been told so many times that I should not be a race car driver, “it’s not safe”, but I have an amazing team of doctors and sports team that all believe in me and I’m doing it in a safe way. Just surround yourself with positive people who really believe in you.
  7. How do you balance your blood sugar level during a race?
    It’s definitely a lot of nutrition and things you do before you get in the race car. Diet and exercise is a huge part of how I manage my diabetes. Once I’m in the race car I have a few things: one is Dexcom,  it allows me to wireless monitor my blood sugar, the monitor mounts to my dash so I watch my blood sugar like I watch my oil pressure or anything else in the race car. I also have a drink that I can use to spike my blood sugar in case of a low. There’s also a guy in my pit crew that comes over the wall at a pit stop to give me an insulin injection if I need that.

It was very cool to speak with him and ask him question for my readers!

Check out Ryan Reed’s webisode from his Pit Stop in Chicago:


After you watch Ryan Reed’s webisode, be sure to visit the Race Around America website and vote for the next cehicle upgrade and sign up!

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