I’m A Banana Boat® Ambassador! Also, Enter the Best Summer Ever Sweepstakes!

I participated in an Ambassador Activation on behalf of Mom Central Consulting (#MC) for Banana Boat® Sun Care.
I received product samples to facilitate my review and a promotional item to thank me for participating.


In Chicago, ya never know when the weather will change but I think it’s safe to say, SUMMER IS HERE! WooHoo! Now the kids are wanting to say outside playing all hours of the day. In the short time we’ve had summer weather, we’ve already been to outdoor picnics, campgrounds, lakes/beaches and of course, in our back yard playing in the water. With all of the hot weather we’ve been having to keep up on the sunscreen – but lucky for us – I’m a Banana Boat® Best Summer Ever Ambassador this summer! That means you’ll be hearing from me a few times over the next few months and I get to tell you about my experience using Banana Boat® sun care products.


I posted on Instagram, “Ok Mother Nature… I’m a #BananaBoat ambassador now and just got this stuff in and I’m ready to use it! Get rid of this snow and bring is temps over 80F!!”


What Do You Have Planned for This Summer?

We are planning on going to a couple of the Chicago beaches a few times this summer along with possibly one big trip. We’re thinking about heading to Tybee Island, Georgia for a week. We have a couple of local waterparks we can’t miss. Oh and don’t forget those awesome splash pads! We have a few out here and they’re FREE and FUN! But we can’t forget the sun screen. We all have different skin tones – me, Mike and Gracie already have tans and Olivia stays dark all year round. Austin, Emma, Becca and Jack are pale and get burnt easily so we really need to be careful with them. And even though Mike has a tan, it’s a farmers tan so he needs to be careful too.

Banana Boat® Sun Care Products

Did you know that Banana Boat® sun care products are tested in seven conditions to provide safe and effective broad spectrum UVA and UVB protection for the entire family? That’s right, the sun care products are tested in sun, pool water, ocean water, wind, sweat, sand and extreme heat. That’s perfect considering we should be going through all seven of these conditions this summer, as I am sure you will be too!

Here are some more details about Banana Boat® sun care products:

Banana Boat® Kids Free Clear UltraMist® Sunscreen:

  • Alcohol-free
  • Tear-free
  • Sting-free kids
  • Clear spray – goes on invisible!
  • Fast and even coverage.
  • Gentle on kids’ skin, yet powerful enough to provide dependable protection
  • Pediatrician-tested
  • Available in SPF 50+.

Protect & HydrateTM Sunscreen Clear UltraMist®

  • Provides a unique 2-in-1 combination of sunscreen and all-day moisturizer, combining aloe with vitamins C & E, leaving the skin feeling soft and looking healthy when used and reapplied as directed for sun protection.
  • Provides safe and effective broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection and is ideal for everyday use.
  • Available in SPF 30 and 50+

What Have We Tried So Far?

So far, we’ve had the chance to try out the NEW Banana Boat® Kids Free Clear UltraMist® Sunscreen on Gracie and Jack. I was able to spray them all over with no hassle and no mess. Very convenient! We also had the chance to try the Protect & HydrateTM Sunscreen Clear UltraMist® on Emma and Becca. They didn’t re-apply when they should have and ended up getting sunburn. We haven’t had a chance to use Sport Performance® Clear UltraMist® but we use that one every year, it’s one of our favorites.

I’m A Banana Boat® Ambassador! Also, Enter the Best Summer Ever Sweepstakes!

Summer Fun Prizes with the Best Summer Ever Sweepstakes!

The Best Summer Ever sweepstakes gives families a chance to win summer fun prizes, including the grand prize – a family trip to a Treehouse Resort. Sign up at the Banana Boat® Facebook page to find out more!  

Banana Boat® sunscreen is also teaming up with actress and mother of two, Busy Philipps, to bring moms and their families the tips, tools and fun prizes they need to have the Best Summer Ever!

So head over to the Banana Boat® Facebook page or visit Banana Boat® on Instagram @BananaBoatBrand.


What are your favorite summer activities?



  1. Our favorite summer activities include anything to do with the beach and sun! Which means… lots of sunscreen needed! I would like to try the Protect & Hydrate mist!

  2. Thanks for the information. I am shopping for sleep away supplies and need a supply of sunscreen products this has been helpful!

  3. We will be at the beach all summer long and sunscreen is majorly important to us!

  4. I have heard great things about Banana boat. Sunscreen is a must have .

  5. Never heard of Banana boat,We will be at the beach a lot so sunscreen is very important.

  6. I love jumping on the trampoline, playing badminton, frisbee, grilling and oh so much more. Summer is awesome!

  7. We live in GA, so we’ve already been to the pool a few times, and had water table days. Don’t forget that you can get a sunburn in the snow, too!

  8. I love talking a walk to the park and playing in our sandbox. We also go to a local mall that is not very crowded and run around when it is too hot.

  9. We have a ton on the calendar, but the first thing is a trip to Puerto Rico. We leave Monday and stocked up on sub block!

  10. What great information! I love this brand, usually its the one I grab for the kiddos! We enjoy spending our days at the family pool in Vermont and at the beach!

  11. I have to wear sunscreen all the time, no matter the activity. WE like to hit the pool as often as we can!

  12. We spend A LOT of time at the beach during summer. Banana Boat is one of our favorite sunscreens to bring along. I wasn’t aware of their men’s line. My husband will love that!

  13. I would die in the summer without Banana Boat!

  14. I love Banana Boat products. I have a can of sunscreen in my purse as I type. LOL

  15. Yep, you’ve gotta have the Banana Boat! I always laugh when I hear the name, even though I love the product because there was a restaurant with the same name where we lived in FL. 🙂

  16. Congrats on a great ambassadorship! Banana Boat products are excellent, so we can’t wait to hear about your summer adventures!

  17. I love Banana Boat products! We have lots of beach time on our schedule for the summer.

  18. How cute is that? Yes, Banana Boat has some of the best products. I swear by them.

  19. I love banana boat! This stuff will come in handy, we are in for a long summer!

  20. I absolutely love banana boat- it smells sooo good!

  21. We love swimming, playing outdoors with sidewalk chalk and yes flying kites!

  22. Love Banana Boat! I hope that we get to go to the beach this summer and I’m also planning a trip to Florida!

  23. Your model is super cute! He made me smile 🙂 It is important to wear your sunscreen this summer

  24. Splash pads are a must for us too!!! We will be visiting a beach as well. 🙂 Love Banana Boat!

  25. We just bought a bunch of Banana Boat products! Two of us have fair skin and burn easily. We should buy stock in the company. LOL

  26. We love Banana Boat in this home. I think it works really well and stays on for a long time. You can’t be too safe in the sun.

  27. Congrats! There’s something for everyone! You’re covered {haha!} for this summer!

  28. We have a lot planned his summer-most of it is outdoors. Always important to protect the kiddos from sun damage!

  29. I love the smell of sun screen. It brings back so many wonderful memories of childhood. I am a fair skin girl. Even though my husband is dark…..all of my kids are so easily burned.

  30. I just bought the BAnana Boat cool spray kind! We used it all weekend. Love that stuff.

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