Have a Broken Cell Phone, iPod, iPad Screen? Get 5% Discount at JCD Repair | Mail-In or Stop In.

I received the service mentioned below to facilitate my review. All opinions are my own.


Everyone in my house has broken an iPod or phone screen over the last few years, some even more than once… except me. A couple weeks ago I wasn’t bragging – but I was mentioning how I was the only one that had not cracked a glass screen. One of my teens said, “Mom, you know you’re jinxing yourself and now you will break your phone?!?”

She was right.

Wait, no. **I** didn’t break my phone. Mike did. I nicely sat my phone on my back bumper while I loaded the trunk of my minivan and got the little kids in their car seats. It was SAFE – I swear! Well, Mike clumsily threw our double stroller in the trunk and it fell out, first knocking my phone on the ground so that it could slam on top of the glass and crack it all up.

I was sooooo mad!

Anyway, JCD Repair in Chicago saved the day!

I contacted Matt from JCD Repair in Chicago and he agreed to fix my phone screen (and the picture underneath too, I think that’s called a digitizer?) in exchange for my review.

A little about JCD Repair

JCD Repair is a full-service, cell phone repair shop with locations in the Chicago and Seattle areas. JCD Repair has been in business since March of 2007 and have fixed thousands of devices. Their top service is replacing the cracked glass screen on iPhones, iPod Touches, and iPads. They also do battery replacements, fix power buttons, and more. All repairs are available through their mail-in service or in person at one of their local stores. Mail-in repairs are completed in about 24 hours and in-person repairs are usually done in about 45 minutes. These are full service repairs that include parts, labor, and a lifetime warranty.

Have a Broken Cell Phone, iPod, iPad Screen? Get 5% Discount at JCD Repair!

Have a Broken Cell Phone, iPod, iPad Screen? Get 5% Discount at JCD Repair!

The Fixing Process and My Thoughts

This is the very first time we’ve gotten a phone or iPod fixed. Every other time we’ve just dealt with the broken screen. I wasn’t very sure how this process worked but Matt from JCD Repair made it really simple. He asked me what device I had and gave me a simple link that explained how to ship my device. It was super easy, I shipped it that night. I’m assuming they received it the next day or the day after… and it was fixed and in the mail back to me on the 2nd day. It was crazy-fast!

Get your Device Fixed in Just a Few Easy Steps:

You can bring your phone, iPod, iPad, etc. in to one of JCD Repair shops in Chicago or Seattle or your can choose their mail-in repair service like I did. All repairs are completed and the phone mailed back within 24 hours of our receiving it.

It’s seriously easy and fast!

Mention “We Have It All” and Get a Discount!

The awesome folks at JCD Repair are offering my readers a 5% discount! If you live in the Chicago area, just walk in and mention “We Have It All” for your discount or just click here for 5% off.



Connect with JCD Repair!

  • You can find JCD Repair in Chicago at 2351 N Southport Ave., Chicago, IL 60614.
  • Contact them by phone in Chicago at (773) 800-1854.
  • Visit the JCD Repair website for more information
  • You can also find JCD Repair on Facebook.


If you have a broken device –
be sure to take advantage of this 5% discount mentioned above!



We Have It All
We Have It All


  1. Bummer that I am not in the chicago area because my hubby was just looking for someone to repair his iPhone!!

    • Robin this is a mail-in service that is completed and mailed back within 24 hours after receiving it. I left the details in the post about how to send it in.

  2. This is great. I’ve seen way too many cracked screens and people walking around using broken phones like there isn’t a repair shop.

  3. Thanks for the info…I live close enough to Chicago to make it worth my while to visit if I ever need phone repairs. Finding a quality phone repair location is not easy!

  4. teresa mccluskey says:

    I have a few broken devices! I am so going to check this out! And pass the info to my friends!!

  5. Well unfortunately I am in Atlanta…but yes I think every iphone user had the phone curse.Im glad u got it fixed

  6. Yikes. I will not say whether I have or have not broken a device. But, I have a handmedown ipad that needs a new screen!

  7. Ah! Too bad I’m all the way in Canada, this could be extremely useful! We have 2 screens on an iPhone and iPod that need fixin!

  8. I cracked my screen on my phone but I am super impatient so I went and bought another phone it cost me $700 to replace my phone. I now guard that phone with my life.

  9. We have all been there! Thanks for the info about a trustworthy company to help out the next time I mess up!

  10. I haven’t had a need to get a screen fixed but I would definitely use someone based on a personal referral. Electronics are way too expensive to replace when they get damaged.

  11. Knock on wood I haven’t broken any screens *Yet* but I will definitely bookmark this for when I need it.

  12. My daughter has cracked two phone screens! It’s a huge bummer when it happens.

  13. That sounds like a great business! I wish they had one local to here!

  14. This is great. We have needed this service in the past and I am sure we will need it in the future. Love that they have mail in service and you don’t have to be local.

  15. This would have been helpful a few months ago when my daughter broke her cell screen. It cost over $100 even with insurance!

  16. This is a great service! I know so many people trying to use a cracked screen!

  17. I’ve always wondered what to do if my iPhone screen shatters. Now I know!

  18. What a great service. We have a small crack in the corner of our ipad. It doesn’t interfere with anything but it DRIVES ME CRAZY! Looking at it.

  19. That’s great! I know A LOT of people who could use this service.

  20. we have a broken phone screen AND ipod screen AND Ipad screen. So this is handy. thanks

  21. That is a wonderful service to have available. I don’t have insurance on my iPhone so if it breaks, I am totally screwed and without a cell. I will keep these guys in mind for the future!

  22. thankfully I’ve never had a cracked screen on any of my apple products. I use a Lifeproof case to prevent that but I do know friends and family that have had screen problems. Good to know there are places out there that can fix it without having to just buy a whole new phone or pad,

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