Download the Prip Push-To-Talk App | First Month Free, $1.99 After

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About eight or nine years ago Mike and I had Nextel phones and we were able to use the push-to-talk buttons to use our phones like walkie-talkie’s and we loved being able to talk that way. It was convenient. We hardly ever used the actual phone back then. Well, I just found an awesome new app that lets you push-to-talk no matter what phone you have. You can use the service on a Nextel phone or any other phone by using the Prip app.

Prip Push-To-Talk App for Androids AND iPhones

If you’re like me and you haven’t heard of the Prip Push-To-Talk App, let me tell you a little about it. Prip works in the U.S. with most Android smart phones and you don’t have to have a special carrier, it works with them all.  It uses 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi – how awesome is that?!? Prip is a real-time walkie talkie app that can’t be beat.

Here are some more details about Prip:

  • First month is free, then $1.99 per month.
  • Available on Android device with Android OS Version 2.3 or higher or Apple iPhone OS 7.0 or higher.
  • Easy to download from the app store or Google Play Store.
  • Ability to add and manage multiple users.
  • Send alerts to contacts when you need to talk with them immediately.
  • Use any data connection, including WiFi, 3G, or 4G
  • Talk to millions of Nextel Mexico, Nextel Brazil, Nextel Peru, Nextel Argentina and Nextel Chile users, although in the U.S. the service will work with all carriers.
  • When you are outside the U.S., you can use Prip over WIFI to stay connected
  • Admin account features
  • Automatically imports your contacts

My Experience Using the Prip Push-To-Talk App

I downloaded the Prip Push-To-Talk app on my phone, my hubby’s phone and my step-daughters phone. It was very easy to download and set up and only took a few minutes. Of course our first month is free and then it’s $1.99 after that so it had us set up our account with a credit card. Once we set up our account – it was easy breezy. We instantly were able to use our phones like walkie-talkie’s!

Here is what Prip looks like…
the left shot is of my contact list and the right shot is my recent calls:

Download the Pripp Push-To-Talk App | First Month Free, $1.99 After

Prip Buttons – What do they do?

As for the buttons on the bottom of the screen – it’s super EASY! The squiggly line thing is your volume. The boxy thing in the middle is the dialer, in case you don’t have a contact and you want to outright dial a Prip number. And the last button on the right is the mute button. I’ve actually had to use that because Mike like to “beep me” no matter where I am. On purpose, I might add. I was in the grocery store (and he KNEW this!) and he pushed his button and made goofy noises in the phone while I was in the check out lane. Of course, I forgot I was using Prip and couldn’t figure out where the noise was coming from… until the cashier told me the noise was coming from my pocket. Um yeah. Embarrassing!

We’ve been using the app for a couple weeks now and we all love it. Mike uses it the most. Using the phone like a walkie-talkie is so convenient and easy.

Download the Pripp Push-To-Talk App | First Month Free, $1.99 After


Connect with Prip!

Guaranteed talk!

Don’t forget, you get the first month free and then it’s just $1.99 for unlimited push-to-talk calls to anyone, anywhere!

Before you start talking, you know they’re listening!


  1. That sounds like an awesome app, but I have an iPhone, not an android.

  2. This is a great app.What a shame it is only for over there we need it in the UK.

  3. That is a interesting app. Really great and so handy.

  4. This app looks really easy to use and convenient. It’s probably something I would utilize myself. My daughter would probably have fun with this on her ipod. She loves playing with walkie talkies!

  5. teresa mccluskey says:

    Wow $1.99 that’s not bad at all! I use Skype right now but I am having so many issues with it!

  6. What a fun idea to make your phone like a walkie talkie. I’m sure my hubby would hate that I could have access to him at work like this, though!

  7. What a super fun app! I’ve never heard of this and will for sure check it out. The price is right, too!

  8. Oh what a great idea! I have an iPhone but if I had an android this would be wonderful .. so fun!

  9. Sounds like a great app. Might have to download it.

  10. Wish this was available for Windows phones. My current walkie-talkie app is buggy.

  11. I am not into new apps. But you do make this sound very appealing, now I have to look into ti!

  12. This sounds interesting. Is it the convenience that you like? I have unlimited talk, so I’m not sure I’d need it.

  13. This is a cool app. I remember dating a guy who was using Nextel and had that feature.

  14. How fun, it’s like a walkie talkie! If I had an android, I’d use this for sure!

  15. Sounds like a great tool. And very convenient to keep in contact with people.

  16. That’s pretty neat. I’m not sure I’d be okay with $1.99 a month for it but it depends on your family’s needs. We’d just like it for the novelty idea.

  17. That would be really handy when the kids were outside playing. “Come in for dinner!” Oh, the possibilities…

  18. What a neat idea! My uncle had a Nextel for work a few years ago. I thought it would be handy not to have to dial and wait sometimes.

  19. I remember those Nextel phones. We had one. I used to love that walkie-talkie feature. I used it all the time with my husband. Talk about #tbt! The app sounds interesting. I will have to check it out.

  20. I use a similar app all the time! It is so convenient and let’s me send messages to my friends.

  21. So… it turns your phone into a walkie talkie? I have a iPhone-too bad that this is just an android app.

  22. This would be great for vacation. Thanks for the idea!

  23. Ok- So let me re-comment! I am way more excited about this now that I see that I CAN get it for my iPhone. Not sure how my eyes skipped that detail! Great app- I will have to look into it! (Danielle- feel free to remove my other silly comment!)

    • Oh no worries Carly, I just want to make sure people know that they can use it with their iPhones because it is a great app! I’d hate for people to just forget about the app just because they have an iPhone – they’d be missing out 🙂

  24. Hmm, interesting app. And not expensive either. I may give the free month a try.

  25. I remember Nextels, and the beeping when people used push to talk! How does this impact battery life?

  26. I miss the walkie feature! This is a great alternative

  27. Sounds like a great app but I definitely wouldn’t pay $1.99 a month for an app.

  28. Wow $1.99 that’s not bad at all! I may look into this as Skype and Facetime haven’t been working well for me

  29. I haven’t seen this app before. I like the features…pretty cool.

  30. hahaha, that is funny that your husband makes strange noises on purpose. I would be the one doing that in our house. 🙂 I totally love that feature on the app,!

  31. I have some friends that use an app like this. They all seem to like it!

  32. My kids would love this and probably use it more than I would. They love anything to talk into!

  33. Angela S says:

    I don’t normally pay for apps. But this is one I will definitely consider.

  34. That is a great app! And it must save so much money! Thank you for sharing!

  35. Very cool! This sounds like something my husband would enjoy. He’s usually the first one to fill me in on apps like this.

  36. I remember using a feature like this back in the day on a nextel phone. this is pretty cool

  37. This sounds like a really great app! And super affordable too!

  38. I used to love my push to talk phone! I’ll have to check this out!

  39. bookmarked, fantastic internet site!

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