Use Member Assist @ShopYourWay to Get Answers to Your Shopping Questions #ad

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I have a little over one week before I fly out for SoFabCon and I am trying to find a new dress or two. I’m not the easiest person to shop for because I am 20 lbs. overweight and very curvy. Not curvy in a good way either. I’ve been nursing Jack for 2 years as of next month so things are not fitting up top the way they should. I’ve been searching site to site to site looking and I’ve had such a problem because I’ve had questions about the fit of these dresses and can’t seem to get any help what-so-ever. Luckily, I visited and was able to get help with the Member Assist feature.

Use Member Assist @ShopYourWay to Get Answers to Your Shopping Questions #ad

Have You Heard of Member Assist?

Member Assist is perfect for shoppers who need to connect directly with your favorite associate at your nearest Sears store. You can log into from your computer or the Shop Your Way Mobile App and tap into Members Assist. From there you can ask about any product or service and you can even share photos. The associate will directly respond with answers to your questions. Members Assist is currently available in more than 400 stores nationwide.

Use Member Assist @ShopYourWay to Get Answers to Your Shopping Questions #ad

 A Few Easy Steps to Use Member Assist:

  • Sign in to your Shop Your Way account via or the mobile app.
  • Choose the Member Assist app.
  • Select your local store
  • Choose the store department best suited to answer your question
  • Choose your store associate
  • Text/Message/Request a call from your store associate
  • Store associate will respond to your inquiry

Use Member Assist @ShopYourWay to Get Answers to Your Shopping Questions #ad

Use Member Assist @ShopYourWay to Get Answers to Your Shopping Questions #ad

So quick and simple and you have the help you need!

My father-in-law just bought a new fridge and I know he could have used this help. He kept calling us up and asking us questions. Member Assist from Shop Your Way would have really helped!

Learn More and Connect with Member Assist


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  1. I love Shop Your Way! I have found the best deals! I always like to save.

  2. I’ve never heard of it til now but I am certain I could have used this in the past!

  3. Amanda @ Erickson and Co says:

    I’ve never heard me this but it sounds like it could be really convenient if the need ever arose to use it.

  4. This would totally help me nail down a decision between similar products. Great idea.

  5. What a great method of finding better deals; love this idea!

  6. Wow. I’ve seen mention of this but didn’t know indepth what they do.
    Thanks for sharing more. Sounds like a really good program. And I know how hard it is to shop for body type.

  7. Sounds like a great service. I will definitely have to look into it.

  8. What an intriguing service! I think it’s great that you can connect with someone quickly in real time–and get fast advice.

  9. I never heard of it. But this seems so nice and easier

  10. I have used this, and it was a very good service. I need to accumulate some more points!

  11. I have never heard of this but it sounds like a great concept. I could see using it on the fly when you are thinking about a purchase.

  12. Thank you for sharing and explaining this great service. I never even knew about it!

  13. This is an awesome idea, I haven’t heard of this before. Makes shopping easier!

  14. I love that I can get quick answers to questions. It makes it so much easier.

  15. Wow I’ve never heard of this but this tool looks so helpful! Going to check it out now!

  16. It’s so nice to know that there is a website that helps shoppers. I myself have some questions about certain products and I don’t get the answer I need. This is very helpful.

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