TWINS! Gender Reveal with Stork 4D Imaging Studio, Oswego, IL

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When you have a little bundle of joy baking away, there is nothing sweeter or more exciting than seeing your little peanut in a 3D or 4D ultrasound. When I was pregnant with my first three kids, this kind of service was not available (I know, I’m old). When I was pregnant with Gracie, I never got around to getting a 3D or 4D ultrasound.  I was just too busy. When I had Jack, I was determined to see him in 3D! I loved that 3D ultrasound and will never forget seeing his little body moving around in 4D.

My cousin, Krystal, is pregnant with twins now. She’s due in June and it’s SO EXCITING! I’ve always wanted twins so I will live vicariously through her haha. Just the thought of two babies growing and moving inside of you is the most amazing blessing I can imagine. Well, I might not get to experience twins, but I was able to bring Krystal to Stork 4D Imaging Studio for a 3D and 4D ultrasound to see her babies and find out their genders.

Stork 4D Imaging Studio Chicago

Stork 4D Imaging Studio: 3D/4D Ultrasound Studio

Stork 4D Imaging Studio is Chicago Land’s and Illinois’ premier 3D and 4D Ultrasound imaging studio. As the leading 4D Ultrasound Studio in Illinois, Stork 4D Imaging Studio prides itself on producing amazing ultrasound images and an ultrasound experience that you and your family won’t forget. From our intimate studio in Lombard, Illinois to our very adorable Teddy Heartbeat Bears, Stork 4D Imaging Studio is the only Chicago land studio that won’t disappoint!

I was excited to find out the Stork 4D Imaging Studio just recently moved to Oswego, IL. It’s about 10 minutes down the road from my house – perfect! I’ll have to remember that for next time my friends who are still having babies!

Our Experience with Stork 4D Imaging

When we walked in, I immediately thought “this is so cute”. It’s a very welcoming front waiting area and when we went into a room, I had the same thoughts. It was very comfy. Although I wasn’t the one laying on the bed haha.

Stork 4D Imaging Studio Chicago

The room was comfy and there was enough room for extra family. Even my large family would be comfortable in the room if they came to watch my ultrasound haha. As you can see, there’s a sofa and a TV right above so everyone can watch. Krystal brought her daughter Emmy (aka “The Big Sister”). Krystal was able to watch on the other TV that was located on the other side of the room. I think it would be neat if the TV’s were a little bigger.

Stork 4D Imaging Studio Chicago

The tech who did Krystal’s ultrasound was Becky and she’s been with Stork since the very beginning and finally took it over recently! She was great with Krystal and excited to see the babies. She was very informative, showing Krystal the position of the babies at all different angles and explaining what they were up to in there. Becky explained how one of the babies seemed to be the more active and dominant one and the other one just kind of chilled out and took the beatings haha. That baby kept getting squished by his brother.



TWINS 3D 4D ultrasound  22 weeks gender reveal

TWINS 3D 4D ultrasound  22 weeks gender reveal

Do you see all the smiles?!? They were smiling for the camera haha. Such sweet sweet pictures – I LOVED seeing both babies in there! SO EXCITING! These little guys weren’t shy either, as you can see by the “package shot” haha.

Four Thumbs Up!

I had a great experience with Stork 4D Imaging Studio and I wasn’t even the one getting a 3D ultrasound! If you live anywhere in the Chicago area, I highly recommend paying a visit to Stork 4D Imaging Studio to take a little peek at your baby. They offer about 5 different packages and even offer gift certificates – which would make a great gift for anyone you know who is pregnant!

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      1. How exciting for her and the 3D is awesome! When I was pregnant with my children they had ultra sound but they didn’t show the screen to us or give you a photo……

      2. Beth rees says:

        That is so neat. I didn’t have one of those with any of my three kiddos, but I am sure the older sibling would have loved to see their brothers! I love that there is enough room for family. So exciting

      3. awesome! I always wanted to do this kind of ultrasound with my kids.

      4. Congrats on the boys! I have two boys ( not twins) and boys are a lot of fun. Messy, but fun!

      5. Aww Congrats! Boys are awesome! I loved seeing my youngest in 4D! There is nothing better than seeing them moving around in there!

      6. Aw!! Congratulations It’s BOYS So Happy Fr You Love The The Images!!

      7. This is so much fun!! We didn’t have these fancy ultrasound options when I was pregnant with my daughter, either. The pictures are amazing.

        Congrats on the two boys. Your cousin is very blessed.

      8. still amazed by these 4d imaging of babies. They were so brand new when I was prego. I think I would have been scared to see my baby born after seeing some of the images

      9. omg!! i want a 3d or 4d u/s!! i never got to have one (and 4d didn’t exist when i was pg) so i feel jipped

      10. That is awesome. I had twins – boy and girl. Really a unique experience.

      11. Oh my goodness! What neat pics – this is the 1st time I have seen a ultrasound with twins.

      12. A gift certificate would be an amazing gift! The quality of the images is incredible…such an improvement from what my ultrasounds looked like!

      13. Two baby boys! Congrats!! So wonderful! We had a 4-D sonogram with my daughter and it was crazy how it showed us exactly what she looked like

      14. Oh I got goose bumps! We always wanted twins! Congrats!

      15. Amy Desrosiers says:

        What a blessing this truly is!! I never wanted to pay to see my kids in 3-4D!! I figured I’d see them soon enough. Plus, I was always high risk and had to have a million sonograms anyhow!

      16. Aw! Congrats on the two boys! IT’s so cool to see them in 4D!

      17. Congrats! How exciting! And what a cool way to see them — so high tech!

      18. That is just amazing. I wanted a 4d ultra sound but never did it. I told my sister all about it and she just had hers. It was so cool.

      19. So sweet! Congrats!

      20. I was lucky that my obgyn had 3d ultrasounds for both of my pregnancies! It was so awesome to see all of the features. I can’t imagine twins!

      21. I never had an ultrasound like this before. Congrats to your friend on the twins. LOve the picture and praying for an easy pregnancy.

      22. I think twins would be the coolest gift ever, but I just can’t imagine carrying them!

      23. sounds great, I did this with baby 1, the photo’s were very interesting.

      24. Congrats. You will have your hands full 😀

      25. I have never done a 3d or 4d ultrasounds – they look so fun!

      26. That is so cool! Amazing what they can do these days with sonograms. I never had one of these but always thought it would have been neat to. 🙂

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