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Welcome to Fitness Friday!

Fitness Friday
will be a weekly post where we can all write an update on how our week went concerning diet changes, exercise, weight loss or inches lost, our achievements for the week and our failures. It will also include our goals for the following week.

I skipped my Fitness Friday post last week – I just could not find the time! It was Gracie’s 5th birthday on Tuesday so I spent the first half of the week preparing for her to celebrate her birthday at preschool and then I spent the rest of the week preparing for her birthday party on Saturday. 2 of my teen girls wanted to host Gracie’s birthday party so I let them. It still seemed so stressful though.

Fitness Friday with We Have It All

Join Us!

Each Fitness Friday post will include a linky. Everyone is welcome to link up their blog, just write a post and share anything you are comfortable sharing. We’d love if you would share our Fitness Friday Button (the code is on the right sidebar). We are looking forward to stopping by your blog to show you some love and encouragement. Not a blogger? That’s okay, just share your progress in the comment section below the post and we will still show you the same love and encouragement by replying to your comment.

This Week:

This week… and last week: I’ve been busy like usual but I’ve still had a couple of good weeks. I haven’t been able to workout every single day but I’ve gotten a few good workouts in at the gym and I’ve been out walking too – which I’m SO happy about. It’s been really nice here. We’re doing the Chicago March of Dimes 5K on Sunday so that will be fun. We’ve been juicing a LOT which is good too… it’s better than everyone wanting junk food.

I want to remind everyone about the discounts I have for tickets to these 5K’s coming up:

I’m hoping to work with another color run in Aurora, IL – I will know by next week. I would also love to work with Dirty Girl Mud Run.

I know I’ve shared our workout plan in the previous posts, but I will share it again for anyone who wants to know what we are doing at the gym. 

Here is our workout plan:

Our Workout Plan (with the girls):

  • Day 1: lower body
  • Day 2: chest and back
  • Day 3: shoulders and arms.
  • Each day we will be doing cardio and abs and triceps.

I didn’t stick to this plan during the last two weeks, instead I just ran on the elliptical and did abs either at the gym or at home.

So here’s a quick run-down of my week:

  • Diet: (This has not changed at all) Eating has been about the same. I drank hardly any pop and a lot more water so I’m pretty happy about that. I ate a salad every day instead of a regular meal and that seemed to work pretty good for me. It filled me up and I was craving salads this week. I’ve been eating egg white muffins with sausage, green & red peppers, onion and cheese (50 calories each) for breakfast and later on if I’m wanting to snack.
  • Activity:  I worked out only between 3-4 times last week and this week. I only went 2 miles on those days and I only did abs and a little bit of leg exercises.
  • Weight: (Same as before…) I started at 178 and was down to around 165 but I’m not weighing myself.  I am really focusing on my body fat and how my clothes are fitting. My stomach is a big problem right now because I never lost any of the weight I gained while pregnant with Jack – and my stomach pouch is still here.

Next Weeks Goals

  • Diet: (Same each week) I would like to work on less food in general – maybe smaller portions? I would like to take in more fruit, veggies and salad this week.  I’d love to get rid of the pop completely and drink much more water.
  • Activity: I hope to workout each day (by myself) and up my miles to over 2 per day. I want to do at least 3 miles each day. I would like to go with the girls at least 4 times. Hopefully I will manage my time better this week.
  • Weight: I am not watching the scale very much but I’d love to see my stomach come down even more this week. 

Ready to join us

I’d love if you linked up any kind of fitness post or even link up if you have a healthy recipe you can share. Anything at all that has to do with being healthy!

How did your fitness journey go this week?
Do you have a fun exercise to share?
Do you have a healthy recipe?

(By the way… I’m looking for some healthy smoothie recipes and juicing recipes, especially detox juicing recipes!)



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  1. I like this link up! I dont share much like this on my blog. But I’d still like to share! I switched out soda for unsweetened fresh brewed hot black or green tea about 2 months ago. Still going strong. I went vegetarian almost 2 months ago and I don’t miss the meat and my protein choices are much healthier now. I’m hypothyroid and spend most days in a fair amount of pain (finding a new doctor, im aware i shouldnt still hurt after being treated for over a year), but i do still try to go for walks around the neighborhood a few days a week and am very active playing with my little boy. Ive lost 24 pounds the last 1.5 years, hoping to lose another 10!

  2. It sounds like you’re doing a great job of sticking with it! I slacked off during April, so I’m really trying to get in gear again. Warmer weather is here!

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