The Takumi Japan Exhibit at Japan Week in NY

A big thanks to our friends at Japan Week and Takumi Japan for hosting this conversation.

Last week was Japan Week in New York, did you happen to visit? If I only lived in the area, I for sure would have been there! I would love to have brought my kids to teach them a little bit about the Japanese traditions along with some history. I would have loved to have them try foods and check out the technology and art exhibits.

If you have not heard of Japan Week, it’s an event that promotes Japanese culture, cuisine and tourism from the last 100 years to present day in order to promote a better understanding of the Japanese culture and in turn, encourage travel to the country. Japan Week is organized by the Japan Tourism Agency and Japan National Tourism Organization and supported by the General Consulate of Japan in New York. Japan Week was held at the Grand Central Terminal’s Vanderbbilt Hall.

The Takumi Japan Exhibit at Japan Week in NY

One of the exhibits at Japan Week is TAKUMI JAPAN. “Takumi, translates to “artisan” in Japanese. ‘Takumi’ is a term that describes people with sophisticated techniques and lofty ambitions, and represents the spirit of monozukuri (literally ‘making things’) that courses through the blood of Japanese craftsmen.

The Takumi Japan Exhibit at Japan Week in NY

Takumi Japan is all about introducing upcoming Japanese small business communities to new markets, like small craft and design companies. Takumi Japan strives to share the work of Japanese craftsmen and artists. The Takumi Japan exhibit showcases the Japanese quality crafts and goods that the local artisans have created.

The Takumi Japan Exhibit at Japan Week in NY

I love supporting small businesses but I would love even more to be able to help the kids understand Japanese culture and traditions and the amazing history. Especially Austin. Austin already has a bucket list of all the places he wants to visit. He already wants to visit Japan, but understanding more about the country and culture would inspire him even more! I wish Chicago would put on a Japan Week!


Have you ever been to Japan Week?

If so, were you able to visit the Takumi Japan exhibit?


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  1. Have never been – didn’t even know it was an event! Sounds fun, and man would I have loved to see the cuisine promotion.

  2. You have no idea how much I wish I could make it down to see this. It sounds amazing.

  3. This would have been neat to take in.
    I’m hoping to visit New York for my birthday.
    **fingers crossed*

  4. I would love to see this! Sounds like a lot of fun!

  5. I’ve never been, but I’m fascinated by Japan, my 3rd grade teacher had a love for it and we did an intensive lesson that I remember vividly! Sounds like a cool event!

  6. What a cool experience to see all that was on display. I love exploring other cultures like that.

  7. I love the Japanese culture. So interesting.

  8. How wonderful this is! The opportunity to learn about another culture like this is amazing. Thanks for sharing.

  9. This sounds like a great experience! THanks for sharing!

  10. I didn’t make it, but I have heard of it. i’d love to go sometime

  11. Super fun and super cool to enjoy ! Would love to attend something like that. One reason I love NYC!

    • That’s a weoulthl-ght-out answer to a challenging question

    • I’m not sure that with all of that Rushpubliscum-inspired deregulation (and budget slashing) that even well-read citizens have much of a grasp of what is in their food these days. It seems to me that the more of your own food that you can produce yourself, the better off you are.

  12. Looks like such a fun event to attend. Very cool.

  13. Amy Desrosiers says:

    Our schools do an exchange with students from Okinawa Japan, and it is well received.

  14. What a great cultural experience for your kids. My kids love the Asian culture. This would have been a great event to attend.

  15. I had no idea that it was Japan Week in New York! I would have visited! Hopefully I can make it next year!

  16. I had no idea this existed! Really interesting!

  17. I love Japanese art. This must be a great exhibit.

  18. I’ve never been, but my husband would jump at the chance. He loves anything to do with Japanese culture.

  19. What A Great Experience Thank You For Sharing!

  20. I’ve never heard of Japan Week but our Iowa city doesn’t have much stuff like that. I usually trek to Chicago for events like that.

  21. I did hear about this event!! I don’t live near NYC but if I did, I would have loved to have gone.

  22. Maybe they will come closer to me?! I can always be hopeful right?!

  23. I wish I was able to go to the event.

  24. I’ve never heard of Japan week. I think chances like that to learn about other cultures are great opportunities.

  25. I have never been to Japan before but my husband has on business and he says it’s beautiful!

  26. I absolutely love anything japanese. I think their culture and the way they deliver products, service, etc. is really top notch always. their products are so great and usually well made. I would have loved to go to something like this.

  27. What an awesome experience!

  28. I used to live in NYC, Brooklyn to be exact and I’ve never taken the kids there. I miss all the exhibits and museums that NY has to offer. This one sounds like a delight and if we ever move back I’ll be sure to take them.

  29. I would love to visit Japan! Especially some of the temples.

  30. I didn’t know they did a Japanese week. How cool!

  31. What a fun exhibit to visit. I been to Japan unexpectedly when our flight was delayed. Japan is a very clean country 🙂

  32. I have never been to Japan or New Your City! I plan to visit soon! Looks like a really fun event!

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