My Brother’s Super Power | #WDSD14 #T21 #DownSyndrome

A big thanks to my daughter Emma for guesting posting and sharing her thoughts on her brother who has Down Syndrome.

Hi everyone! I’m Emma. I am 15 years old and tomorrow is World Down Syndrome Day so I want to tell you about my little brother. I’m sure what I am about to say, you have probably heard from my mom or my sister, Becca. But I still want to share my feelings and ideas.

I think it’s important for kids like us to talk about Down Syndrome so it’s not so unfamiliar to people. When people don’t understand something, they pull away from it and act like it’s weird. My little brother Jack is far from weird. He’s just like every other kid. But he has Down Syndrome. Personally I’m a little afraid that if we do not make Down Syndrome normal to everyone – that Jack will grow up and have kids in school be mean to him because he is a little different. What if he grows up and kids call him retarded? It hurts my feelings to think that kids might hurt his feelings. But if we spread the word about Down Syndrome and make people see that kids who have Down Syndrome are just like you and me – then maybe Jack will grow up and not face the “R-Word” or people who think he’s weird.

My Brother’s SuperPower | #WDSD14 #T21 #DownSyndrome

I have done two projects this year on Down Syndrome. The first was in health class. I brought Jack into class with me that day and I told my class about Down Syndrome. Everyone thought he was so cute. The second project was this week in Biology. How perfect is that?!? Just in time for World Down Syndrome Day! I am happy I chose Down Syndrome for my topic, because the more people who know about Down Syndrome the better.

My Brother’s SuperPower | #WDSD14 #T21 #DownSyndrome

Jack is just like every other kid. He is a little delayed, but I think he is better than kids without Down Syndrome because he loves everyone. Jack is full of love, he’s much more gentle and sensitive than other kids and no matter how you feel, no matter how sad you are, Jack’s smile will light up the room and make you feel better every time. Him having Down Syndrome doesn’t matter to me. I’d love him the same either way, but I prefer him having Down Syndrome rather than not because I feel like his Down Syndrome is part of his personality, and I LOVE his personality. He is the sweetest, cutest, friendliness baby brother ever, and I wouldn’t change anything about him because I love him. To me, Down Syndrome is a super power! He even attracts the ladies out at stores, he’s a big flirt!

My Brother’s SuperPower | #WDSD14 #T21 #DownSyndrome

Before Jack, I didn’t know anything about Down Syndrome, and because of Jack, now I do.  Kids with Down Syndrome are just as perfect as kids without Down Syndrome. And all I really need to know is that I love Jack, and that’s never gonna change.

My Brother’s SuperPower | #WDSD14 #T21 #DownSyndrome

LOTS OF SOCKS for World Down Syndrome

World Down Syndrome International is trying to create a global voice on March 21st by advocating for people with Down Syndrome so they launched LOTS OF SOCKS. On March 21st, wear LOTS OF SOCKS to get people talking about World Down Syndrome Day and to raise Down Syndrome awareness. Do not wear just any socks, but crazy mismatched socks. Me and my family participated last year and so did YOU! Lots of friends and fans posted their crazy socks (in honor of Baby Jack) to the WE HAVE IT ALL Facebook Fan Page. It was so touching to see the photos come in all day long! Don’t forget to wear crazy socks on Friday and share your pictures on our FB page! 

Do you know someone who has Down Syndrome?

How have they changed your life?


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  1. Emma!!! This was Great!!! As I was reading your last 2 lines to Grandpa….I started to cry!!! I couldn’t hardly get the words out of my mouth!!! What a beautiful article. I am so proud of you!! Grandma and Grandpa love you (and all you kids)!!!

  2. What a really awesome post!! He is just as cute as he can be, and it sounds like he’s got an awesome sis. 🙂

  3. that’s a very sweet post 🙂 what a great daughter/sister, too.

  4. This was such a heart-felt and informative post. Go Emma and Jack!

  5. What a sweet letter written by a sister. “Kids with Down Syndrome are just as perfect as kids without Down Syndrome.” Melt my heart! I can feel the love here 🙂

  6. Emma you should be proud of your little brother! He is a person just like all of us! Great article you have written!

  7. Emma, thank you so much for sharing this with us! And thank you also for sharing the word about D.S. with your class mates. It sounds very scary for someone who hasn’t dealt with DS in their life – but… Jack is just like any other lil boy. He’s so adorable. Even though I haven’t met Jack in person – i will agree , his smile lights up the room! 😀

  8. You’re such a great big sister! Thank you for sharing your love for your brother and helping to educate everyone!

  9. What a lucky (and adorable) little boy to have such a devoted sister. Thank you for sharing this!

  10. What an awesome article written by someone so young. What a lucky sweet little boy to have such a great sister.

  11. Emma, you are completely correct education is key to people learning just how awesome Jack is. Way to go big sister!!

  12. He is so precious and blessed to have you! I am sure you feel the same way about him.

  13. That baby is adorable and you are such an awesome big sister for seeing your brother the way God intended for you to see him. Perfect! Thank you for sharing this on such an important day of awareness!

  14. What A Great Big Sister This Is Amazing! XOXO

  15. christine jessamine says:

    Cute Pictures.! I wish more people were aware of Down Syndrome. I grew up having an Aunt with Down Syndrome. She was always special to me. She is in her 40s now, and along my way in this life I have met a great many sweet wonderful people also with Down Syndrome. They should not be treated any differently. My Aunt is one of the most talented people I know and many would agree with me. What a Cutie you have in your family!

  16. Thank you for your story Emma! I know many people with Down syndrome since I work in special education. But all of them have their own story, some sad, others really wonderful. But all of them deserve to have their special day because they make our lives special too.

  17. I am crying, what a beautiful post. As a mom of a child with Down syndrome I unfortunately know how the world often behaves. I wish there were more children like your daughter, choosing to speak up like she does. It’s a credit to her and to you. Love Jack, he’s such a cutie!

  18. This is such a great story Emma, congratulations, you’ve made this mamma cry, with tears of joy. Jack is an adorable little angel that deserves all the love in the world and I’m happy to see he is surrounded by so much love from all of you. God bless him and you all.

  19. I have been reading your series on this, your family is so sweet and you are so blessed to have such a great family and support system!

  20. The world is so cruel. The online world is a good start to Inform and educate people about DS so they won’t treat those who have DS differently. There are tons of bully and single minded people who only see the physical aspect. This is a wonderful story, thanks for sharing

    • You really hit the nail on the head Sheila. The world can be so cruel but there is also a lot of good and online world is capable of connecting the good.

  21. Great job on this post Emma! You and Jack are both pretty awesome. The more people are exposed to people who are different form them the more they accept it.

  22. What a sweet little man. I love this post. Thanks for sharing.

  23. You two are adorable, and I can see that you both love each other dearly. I agree with you that it’s important to normalize Down Syndrome. You’re right that people can act weird when they are unfamiliar with something or don’t understand.

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