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Welcome to Fitness Friday!

I’ve been so wrapped up in getting ready for World Down Syndrome Day today that I let Fitness Friday slip my mind! Oops!

Let’s get started…

Fitness Friday
will be a weekly post where we can all write an update on how our week went concerning diet changes, exercise, weight loss or inches lost, our achievements for the week and our failures. It will also include our goals for the following week.

Fitness Friday with WE HAVE IT ALL


Join Us!

Each Fitness Friday post will include a linky. Everyone is welcome to link up their blog, just write a post and share anything you are comfortable sharing. We’d love if you would share our Fitness Friday Button (the code is on the right sidebar). We are looking forward to stopping by your blog to show you some love and encouragement. Not a blogger? That’s okay, just share your progress in the comment section below the post and we will still show you the same love and encouragement by replying to your comment.

This Week:

Well, this week has been a little blah. My daycare boy got us all a little sick. Luckily we never got full-blown colds but it still managed to run us down a bit. Me and the girls were feeling a little yucky and extra tired so we only went to the gym 3 times and only ran a mile each day. It felt good to get there and I’m happy we were able to do *something* even though we weren’t up to it.

One thing that has changed this week – Mike and I came up with a plan. Since it seems that evenings are not working out as I want them to (remember last week I complained that it’s hard to time things perfectly with Jack, and then the girls rush me and are whimpy, and Mike was also bothering me to come home)… I decided to start going to the gym during the daytime for myself only. Then when I do go at night with the girls, I won’t care if they rush me off of the elliptical because I will already have gotten in my miles during the daytime. Great plan, huh?

Since we didn’t go every single day, I wasn’t able to stick to the workout plan I wanted:

Our Workout Plan (with the girls):

  • Day 1: lower body
  • Day 2: chest and back
  • Day 3: shoulders and arms.
  • Each day we will be doing cardio and abs and triceps.

So here’s a quick run-down of my week:

  • Diet: Eating has been about the same. I did have a little bit of pop but I drank less water. Probably because I wasn’t feeling that great. I tend to stick with coffee and nothing else when I don’t feel good. I wanted to keep track of my calories this week but I didn’t.
  • Activity:  We worked out only a few times and they were easy workouts.
  • Weight: I started at 178 and was down to around 165 but I’m not weighing myself. I stepped on the scale last Sunday. I am really focusing on my body fat and how my clothes are fitting. My stomach is a big problem right now because I never lost any of the weight I gained while pregnant with Jack – and my stomach pouch is still here. Last week I noticed it was MUCH less fatty so I am very excited about that. I can *FINALLY* see a little improvement! That a great way for me to stay motivated to keep going.

Next Weeks Goals

  • Diet: I would like to work on less food in general – maybe smaller portions? I would like to keep track of my calories intake this week to see what I’m taking in. I’d love to get rid of the pop and drink much more water.
  • Activity: I hope to workout each day and up my miles to over 2 per day. Hopefully I will manage my time better this week.
  • Weight: I am not watching the scale very much but I’d love to see my stomach come down even more this week. I’m hoping that I start to notice my jeans a little looser this week. I *think* they are getting looser but I want to *know* they are.

Ready to join us

I’d love if you linked up any kind of fitness post or even link up if you have a healthy recipe you can share. Anything at all that has to do with being healthy!

How did your fitness journey go this week?
Do you have a fun exercise to share?
Do you have a healthy recipe? (By the way… I’m looking for some healthy smoothie recipes!)




We Have It All


  1. I find working out during the day easier, too. By the end of the night I am tired and the last thing I want to do is go out to the gym!

  2. I have been doing good so far in my weight loss goals! 31 pounds down since mid January! 🙂

  3. What a fantastic way to get motivated! Getting together with your fellow bloggers! I do my workouts in the afternoon when my husband gets home. Only time I could have peace and quiet.

  4. I loved new fitness ideas and love your blog.

  5. I usually work out before dinner.. But lets get this thing moving, i have a few lbs to loose for my goal weight and time!

  6. i work out in mornings when kids are in school – no other time seems to work out. it’s hard to find a balance. my cousin used to power walk with the baby in the ergo on her back!

  7. Ashley M says:

    That’s a great plan. Ive been working on some fun kettlebell exercises and resistance bands.

  8. I love that you reevaluated your work out plan and decided to switch to days. It is an important reminder to change what isn’t working. I often get so caught up in my plan or schedule, that I make life harder for myself.

  9. Great ideas and good job!

  10. I love your workout schedule. You got a little bit of everything covered.

  11. Looks like you covered everything in your workout plan! I really need to get back in the swing of working out.

  12. This week hasn’t been great for me… I think I need to take your suggestion and not concentrate on the scale, but rather how my clothes feel, and how I feel!

  13. This sounds great and love that you’re setting reasonable goals and involving your children. Keep up the good work!

  14. I missed Fitness Friday last week! But I did link-up a healthy post. I’m with you on working out during the day. I didn’t get a chance to work out yet today (and it’s evening), so I really don’t want to now, but I’m going to force myself to at least do some strength training in the living room. 🙂

  15. I have heard to not trust the scale, but instead trust how you feel and how your clothes fit. Sounds like you are on track.

  16. This is great news that you are seeing such progress! I think one of the best feelings in the world is when your clothes fit again after having a baby 😉

  17. Great that its working for you. I need to lose 2 pounds and it seems to just stay on me. lol

  18. Amy Desrosiers says:

    Man, I think my stomach pouch is something that will always be a bother to me. Congrats on your weight loss journey.

  19. great job, love your determination!

  20. I work out early in the morning and love that time for myself.

  21. I have just not been keeping up with my exercise. Hopefully things will be a little less crazy around here soon.

  22. I”m currently working out to get into shape for the summer. Your routine might really help me refine some areas. Thanks

  23. How fun, what a great link up! This reminds me, I lost my Fit Bit this week. So sad! I need to put some pep in my step this spring!

  24. I need to do better on my fitness journey

  25. Looking to make my goals this week, too! Life sure does have a way of keeping us from them but we have to do the best we can!! Stay motivated!!!

  26. These are great goals! I am definitely working on getting more fit and toned.

  27. Fitness Friday is such a good idea! And I like that you don’t weigh yourself – I’ve stopped doing that too as it often makes me feel bad even though I know I’m doing everything right!

  28. i’m at a standstill with my health and fitness….

  29. With my newborn I’ve been trying to work out whenever I have the chance! Im finding kettlebells are great since they combine cardio and strength in one )

  30. I so need to join you, maybe this way I can get myself motivated to stay on track. I’ve neglected myself, fitness routine and healthy habits a lot lately.

  31. Sorry you were run down with a little sickness for a bit. That’s never fun!

  32. I like this idea! It’s a good thing to have accountability and other people to share with while getting and keeping fit.

  33. Chasity Boatman says:

    I got a personal trainer on Monday and have sense been working out every day. I love it.

  34. What a great linky! i love this! hopefully it will motivate me to get off my butt!

  35. I really need to get fit this spring! I’d love to start this challenge.

  36. I’m going to get fit now for Spring and Summer. Let’s do this!

  37. I’m really getting motivated. I want to get my weight down and get healthier!

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