Family Photos with Image 1:27 Photography in the Chicago Area

I’ve mentioned a few times before how I refuse to go into a traditional photo studio like the one’s inside of department stores. I’ve been a parent for almost 17 years and I have never, ever had any luck with places like that. They manage to get my kids to fake-smile and they never position us all correctly so some of our faces or heads get cut off. The last family photo we had done at a place like that was about 9 years ago and it wasn’t pretty, although it was on our wall for a very long time because it’s all we had. A few years ago I started setting up a tripod and taking my own family photos because those were just about the same, if not a little better.

Well over the last year or so, I’ve been keeping my eye out for local photographers in the Chicago area who do their own work and I’ve had wonderful luck!

I found Shanna from Image 1:27.

Family Photos with Image 1:27 Photography in the Chicago Area


A Little Bit About Shanna and Image 1:27 Photography

Shanna is a Christian mom of two with her third on the way who has such an awesome gift from God. She is an amazing photographer! Shanna is fun to work with and has her own studio in her Chicagoland home, although she offers to meet you where ever you’d like. She told me that she started doing photography as a hobby and it turned into much, much more. Image 1:27 Photography came about from the Bible verse Genesis 1:27 "So God created human beings in His own image. In the image of God He created them; male and female He created them.
“My goal as a photographer is to capture God’s image (you!!), in a way that shows the beauty that each of us as humans possess and to give you images that you can enjoy for a lifetime!”  -Shanna

I love that Shanna’s life is centered around Jesus. She happened to mention that she will only take photos for people that she can edit on her computer in front of her children. I love that!

Shanna is also a professional photographer for Lightstock. Lightstock is a site full of stock photos that are faith based. You can see a lot of Shanna’s Lightstock photos on her Image 1:27 Photography Facebook Page.

Now I want to show you our photos that she was able to capture!

Here’s a couple of family photos she took:

Family Photos with Image 1:27 Photography in the Chicago Area

I love this one… it’s totally “us”:
Family Photos with Image 1:27 Photography in the Chicago Area

And here is an awesome panoramic she did.
She actually took each person’s picture separately and put us in this picture all together.
Family Photos with Image 1:27 Photography in the Chicago Area

And here are some of our single shots:

Family Photos with Image 1:27 Photography in the Chicago Area

Family Photos with Image 1:27 Photography in the Chicago Area

Family Photos with Image 1:27 Photography in the Chicago Area

Family Photos with Image 1:27 Photography in the Chicago Area

Family Photos with Image 1:27 Photography in the Chicago Area

Family Photos with Image 1:27 Photography in the Chicago Area

Family Photos with Image 1:27 Photography in the Chicago Area

Family Photos with Image 1:27 Photography in the Chicago Area

And then here are Mike and I together, I love this photo:
Family Photos with Image 1:27 Photography in the Chicago Area

I’m always the one taking pictures so Mike and I hardly ever get our pictures taken together.

I love Shanna’s work, she did an amazing job shooting all of us. Not only was she fun to work with, she’s so talented. When she was squeezing us all in to get our family shots, you could see her mind spinning. She’d get idea after idea and she’d move her lighting and then move one of us, squeeze us in differently – she really figured it out. And it’s not easy to shoot such a large family! We also have a couple of difficult people to deal with **cough** Emma and Austin **cough** uh-hem, not mentioning any names haha.

Here is Shanna in action:
Family Photos with Image 1:27 Photography in the Chicago Area

She even stopped to pose for me haha:Family Photos with Image 1:27 Photography in the Chicago Area

Do you see all of her props in these two photos? She has tons of the cutest props, I would love to get Gracie and Jack in to get some shots done with the props. If you want to see how they look in photos, be sure to visit the Image 1:27 Photography Facebook Page!

Image 1:27 Photography Current Specials

Shanna is offering two different specials right now.

One of her specials is for senior pictures. Her package offers are listed below.

Senior Photos with Image 1:27 Photography in the Chicago Area


Her other special is on Maternity and Newborn photos. Here are the packages Shanna offers:

Maternity and Newborn Photos with Image 1:27 Photography in the Chicago Area


Connect with Image 1:27 Photography

  • You can visit the Image 1:27 Photography website at and take a peek around. Find more information and see Shanna’s awesome work under the ‘galleries’ tab.
  • You can find Image 1:27 Photography on Facebook too. There you can find pictures posted daily to get an idea of Shanna’s work. 

If you live in the Chicago area and are in need of a photographer, I highly recommend Image 1:27 Photography!

Image 1:27 Photography
560 Windermere Way, Lake in the Hills, Illinois 60156
224) 622-9839


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  1. She is a very talented photographer! Wow. I wish I lived closer to Chicago!

  2. The pictures are fantastic and you all look so great! Some awesome blue eyes too…..

  3. These are amazing family photos! She did a wonderful job and you all look great! 🙂

  4. What a talent! I really love her outlook of only taking photos that she can edit at home on her computer in front of her children. That’s smart. 🙂

  5. Those photos are amazing! I’m sure it helps that she had such lovely models…but her art and talent shines through as well.

  6. What beautiful pictures! I especially like the funny face one — how precious!

  7. Great pictures and she does an amazing job!

  8. I live near Chicago! I will keep her in mind for sure 🙂 Your family is gorgeous.

  9. what a beautiful family, love big families like me! She took nice pictures! Love the silly faces pic!

  10. omg I love all of them. that pic of you and mike alone is fantabulous!! and good grief. you look like 25 years old. no fair.

  11. Amy Desrosiers says:

    Wow, she did an amazing job with your family’s photographs! I love how bright everyone’s eyes look!

  12. Aw it looks like it was such a fun family photo shoot! you all look so wonderful. Thanks for sharing her work and your family with us! 🙂

  13. Love these pictures!!! She has done a wonderful job capturing the personalities of your family!!!

  14. Aw, she’s cute. And talented! I love that panoramic shot! (And every shot of Jack. I love him!)

  15. The shots of everyone looking up are especially beautiful. That goofy shot was so fun too!

  16. You Have A Beautiful Family Love All The Great Photos!

  17. Haha! The second pic totally cracked me up! Now these are some fun photos that I’m sure you guys would enjoy after 20 years.

  18. Fantastic pics. Love the variety of poses.

  19. Oh my! Those are allllll so great!! I love the silly one!

  20. Photographs are such an important part of keeping our memories alive. It is great to find a good photo studio that cn take photos that capture the essence of your family.

  21. Oh, the photo of that baby in the last image is priceless. She does an awesome job. Your family photos (and individual) turned out great!

  22. These family photos turned out SO beautiful. What a great photographer! I can see why you recommend her 🙂

  23. It can be so hard to capture great shots like these. Being a mom, I’m sure you’ve got lots of patience and have learned some really awesome tricks. I love businesses by moms. I think they are so passionate and very caring.

  24. The pictures turned out great!!

  25. I’ll have to check her out!

  26. Those are some great pictures. You have a gorgeous family.

  27. Love the pictures! What a beautiful family!

  28. sandi jones says:

    Your Family pictures are awesome!!! Shannon did a wonderful job. She IS very talented!!! You have a beautiful Family!!!
    Thank you for sharing your photos.


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  39. A beautiful drawing of Iron Fist and a quote from The Last Dragon? Once again, sir, you have stolen my heart.In a totally manly way, I mean.

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