Don’t Waste Time Cleaning the Toilet, Try Power Activ and #Flush to Paradise

A big thanks to our friends at Power Activ for hosting this conversation.

Don’t even pretend to tell me you enjoy cleaning the toilet because if you did, you’d be lying. Not to mention, I’m sure you have better things to be doing anyway, right?!?


Ladies, eat your heart out: the time for a dazzlingly clean toilet has arrived! With just one flush, the new video featuring the Balls Dream Band lures the fairer sex into paradise. Strutting their stuff, the lads show just how sexy a clean, hygienic toilet can be. Cleansing foam, anti-limescale formula, dirt protector and extra freshness – each of the hunks stands for one of the four active ingredients in Bref Power Activ.

Sounds great, right?!?

If you like that, then why don’t you take a look at this…

It’s an ordinary morning and you’re headed to the shopping centre to pass the time. Most likely, nothing extraordinary will happen… or maybe something will. When you least expect it, cleanliness, freshness and protection invade your environment in the form of paradise, with a captivating experience that conquers your senses.


Doesn’t this look a bit easier than scrubbing your toilet?!? I would say so! Ha, I love that video, I crack up every time I watch it. Imagine if that really happened while you were out in public. Crazy!

Power Activ is a powerful combination of four active ingredients:

  • Cleansing foam: cleans the toilet with each flush
  • Anti-limescale formula: prevents the build-up of limescale stains
  • Dirt protector: helps prevent toilet grime
  • Extra freshness: for a pleasant, fresh fragrance


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  1. I’m always ready to try a new product that reduces my time cleaning the toilet. LOL cute video.

  2. I’m definitely going to try this! I hate cleaning the toilet!

  3. My toilets seem impossible to clean. I mean I feel like I clean them and turn around 3 days later and they are back to square one. Trying this out.

  4. LOL at the video. I DEF want to try this product.

  5. Too funny. I’lll try anything that will get the job done and if it’s good I’ll stick to it!

  6. Loving the videos. Im always on the look out for great toilet cleaning products.

  7. Sounds worth a try! Anything to save time!

  8. I love anything that makes it easier to clean! This sounds awesome.

  9. I guess this series of ads is for women who are sick of looking at commercials starring women in bikinis

  10. I have not tried this, I will have to check it out!

  11. Ya, so that man can come clean my bathroom ANY TIME! LOL.

  12. Anything to get out of cleaning the toilet!

  13. toilet? i dont see a toilet. i see a yummy guy. he can come to my house.

  14. Hate cleaning the toilet. Need some freshness.

  15. I agree! Manicure is not worth it! 🙂 haha Anything to get out of it!

  16. I will try this product. Those abs are nice too. 🙂

  17. Looks like a great product and the video is cute too LOL.

  18. I hate cleaning the toilet, it’s one of my least liked chores. I definitely need to check out Power Activ! That commercial was hilarious btw!

  19. This commercial is so funny! I always like products more when they have cute, memorable commercials.

  20. Wait, what!? No toilet scrubbing? Sign me up! I love this because you know nobody in my house is doing it but me!

  21. Well, if that guy is going to come over to clean my toilet, he can use whatever he’d like…lol

  22. Love the Hey Girl poster! This definitely makes the idea of toilet cleaning much more interesting!

  23. These nice men in the photos sure would make cleaning the toilet a lot more fun! Seriously, Power activ sounds cool!

  24. This Looks Great Will Be Trying Real Soon!!

  25. This would save me lots of time! I scrub the toilet too often in my house.

  26. Cleaning toilets is the worst chore and anything that will save my time I would definitely give it a try

  27. Um yeah. Not messing up the manicure. Can he come clean it with the Power Activ?

  28. Oh my… pretty sure I missed most of the details in this post… I got about as far as the photo 😉

  29. I really hate cleaning toilets, but with 4 kids around it is something that has to be done a lot. I will have to try out Power Activ. Thanks for sharing.

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