Type 2 Diabetes Means Lots of Testing, But There Is Hope. Type 2 Diabetes Can Be Reversible.

Thanks to our friends at Premier Healthcare and Hygiene for starting this conversation.

Mike has had type 2 diabetes for about 7-ish years now. Maybe less? Type 2 diabetes is when your body is unable to recognize insulin and use it properly so it runs over into your blood. This can cause many problems all over your body, but we really believe type 2 diabetes is reversible and almost always preventable with proper nutrition.

Type 2 Diabetes: Caused by Poor Diet

Mike’s diabetes was brought on strictly by his poor eating habits. I don’t mean to be stereotypical here, but he’s southern. And his family can COOK. Everything is fried. And everything is doubled in portion. Or tripled. And then there’s seconds. And everything comes with beans and cornbread… something I still haven’t figured out haha. All joking aside… he acquired type 2 diabetes due to his eating. It’s really common sense. Stay away from grains/carbs and processed sugars, especially fructose. Natural sugar from fruits and veggies is okay though.

Mike has told me stories about how he’d grab a big Tupperware bowl and fill it up with a half of a box of Coco Puffs. I would die if I saw my kids eating that much sugar. Especially considering a serving size is about one cup. The thought of this is just insane… and well, it finally took a toll on Mike’s body.

He went in for his yearly DOT (Dept. of Transportation) physical to renew his license for work and they found sugar in his urine. That’s how he originally found out he had type 2 diabetes. So every year at this physical they check his urine for sugar.

On top of his yearly DOT physical, he sees his regular doctor for other testing. Every three months he needs his HbA1C, which is a look at the blood sugar level over a whole 3 month period of time. A normal reading should be an 8 or lower. Mike started off with a 12 and with diet and exercise he was able to lower that to a 7 at one point.

Other testing

Besides the HbA1C blood test that needs to be done every three months, there is other testing that may be needed if you are diabetic is blood pressure, blood work that includes a look at your: cholesterol, kidney function, liver, pancreas. Vision testing needs to be done regularly because high blood sugar for a long period of time can effect your vision. A podiatrist should preform a foot, ankle and lower extremity exam regularly who can check for poor circulation that is common with diabetes. It might make healing from cuts and sores difficult.

Type 2 diabetes is really a nuisance and it’s extremely beneficial to find a doctor who is interested in working with you to become healthier so that you can get rid of the diabetes.

Here are some steps to reverse type 2 diabetes from Dr. Mercola:

  • Exercise, it lowers your insulin.
  • Eliminate grains, sugars and fructose. They are responsible for your body’s adverse insulin reactions.
  • Vitamin D: get an appropriate amount of sunshine on your skin or supplement with Vitamin D3.
  • Probiotics. The more good bacteria you have, the better your body will function.

Dr. Mercola has lots of info on reversing type 2 diabetes and in fact, preventing it too. It’s worth a read and I encourage you all to search type 2 diabetes on Dr. Mercola’s website and read up. Most of his articles have a video you can watch if you don’t feel like reading.

Do you live with Type 2 Diabetes?

Have you looked into reversing your diabetes?

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