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Have you heard of The GiggleBellies Musical Adventures music video DVDs? Up until now, I have not! I’m surprised though, because with so many little kids around, you’d think I would have heard of this by now. The GiggleBellies Musical Adventures music video DVDs are short two to four minute music videos – not too long – perfect for a young child’s short attention span! They are full of beautiful colors and bold animation too. The songs are either upbeat or soothing for bedtime and very catchy too.

The GiggleBellies™ Musical Adventures music video DVD

Take a peek at the The GiggleBellies Musical Adventures music video DVD Preview:


Here is a quick peek at the Bedtime Songs for Toddlers and Kids with  The GiggleBellies– It’s a playlist with 10 songs so you can see what you think…


My Thoughts:

I love The GiggleBellies DVD’s! The music keeps both Gracie (4 years old, almost 5) and Jack’s (very delayed 1.5 year old) attention. They LOVE the animation and I do too, it’s so cute and colorful! The music is great. The songs are either upbeat and get them dancing or they are soothing for bedtime. I love that each song is not too long so it keeps their attention. We’ve been putting the Lullaby DVD on in the evening before bedtime for both kids.

I think these music video DVD’s would make a great gift for any baby or child and would also be great to have around the house.

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    1. I have never heard of the GiggleBellies before, but then again, my boys are a bit older. I have a couple of nieces that would love the GiggleBellies, though!!!

    2. My kids are too old for this, but I have a couple of nephews who would love it though. One of them has a birthday coming up so I will have to keep GiggleBellies in mind.

    3. I bet my grandkids would love this.

    4. This is the first I’ve ever heard of GiggleBellies! I’ll keep it in mind for the little ones in the family!

    5. Our kids love these colorful, and entertaining music video DVDS too! They also love their Sweet Peanut Plush!

    6. looks like a great dvd program for littles!

    7. I have been hearing a lot about the gigglebellies. They look like they would be so much fun! I wish my kids were young again. :)

    8. Movies like this are so adorable and work great to teach little ones the alphabet. Thanks for sharing such a adorable new dvd!

    9. These look adorable and fun for toddlers. I know my daughter would love these!

    10. These sound adorable and their faces, though a little strange, have a kind look to them

    11. When my daughter was young, she watched Barney! I was never too fond of him. I like these guys much better and I think my daughter would have loved them!

    12. I love how colorful and animated this is… I just know that when my kiddos were younger they would have loved them… Will have to keep this in mind for the new niece or nephew coming this summer…

    13. Since my ‘baby’ is going to be 18, I’m really out of the loop in things like this. I watched the videos though and I wish they would have had these out when my daughter was little, the colors and animation are wonderful!

    14. WOW I need to check these out. The second time I have heard of them today! Thanks for sharing.

    15. This looks like something Eliana would enjoy… I am going to check them out more now thanks

    16. That is so cute! I love that elephant!

    17. LOVE this!! Too adorable! My niece would def enjoy these =) Thanks for the share :)

    18. I only just heard of these. I think both of my kids would love it, and it’s always nice when they can watch something that appeals to both ages!

    19. These are so cute. I seen a review earlier today for them as well. I had never seen them before, but now I’m thinking it would be a good gift for my niece.

    20. How darling I know my toddler would love this. I have never seen them before so thank you for sharing these with us. TOO CUTE!

    21. I’ve never heard of this before but it looks like something my little one would enjoy.

    22. ive never heard of the gigglebellies but my niece and nephew would love this!

    23. I can tell already, my kids would absolutely love this. Can’t wait to try out the Gigglebellies!

    24. Very soothing music and sweet looking characters. I’m sure my toddler would love this.

    25. we have the GiggleBellies and my little ones LOVE them! So educational and fun!

    26. These are so cute. I bet my daughter would love it

    27. Cute for the kiddos – I like how there’s a range of music styles (upbeat to soothing) on the same DVD/CD!

    28. I bet my two year old would love those DVDs! I can just picture him dancing along!

    29. My Girls Are Going To Go Crazy For the DVD!!

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