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I received the products in this post for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

I’m a big fan of personalized gifts, especially for the kids. Earlier in the year I received a personalized book for Gracie from FlattenMe sent us Grace’s ABC & 123 Book  and a cute water bottle with her photo on it. I loved it so much. Each page of the book had colorful fun illustrations along with Gracie’s face on each page. The book also used phonics and catchy rhymes in the story, we really loved it.

Personalized Childrens Gifts

I was very excited when the folks at FlattenMe wanted to send us another book!

This time they wanted to send a personalized book with a name, but no photo. I decided to get a book for Jack this time and once again… I love it!

Jack is a Mulicolored Kid

Personalized books from FlattenMe

Another great book that I am in love with! Just like the other personalized books, this uses catchy rhymes and Jack’s name to tell the story. It’s totally cute and if anyone knows our Baby Jack, he is TOTALLY a multicolor kid for sure! Check out some of the cute pages…

Personalized books from FlattenMe

And of course Jack is a fan…

Personalized books from FlattenMePersonalized books from FlattenMe

Mike really loves reading to the kids and especially Jack so they are really enjoying his new book from If you’re looking for a fun new book, I would highly recommend a personalized book from FlattenMe. These personalized book would also make fantastic gifts if you have any birthdays coming up!


You can purchase a FlattenMe Multicolor Kid Book in paperback currently for $29.95 or a hardcover for $34.95.


Visit and take a peek around at their cute personalized children’s gifts. Be sure to find FlattenMe on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest too.


  1. Very cute book. Davey loves to have his personalized books read to him. I think having personalized books encourages children to want to read

  2. these are absolutely darling. love them!!

  3. SO SO cute! 😀

  4. Aaaahhh this is the cutest thing. My son loves to read and I am sure that he would love to read with his name and face in the book!

  5. There is just something about watching a kids face light up when he/she opens a book that is vibrant and beautiful… especially when they see that THEY are in the book! I love FlattenMe and all their books, but this one, is just out-of-this-world colorful..

  6. Looks like Jack is truly enjoying that book! Must be all the lovely colors. I’d love to get one. My son loves books and surely he’ll enjoy this one.

  7. I love personalized books. I got one for my granddaughter and she loves it!

  8. These are such adorable books! My little girl would love all the bright colors!

  9. My three year old will get a kick out of this!!

  10. This would be a perfect gift for any kid! Love those photos of Jack! He is so handsome!

  11. My son loved personalized books when he was little. Now I like getting them for my niece and nephew.

  12. Aww! It really does look like Jack is a fan. The illustrations are so cute in those books!

  13. This is awesome. I love this!

  14. personalized books are awesome! the perfect gift 🙂

  15. I think that personalized books are really great. Who wouldn’t love to have a book with their naem in it.

  16. I love flatten me products. We did a review for them once before and my toddler loved her book. Personalized items are the best!

  17. I love giving personalized gifts – especially books. I’ve never heard of Flatten me products -but I can see how much of a fan Jack is of them!

  18. FUN! It is so cute to see him “reading” his book! I like the idea of personalized books too and gave one to my nephew for Christmas. The “multi-color kid” book looks really special.

  19. I honestly think these are adorable as well. I think once your kids get to a certain age they could really appreciate something like this. Thanks for sharing!

  20. The look of those illustrations is quite spellbinding and the colors are magnificent. Love this!

  21. Striking artwork in these books! My kids would love to have these added to their reading nook 🙂

  22. I love finding personalized items–esp because we can NEVER find “KAYLEIGH” so items like these books or water bottles are a must have.

  23. what cute ideas, kids love personalized gifts, makes them feel special!

  24. These look like some of the cutest books ever! I love the bright graphics!

  25. Since my children enjoy books, I LOVE getting them personalized books. They make for a great gift for friends/family too!

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